Baby Knows Best

Author : Deborah Carlisle Solomon
ISBN : 0316254800
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"Raise self-confident, self-reliant children using the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers) Approach. Your baby knows more than you think. That's the heart of the principles and teachings of Magda Gerber, founder of RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers), and Educaring. BABY KNOWS BEST is based on Gerber's belief in babies' natural abilities to develop at their own pace, without coaxing from helicoptering or hovering parents. The Educaring Approach helps parents see their infants as competent people with a growing ability to communicate, problem-solve, and self-soothe. BABY KNOWS BEST is a comprehensive resource that shows parents how to respond to their babies' cues and signals; how to develop healthy sleep habits; why babies need uninterrupted playtime; and how to set clear, consistent limits. The result? More relaxed parents and more confident, self-reliant children"--

When Aids Meets Poverty

Author : Carolyne I. Nombo
ISBN : 9789086860630
Genre : Health & Fitness
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This book is the fifth in the AWLAE series. The AWLAE titles address the issue of gendered impacts of HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The present book is based on research in a village in Tanzania about the role of social capital in mitigating AIDS impacts, at the level of the household and within the local community. It contributes to the current knowledge base on social capital by questioning general assumptions on the role of social capital in rural livelihoods in a context of high HIV/AIDS prevalence. Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, the research yielded empirical evidence about the limitations of social capital as a resource for the poor. Both the generation and sustenance of social capital at household level are severely challenged by declining access to other livelihood assets as a consequence of HIV/AIDS. In a situation where HIV/AIDS is still shrouded in secrecy and stigma at the community level, a decline of trust in social relations and community institutions as well as a proliferation of witchcraft accusations, could be observed. This insightful publication provides a timely contribution to the discourse on the significance of social capital for the poor, ensuring that social scientists will never look at social capital in quite the same way.
Category: Health & Fitness

Bias In Mental Testing

Author : Arthur Robert Jensen
ISBN : UOM:39015012405885
Genre : Psychology
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Illuminating detailed methods for assessing bias in commonly used I.Q., aptitude, and achievement tests, Jensen argues that standardized tests are not biased against Englishspeaking minority groups and describes the uses of such tests in education and emp
Category: Psychology

Handbook Of Theological Education In Africa

Author : Isabel Apawo Phiri
ISBN : 9781625643568
Genre : Religion
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This Handbook of Theological Education in Africa is a fascinating witness to the explosive status quo of Theological Education. The historical and regional (inter alia) surveys open our eyes and ears to see and hear how fast it has taken root historically, geographically, and ecumenically. The landscape of African Theological Education has changed drastically during the final twenty to thirty years of the last century. There is very much to appreciate about it and what has been achieved. We have grounds to make us rejoice, and for which to thank the Lord. John Mbiti, Theologian and Philosopher, former Director of Bossey Ecumenical Institute The Handbook of Theological Education in Africa is unique, comprehensive and ambitious in its aim and scope. It is: truly interdenominationally oriented, bringing perspectives from all major Christian traditions on the African continent broad in geographical extension, collecting voices from all major regions of the vast African continent life-centered and ecological in orientation, as voices are brought together on an impressive number of new key themes and contextual challenges for theological education in Africa grounded in expertise, drawing on a pan-African unprecedented gathering of leading African theologians, men and women. We hope that this book, in its print and later digital versions, will make its way into the hands of African theological educators, will inspire students and will be a standard reference volume in all major African theological libraries, in both universities and church-related seminaries. Olav Fykse Tveit, WCC General Secretary The challenges of inclusiveness in African theological education are before us. The challenge to be ecumenical, meaning all Christians together; inclusiveness as serving a multi-religious continent with its islands is before ecumenical theological education. The challenges in terms of responding theologically to the issues that confront Africa - all of Africa - the religious, political, social, cultural issues and the challenges of people's spirituality and identity are to be on the radar of ecumenical theological education if theology is to be relevant in Africa. This Handbook of Theological Education in Africa has something for everybody. Mercy Oduyoye, Director of Institute of Women in Religion and Culture in Accra, Ghana This Handbook of Theological Education in Africa is a wake-up call for African churches to give proper prominence to theological education institutions and their programmes which serve them. We congratulate the editorial team for their magnificent work in bringing this Handbook together. This is a timely gift of the Church in Africa to the worldwide Church and will serve many generations of African theologians to come. Andre Karamaga, AACC General Secretary"
Category: Religion

The Sitcom Reader

Author : Mary M. Dalton
ISBN : 0791465705
Genre : Performing Arts
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Offers a variety of perspectives on the sitcom genre and its influence on American culture.
Category: Performing Arts

Augustine S Laws

Author : Norman R. Augustine
ISBN : 1563472392
Genre : Management
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Such landmark books as "The Peter Principle, Parkinson's Law", and "Up the Organization" have had an indelible effect on the management culture of our time through their acute visions of the tangles and paradoxes of modern business. To that short list must now be added "Augustine's Laws" -a classic of the genre, a brilliant (and ruefully hilarious) book on the looking-glass world of business management and organizational misbehavior. it offers its readers multiple shocks of recognition and priceless insights into how things might be better run. The fifty-two "Augustine's Laws" set forth here cover every area of business. Each law formulates a home truth about business life that, once pointed out, is impossible to forget or ignore. Each law is imbedded in a literate, droll, quotation-laden text, whose contrapuntal humor brings into sharp focus all the knotty complexities a manager is ever likely to face. As a bonus, readers can also follow, law by law, the cautionary saga of the Daedalus Model Airplane Company, a concern founded in unfounded optimism by two business school graduates, and headed straight for oblivion -but not before every disastrous mistake known to managerial life is made.
Category: Management

Perfect Worlds

Author : Douwe Wessel Fokkema
ISBN : 9789089643506
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"Perfect Worlds offers an extensive historical analysis of utopian narratives in the Chinese and Euro-American traditions. This comparative study discusses, among other things, More's criticism of Plato, the European orientalist search for utopia in China, Wells's Modern Utopia and his talk with Stalin, Chinese writers constructing their Confucianist utopia, traces of Daoism in Mao Zedong's utopianism and politics and finally the rise of dystopian writing - a negative expression of the utopian impulse - in Europe and America as well as in China"--P. 4 of cover.
Category: Literary Criticism

Literature Of The Low Countries

Author : Reinder Meijer
ISBN : 9789400997349
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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In any definition of terms, Dutch literature must be taken to mean all literature written in Dutch, thus excluding literature in Frisian, even though Friesland is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the same way as literature in Welsh would be excluded from a history of English literature. Simi larly, literature in Afrikaans (South African Dutch) falls outside the scope of this book, as Afrikaans from the moment of its birth out of seventeenth-century Dutch grew up independently and must be regarded as a language in its own right. . Dutc:h literature, then, is the literature written in Dutch as spoken in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the so-called Flemish part of the Kingdom of Belgium, that is the area north of the linguistic frontier which runs east-west through Belgium passing slightly south of Brussels. For the modern period this definition is clear anough, but for former times it needs some explanation. What do we mean, for example, when we use the term 'Dutch' for the medieval period? In the Middle Ages there was no standard Dutch language, and when the term 'Dutch' is used in a medieval context it is a kind of collective word indicating a number of different but closely related Frankish dialects. The most important of those were the dialects of the duchies of Limburg and Brabant, and of the counties of Flanders and Holland.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Handbook Of Health Social Work

Author : Sarah Gehlert
ISBN : 9781118115916
Genre : Political Science
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Praise for HANDBOOK of HEALTH SOCIAL WORK SECOND EDITION "Handbook of Health Social Work, Second Edition is a crucial addition for seasoned practitioners' libraries, as well as an essential foundation for fledgling social workers ready to enter health as a practice and research area." –From the Foreword by Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services "The book's strengths include the high quality of writing and the expertise of its contributors. It covers the field of health social work in significant depth and is sure to leave readers well informed." –Mary Sormanti, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Columbia University School of Social Work "Quite simply, this is the definitive volume for health and social work. In this second edition, Gehlert and Browne and their expert contributors have confidently managed to keep pace with current theory and empirical research across a wide range of subject matter that will be of interest to practitioners, educators, and researchers." –Michael Vaughn, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, School of Public Health, and Department of Public Policy Studies, Saint Louis University Thoroughly revised and updated, the only comprehensive handbook of its kind covering the diverse field of health social work Now in its Second Edition, Handbook of Health Social Work provides a comprehensive and evidence-based overview of contemporary social work practice in health care. Written from a wellness perspective, the chapters cover practice and research areas ranging from chronic disorders to infectious disease, from physical to mental disorders, and all areas in between. An excellent resource preparing social workers for the present and future challenges of practice in the field of health care, the Handbook of Health Social Work, Second Edition features discussion on: New trends in social work and health care, including genetics, transdisciplinary care, as well as national and state changes in policy Health social work and children The wide array of roles performed by social workers in health-care settings Ethical issues and decision making in a variety of arenas Understanding of community factors in health social work Edited by two respected leaders in the field of health social work, this second edition includes contributions from a diverse team of notable experts, researchers, and scholars addressing multiple theoretical foundations, models, issues, and dilemmas for the social worker in health care. The resulting resource offers both a foundation for social work practice in health care and a guide for strategy, policy, and program development in proactive and actionable terms.
Category: Political Science

Anthropology And The Bushman

Author : Alan Barnard
ISBN : 9781845204297
Genre : Social Science
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The Bushman is a perennial but changing image. The transformation of that image is important. It symbolizes the perception of Bushman or San society, of the ideas and values of ethnographers who have worked with Bushman peoples, and those of other anthropologists who use this work. Anthropology and the Bushman covers early travellers and settlers, classic nineteenth and twentieth-century ethnographers, North American and Japanese ecological traditions, the approaches of African ethnographers, and recent work on advocacy and social development. It reveals the impact of Bushman studies on anthropology and on the public. The book highlights how Bushman or San ethnography has contributed to anthropological controversy, for example in the debates on the degree of incorporation of San society within the wider political economy, and on the validity of the case for "indigenous rights" as a special kind of human rights. Examining the changing image of the Bushman, Barnard provides a new contribution to an established anthropology debate.
Category: Social Science