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Babies Of Technology

Author : Mary Ann Mason
ISBN : 9780300215878
Genre : Law
File Size : 20.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A powerful call to protect the unique needs and rights of children born today using assisted reproductive technology
Category: Law

Assisted Reproduction

Author : Theresa Marie Erickson
ISBN : 9780595343195
Genre : Health & Fitness
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If you are considering using technology such as surrogacy or embryo, egg, or sperm donation in your desire to have a baby, Assisted Reproduction: The Complete Guide to Having A Baby with the Help of a Third Party is an invaluable, one-stop resource. This comprehensive guide takes you through the steps necessary to begin the process, as well as checklists to follow as you make your choices. Authors Theresa Erickson and Mary Ann Lathus bring more than fifteen years of experience in guiding clients through the process of having a baby. In clear, concise, and matter-of-fact language, Erickson and Lathus emphasize what to look for and what to do at every step. Assisted Reproduction covers the entire field of assisted reproduction including: Surrogacy Egg Donation Sperm Donation Embryo Donation Legal rights and responsibilities Choosing a physician Choosing an attorney Selecting an agency Nontraditional families Erickson and Lathus honor the often emotionally daunting task of making assisted reproduction decisions. Assisted Reproduction serves as a roadmap on your journey to having the child you always wanted. The authors remind parents to use their minds to guide them, not just their hearts.
Category: Health & Fitness

Politische Gleichheit Ein Ideal

Author : Robert Alan Dahl
ISBN : 3936096724
Genre :
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Politische Gleichheit ist die Grundvoraussetzung für Demokratie, denn das demokratische Ideal setzt voraus, dass sie wünschenswert ist. Wer also Demokratie verwirklichen will und an dieses Ideal glaubt, muss auch die politische Gleichberechtigung anstreben. Allerdings klafft auch in demokratischen Gesellschaften zwischen dem Ziel der politischen Gleichheit und ihrer tatsächlichen Realisierung eine große Lücke, wie jeder aufmerksame Beobachter der politischen Landschaft leicht feststellen kann. In einigen demokratischen Ländern, unter ihnen auch die Vereinigten Staaten, scheint diese Kluft sogar zu wachsen, so dass womöglich das Ideal der Gleichheit völlig bedeutungslos wird. Zur Zukunft der politischen Gleichheit in den Vereinigten Staaten entwirft Robert Dahl zwei Szenarien: die realistische Möglichkeit, dass politische Ungleichheit unter amerikanischen Bürgern aufgrund wachsender Schranken immer stärker zunimmt, oder eine hoffnungsvollere kulturelle Wende, in der immer mehr Menschen Zeit und Energie in die Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft investieren. Welches dieser Szenarien - oder welche andere denkbare Entwicklung - tatsächlich eintreten wird, vermag niemand vorherzusagen. Doch das Ergebnis kann durch individuelle und kollektive Anstrengungen unserer und nachfolgender Generationen maßgeblich beeinflusst werden. Robert Dahl, Sterling Professor (emeritus) für politische Wissenschaft an der Yale University, war dort 40 Jahre in der Forschung und Lehre tätig und ist einer der einflussreichsten Politikwissenschaftler unserer Zeit. Seine Bücher zu grundlegenden theoretischen Fragen demokratischer Gesellschaften sind in zahlreiche Sprachen übersetzt worden und haben weltweit Beachtung gefunden und Debatten ausgelöst.

Making Babies

Author : Mary Warnock
ISBN : 9780191582738
Genre : Philosophy
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The development of new reproductive technologies has raised urgent questions and debates about how and by whom these treatments should be controlled. On the one hand individuals and groups have claimed access to assisted reproduction as a right, and some have also claimed that this access should be available free of charge. As well as clinically infertile heterosexual couples, this right has been claimed by single women, gay couples, post-menopausal women, and couples who wish to delay having children for various reasons. Others have argued that a desire to have children does not make it a human right, and, moreover, that there are some people who should not be assisted to become parents, on grounds of age, sexuality, or lifestyle. Mary Warnock steers a clear path through the web of complex issues underlying these views. She begins by analysing what it means to claim something as a 'right', and goes on to discuss the cases of different groups of people. She also examines the ethical problems faced by particular types of assisted reproduction, including artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, and surrogacy, and argues that in the future human cloning may well be a viable and acceptable form of treatment for some types of infertility.
Category: Philosophy

Complex Adoption And Assisted Reproductive Technology

Author :
ISBN : 1572306289
Genre : Psychology
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New pathways to parenthood are being traveled by growing numbers of couples and single adults, including many who face medical and social barriers to having children. From a psychological standpoint, families formed by complex adoption and assisted reproductive technology (ART) are first and foremost just that--families. Yet they also face a unique array of issues and challenges that may be clarified and resolved in the therapeutic setting. This much-needed book provides a deeper understanding of the ways that complex adoption and ART shape the life experience of children and parents, identifying important areas and methods for assessment and treatment. Combining developmental and ecological research with in-depth case material, the book establishes an integrative framework for clinical practice. The authors draw upon knowledge and skills gained from working in a variety of new family contexts. In the area of adoption, many new options have evolved that differ from traditional practices of adoption at birth. Thousands of older children in foster and institutional care in the United States and abroad are awaiting permanent placements. Open adoption, kinship adoption, and transracial adoption are also transforming family life, as is the use of ART, which raises significant issues of family identity and family process. The book explores such key themes as the significance of early experience, the capacity to recover from exposure to trauma, the impact of heredity and the difference that environment can make, and the centrality of primary attachment relationships. Also discussed are the impact of bias and other issues affecting families of difference, including lesbian and gay families. Concluding chapters consider promising future directions for training and research. This is an important resource for social workers, family therapists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals working with children and families, as well as researchers and students in these fields. It will serve as a text in advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses.
Category: Psychology

Baby Markets

Author : Michele Bratcher Goodwin
ISBN : 9781139788656
Genre : Law
File Size : 87.40 MB
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Creating families can no longer be described by heterosexual reproduction in the intimacy of a couple's home and the privacy of their bedroom. To the contrary, babies can be brought into families through complex matrixes involving lawyers, coordinators, surrogates, 'brokers', donors, sellers, endocrinologists, and without any traditional forms of intimacy. In direct response to the need and desire to parent, men, women, and couples - gay and straight - have turned to viable, alternative means: baby markets. This book examines the ways in which Westerners create families through private, market processes. From homosexual couples skirting Mother Nature by going to the assisted reproductive realm and buying the sperm or ova that will complete the reproductive process, to Americans travelling abroad to acquire children in China, Korea, or Ethiopia, market dynamics influence how babies and toddlers come into Western families. Michele Goodwin and a group of contributing experts explore how financial interests, aesthetic preferences, pop culture, children's needs, race, class, sex, religion, and social customs influences the law and economics of baby markets.
Category: Law

Institutionalizing Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Author : Alexander Styhre
ISBN : 9781317616214
Genre : Social Science
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Reproductive medicine has been very successful at developing new therapies in recent years and people having difficulties conceiving have more options available to them than ever before. These developments have led to a new institutional landscape emerging and this innovative volume explores how health and social structures are being developed and reconfigured to take into account the increased use of assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF treatments. Using Sweden as a central case study, it explores how the process of institutionalizing new assisted reproductive technologies includes regulatory agencies, ethical committees, political bodies and discourses, scientific communities, patient and activists groups, and entrepreneurial activities in the existing clinics and new entrants to the industry. It draws on new theoretical developments in institutional theory and outlines how health innovations are always embedded in social relations including ethical, political, and financial concerns. This book will be of interest to advanced students and academics in health management, science and technology studies, the sociology of health and illness and organisational theory.
Category: Social Science

Fertility Technology

Author : Kara Williams
ISBN : 0823937623
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 74.11 MB
Format : PDF
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Discusses the steps that are followed when conception cannot be natural and explains the controversy, costs, and positive and negative effects that can result from various forms of fertilization.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Babies For Sale

Author : Miranda Davies
ISBN : 9781783607044
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.17 MB
Format : PDF
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Transnational surrogacy – the creation of babies across borders – has become big business. Globalization, reproductive technologies, new family formations and rising infertility are combining to produce a 'quiet revolution' in social and medical ethics and the nature of parenthood. Whereas much of the current scholarship has focused on the US and India, this groundbreaking anthology offers a far wider perspective. Featuring contributions from over thirty activists and scholars from a range of countries and disciplines, this collection offers the first genuinely international study of transnational surrogacy. Its innovative bottom-up approach, rooted in feminist perspectives, gives due prominence to the voices of those most affected by the global surrogacy chain, namely the surrogate mothers, donors, prospective parents and the children themselves. Through case studies ranging from Israel to Mexico, the book outlines the forces that are driving the growth of transnational surrogacy, as well as its implications for feminism, human rights, motherhood and masculinity.
Category: Social Science

Outside The Womb

Author : Scott Rae
ISBN : 9781575679198
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) is on the rise in our culture as an alternative for couples facing infertility issues and single women desiring to have children. Is it right – morally, ethically, biblically – to engage this new technology? Are there some aspects of ART that are more acceptable than others? Outside the Womb: The Ethics of Reproductive Technologies addresses the whole issue of “making life”, providing valuable information, both theologically and scientifically, for Christian couples to reflect upon as they consider the various fertility treatments.
Category: Religion