Audiovisual Posthumanism

Author : Evi D. Sampanikou
ISBN : 9781443891677
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This volume deals with the challenges posthumanism meets as a successor to postmodernism in the field of artistic, literary and aesthetic expression. It also explores the ways social sciences and humanities are affected by posthumanism, and it asks how posthumanism can be an expansion of humanism in the contemporary world, rather than a transcendence of humanism. The chapters’ authors come from different countries, cultural backgrounds and study areas to present a varied perspective on posthumanism.

Animals On Television

Author : Brett Mills
ISBN : 9781137516831
Genre : Performing Arts
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This book is the first in-depth study of the representation of animals on television. It explores the variety of ways animals are represented in audio-visual media, including wildlife documentaries and children’s animated series, and the consequences these representations have for those species. Brett Mills discusses key ideas and approaches essential for thinking about animals drawing on relevant debates in philosophy, politics, gender studies, humanism and posthumanism, and ethics. The chapters examine different animal representations, focusing on zoos, pets, wildlife and meat. They present case studies, including discussions of Peppa Pig, The Hunt and The Dog Whisperer. This book will be of interest to readers exploring media studies, contemporary television, animal studies, and debates about representation.
Category: Performing Arts

Science Fiction Studies

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106015164814
Genre : Science fiction
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Category: Science fiction

Our Space Our Place

Author : Sherry Ginn
ISBN : 0761832157
Genre : Social Science
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In Our Space, Our Place: Women in the Worlds of Science Fiction Television, author Sherry Ginn explores the portrayals of female characters in popular Sci Fi television programs. The programs examined include The X-Files, Babylon 5, Farscape, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, and all five Star Treks. The major female characters on each program are discussed with respect to their quest to establish a sense of identity within their particular universe, as depicted on their series. By using current psychological and feminist theories, Ginn skillfully evaluates each character in terms that best exemplify the search for meaning and identity in women's lives.
Category: Social Science

The Design Culture Reader

Author : Ben Highmore
ISBN : 0415403561
Genre : Art
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Design is part of ordinary, everyday life, to be found in every room in every building in the world. While we may tend to think of design in terms of highly desirable objects, this book encourages us to think about design as ubiquitous (from plumbing to television) and as an agent of social change (from telephones to weapon systems). The Design Culture Reader brings together an international array of writers whose work is of central importance for thinking about design culture in the past, present and future. Essays from philosophers, media and cultural theorists, historians of design, anthropologists, cultural historians, artists and literary critics all demonstrate the enormous potential of design studies for understanding the modern world. Organised in thematic sections, The Design Culture Reader explores the social role of design by looking at the impact it has in a number of areas - especially globalisation, ecology, and the changing experiences of modern life. Particular essays focus on topics such asdesign and the senses , design and war and design and technology, while the editor's introduction to the collection provides a compelling argument for situating design studies at the very forefront of contemporary thought.
Category: Art

Digital Contagions

Author : Jussi Parikka
ISBN : NWU:35556038847554
Genre : Computers
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Digital Contagions is the first book to offer a comprehensive and critical analysis of the culture and history of the computer virus phenomenon. The book maps the anomalies of network culture from the angles of security concerns, the biopolitics of digital systems, and the aspirations for artificial life in software. The genealogy of network culture is approached from the standpoint of accidents that are endemic to the digital media ecology. Viruses, worms, and other software objects are not, then, seen merely from the perspective of anti-virus research or practical security concerns, but as cultural and historical expressions that traverse a non-linear field from fiction to technical media, from net art to politics of software. Jussi Parikka mobilizes an extensive array of source materials and intertwines them with an inventive new materialist cultural analysis. Digital Contagions draws from the cultural theories of Gilles Deleuze and F�lix Guattari, Friedrich Kittler, and Paul Virilio, among others, and offers novel insights into historical media analysis.
Category: Computers

Sthetik Des Performativen

Author : Erika Fischer-Lichte
ISBN : 9783518785409
Genre : Philosophy
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Spätestens seit den 60er Jahren lassen sich zeitgenössische Kunstwerke nicht mehr in den Begriffen herkömmlicher Ästhetiken erfassen. Anstatt "Werke" zu schaffen, bringen die Künstler zunehmend Ereignisse hervor, die in ihrem Vollzug die alten ästhetischen Relationen von Subjekt und Objekt, von Material- und Zeichenstatus außer Kraft setzen. Um diese Entwicklung nachvollziehbar zu machen, entwickelt Erika Fischer-Lichte in ihrer grundlegenden Studie eine Ästhetik des Performativen, die den Begriff der Aufführung in den Mittelpunkt stellt. Dieser umfaßt die Eigenschaften der leiblichen Kopräsenz von Akteuren und Zuschauern, der performativen Hervorbringung von Materialität sowie der Emergenz von Bedeutung und mündet in eine Bestimmung der Aufführung als Ereignis. Die Aufhebung der Trennung von Kunst und Leben, welche die neueren Ausdrucksformen anstreben, wird hier ästhetisch auf den Begriff gebracht.
Category: Philosophy

Fear And Loathing In The New Media Era

Author : Aaron M. McKain
ISBN : OCLC:827944668
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Abstract: This dissertation begins with a question that sits - obstinately - at the crossroads of 21st century American politics and 21st century scholarship in rhetoric and composition: How do we make judgments about rhetoric when new media (social-networking, web 2.0, ease of audio/visual production) have rendered our long-standing public norms of ethos untenable? This is the dilemma lurking behind the daily parade of new media acts that we, as citizens, are expected to judge: From co-workers caught mid-kegstand on Facebook to politicians trapped in the YouTube minefield of decontextualized and mashed-up gaffes. But ethos points to a larger concern as well: At the precise moment where technology has given us, as a citizens, unparalleled power to act as rhetorical critics - when anyone with a laptop and dial-up connection can effortlessly remediate, remix, and repurpose rhetorical acts from one context to another - we are uncertain about what the new rules of rhetoric are? How do we rethink ethos - in terms of character - for a heavily surveilled, socially-networked age, where the distinctions between public and private are nebulous and all of our previous public performances are always only a Google search away? Concerned that our current, mass media age, standards for judging ethos as character (e.g., as authenticity, as the search for the "real" person) are both deadlocking our politics and providing no vocabulary of resistance to the new media era's twin industries of information-gathering and surveillance, this dissertation proceeds in three stages in order to present a solution. First, using U.S. presidential campaigns in the new media era as a canonical political and pop cultural text, it zeroes in on two particular crises of ethos: the impossibility of maintaining a coherent public persona (e.g. Gov. Mitt Romney versus the internet archive) and the erosion of the line between what is public and what is private (e.g., Sen. John McCain). Second, it turns to an underexplored area of American politics - aesthetics - to consider how the continued embrace of now forty year old, postmodern political aesthetics (e.g., metafiction, the New Journalism) prevents us from updating and re-conceptualizing our notions of political ethos. Finally, drawing on these observations, Fear and Loathing in the New Media Era proposes a heuristic to rethink our judgments of ethos: A critical updating of the "Chicago School" narrative model of communication. Arguing for this narrative model academically (via debates within the digital humanities on the issue of posthumanism), politically (using Stephen Colbert as a test case of ethos and new media era American politics), and pedagogically (as a method of teaching ethos in rhetoric and composition classrooms), this project lobbies for a rethinking of our judgments of ethos that (1) better navigates the complexities of our new rhetorical landscapes; (2) is more in sync with the post-postmodern aesthetics of the digital media age; and (3) triangulates, as a pedagogy of resistance for citizens and students, the legal, political, and ethical values of ethos that new media - through our judgments of even its most mundane acts - invite us to acquiesce to.

Fremde Welten

Author : Lars Schmeink
ISBN : 9783110276732
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 34.33 MB
Format : PDF
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Until recently, scholars were hesitant to take the fantastic seriously. But since the 1990s, the increasing presence of the fantastic in mass media has spurred growing academic interest in the subject. This book discusses that new interest and brings together recent research in various disciplines. It provides an overview of current approaches and debates in the research of the fantastic. By taking stock of the present state of this young discipline, it also helps to ensure its future.
Category: Literary Criticism