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Grayson Brothers Series 2 Book Boxed Set

Author : Wendy Lindstrom
ISBN : 9781939263131
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Prepare to fall in love with two of the swoon-worthy Grayson Brothers in this award-winning series of “beautifully poignant, wonderfully emotional” historical romances by New York Times bestselling author Wendy Lindstrom. “Awesome underlying emotional power…guaranteed to move you to tears.” —Romantic Times "Superbly written, beautifully poignant.” —John Charles, American Library Association "A perfect ten...should not be missed!" —Romance Reviews Today “This author's talent shines through on every page!” —Detra Fitch “Emotionally powerful and heart-tugging… impossible to put down.” —Kathe Robin, RT Book Reviews BOOK DESCRIPTION BOOK 1 - SHADES OF HONOR: RITA award-winner Marrying her lifelong friend and neighbor, Kyle Grayson, will allow Evelyn Tucker to care for her ailing father and resurrect their failing business. But when Kyle’s older brother, Radford, returns home with his young daughter, it turns Evelyn’s life upside down. The wounded man and withdrawn little girl awaken Evelyn’s heart and she can no longer deny her need for love. But how can she possibly choose between security and friendship with Kyle and the passionate love she has always dreamed of? “Have a hanky ready. You'll need it more than once!” -- Linders BOOK 2 - THE LONGING: Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Top Pick! The last thing Amelia wants is to marry her father's business competitor, Kyle Grayson, the man who rejected her youthful flirtation. But dire circumstances force her to marry Kyle, a man she knows little about. She knows he has been wounded and he guards his emotions as closely as she guards her secrets. Can she ever trust him enough to share the truth? Can she break through Kyle’s staunch business demeanor and show him that laughter and love are possible? “It grabbed me by the heart and didn't let go.” -- RPurvis · Each book in this series is a standalone, complete novel featuring a different couple and their journey of falling in love, but the books can also be read and enjoyed as part of the series about the Grayson family. CONNECTING BOOKS Grayson Brothers series: Book 1: SHADES OF HONOR - RITA Winner! Book 2: THE LONGING - Romantic Times 4-1/2 star Top Pick! Book 3: LIPS THAT TOUCH MINE Book 4: KISSING IN THE DARK Book 5: SLEIGH OF HOPE Book 6: LEAVE IT FOR THE RAIN Book 7: WHEN I FALL IN LOVE Book 8: THE PROMISE IN YOUR EYES WHAT READERS ARE SAYING: “Impossible to put down.” “A page turner! I couldn’t wait to finish it.” _______ Themes: This Victorian historical romance series is set in 19th century – 1800s. Each book is a standalone complete novel featuring heartbreaking emotional romance, weddings, brides and grooms, a marriage of convenience, a love triangle, a sheriff romance, stories about hidden identity, amnesia, true gentlemen alpha heroes and beta heroes, love and laughter, stories that make you cry, and much more. These popular romance novels make up a bestselling family saga romance series about heartwarming romance and second chances.
Category: Fiction

Thornes Quest 2 The Wild Catalyst

Author : Gale Macaulay-newcombe
ISBN : 9781847284112
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Secret is out... Publicly acknowledged as the High King's heir, Thorne is now a target for the assassins still troubling Applion. With bewildering forces churning around and within her, can Thorne protect her friends - and the Crown - from the evil forces at work in the realm?
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God S Plan Of The Ages Volume 2 Beginning Of Time Through Moses

Author : Paul Lindberg
ISBN : 9781632326751
Genre :
File Size : 74.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Many have tried to tell Bible stories as historical fiction. But I have attempted to tell the entire story of the universe, starting with the Bible and integrating history and chronology, legend, and ancient Talmudic tradition, along with a good deal of speculation. My story begins before time, and continues past the ages of time into eternity. It is an adult work, for some of mankind's descent into depravity cannot be sanitized. But it is also a fun work, as I bounce around from our perspective up to the heavenly realms and even down into hell itself. My purpose was not just to tell the story, but also to teach wisdom and to clarify the nature and character of God. I trust each reader will grow in relationship to the God of infinite love, as I have grown in the writing. Volume Two begins with the infinite eternal God before He became "Father God" and ends with the deaths of Moses and Ziporah on the mountains of Nebo and Pisgah.

Not To People Like Us

Author : Susan Weitzman
ISBN : 9780786722518
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This important book brings the ignored population of abused upper-income women to light, revealing for the first time the depth and severity of "upscale abuse" How is it possible for a highly educated woman with a career and resources of her own to stay in a marriage with an abusive husband? How can a man be considered a pillar of his community, run a successful business and regularly give his wife a black eye? That we can even ask these startling questions proves how convinced we are that domestic abuse is restricted to the lower classes. In "Not to People Like Us" psychotherapist Susan Weitzman dramatically challenges this assumption. It is the first book to explore a previously overlooked population of emotionally and physically battered wives-the upper-educated and upper-income women, who rarely report abuse and remain trapped by their own silence. Weitzman draws on an in-depth study to document the shocking nature and incidence of abuse among the wives of professors, physicians and CEOs-many of them professionals and executives themselves. With keen insight and profound sensitivity, she reveals the unique path taken by the upscale wife-the early warning signs, the dilemmas and decisions, the dangerous desire to cover up and maintain appearances. The first book to condemn the legal and social service system for failing to recognize domestic violence among upper-income families, "Not to People Like Us" offers crucial information to help women find their way out of abusive relationships and toward safety and independence.
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True Life Stories And Mysterious Interventions

Author : Harold Gene Poole
ISBN : 9781462406722
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As Christians, how do we invite people to learn about Jesus? We can tell them about our beautiful Church and its special programs-or, even more effectively, we can share inspiring life stories. These stories are the mysterious, spiritual, personal narratives that are the building blocks of our faith, and author Harold Poole presents his personal recollections in this collection as lessons of faith in the gospel of Christ. "Too often the events in their lives which nourish the faith of our faithful senior citizens are lost to us. Harold 'Gene' Poole has spared us that loss in the pages he has written detailing many of the events in his life which have been instrumental in forming and growing the faith of this unique Christian man." -The Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Bennett III, Canon Theologian for the Diocese of West Virginia
Category: Religion

History Of Women S Suffrage Trilogy Part 2

Author : Susan B. Anthony
ISBN : 9788026874751
Genre : History
File Size : 27.39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This edition covers the women's fight from 1883 to 1920. See the movement in its full light and learn what it took to obtain most basic civil rights. Learn about the decades long fight, about the endurance and the strength needed to continue the battle against persistent indifference and injustice. After the deaths of Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1902 and Susan B. Anthony in 1906, it fell upon Ida H. Harper, a protégé of Elizabeth Stanton, to document the voices and lives of hidden figures of the movement. Apart from a thorough look of USA, this book also gives an overview of the conditions of women's movement in rest of the world. Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906) was an American social reformer and women's rights activist. Born into a Quaker family she became the New York state agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Ida H. Harper (1851–1931) was a prominent figure in the United States women's suffrage movement. She was an American author, journalist and biographer of Susan B. Anthony.
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Masterplots Ii

Author : Frank Northen Magill
ISBN : UCSC:32106020063365
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 81.99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Examines the theme, characters, plot, style and technique of more than 700 nineteenth- and twentieth-century works by prominent authors from around the world.
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The Wedding Night

Author : Day Leclaire
ISBN : 9781939925114
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 60.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Anna, a woman suffering from amnesia after a car wreck, awakens to discover she's married—with no memory of her husband. What is the secret Sebastian is keeping from her? And why won't he tell her what happened on their wedding night? They all have sinful secrets…delicious, passionate, tantalizing surprises that will keep you guessing—and smiling—until the very end. Welcome to The Sinful Secrets Series. There will be five novels in this series, altogether: Mail-Order Husband, The Wedding Night, The Secret Baby, The Secret Seduction, and Mail-Order Wife. The first three are revised reprints that feature some fun changes from the original versions. The fourth, The Secret Seduction will be released in early 2016, and is a brand new story, as is the final book, Mail-Order Wife, which will feature the character Rio Montoya, who is first introduced in Mail-Order Husband. All of the books in the Sinful Secrets Series features a delicious secret, one with enough of a twist that I'm hoping you won't guess it until the very end. Look for the other books in The Sinful Secrets Series! Mail-Order Husband, Book #1 in The Sinful Secrets Series Leah Hampton needs a husband and fast, if she's to save her Texas ranch. So, she advertises for the “perfect” man to help her out of her predicament. Instead, she gets Hunter Pryde, who kisses like sin, but is keeping a secret that could bring salvation...or utter ruin. Hunter wants Leah—and her ranch—and she’s not sure in what order. Years ago her father forced Hunter off their ranch at the hurting end of a shotgun after he had the unmitigated gall to sleep with the boss’s daughter. The Wedding Night, Book #2 in The Sinful Secrets Series Anna, a woman suffering from amnesia after a car wreck, awakens to discover she's married—with no memory of her husband. What is the secret Sebastian is keeping from her? And why won't he tell her what happened on their wedding night? The Secret Baby, Book #3 in The Sinful Secrets Series When ruthless tycoon, Damien Hawke, sweeps back into Sable's life, he's come to claim it all. Her. The business she inherited. And the child he discovers she's kept from him. But there's one secret he's still keeping. And until Sable uncovers it, she'll never win what matters most to her—Damien's heart. The Secret Seduction, Coming Early 2016, Book #4 in The Sinful Secrets Series Honor Fitzpatrick will do anything to recover the ring Syn Chapman seduced out from under her following their one night stand, even if it means allowing him back into her life . . . and her bed. Now she just has to figure out the secret he’s keeping from her—and pray he doesn’t uncover the one she’s keeping from him! Mail-Order Wife, Coming in 2016, Book #5 in The Sinful Secrets Series Finally, meet Rio Montoya, the brother Hunter Pryde never knew about. Rio never should have claimed he was engaged. And maybe he wouldn't have if his grandmother hadn't been on her deathbed. But now, Abuela is demanding he produce his fiancée—and worse, make her his wife. Alivia agrees to the job. But she has secrets of her own, one of which is her three-year-old son, who is in desperate need of a father.
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Awake America

Author : Barlane Ronald Eichbaum
ISBN : 9781449718251
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 84.96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The United States entered the third century of its existence facing many social, political, and religious issues. Socialism, Communism, and terrorism are such threats. Christianity is not practiced as in the past. Many US citizens neglect the Word of God, and moral decay has risen rapidly. May our people seek Gods direction, as per II Chronicles 7:14, so God will bless America and its future. American patriots like Billy Graham, J. Edgar Hoover, and William Buckley expressed facts, thoughts, and quotations in the field of politics, religion, law, defense, energy, environment, and economics. Presently our military power is being reduced. Author Barlane Eichbaum relates biblical prophecy and writings on the Greek, Roman, and British empires to American maladies. These same signs of decay have led other once-great powers to their downfall. This historical and biblical perspective that Eichbaum possesses is a strong plus for Awake America.
Category: Political Science