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Atlas Of The Prenatal Mouse Brain

Author : Uta B. Schambra
ISBN : 9781483289083
Genre : Science
File Size : 27.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain is the latest addition to Academic Press' list of atlases for neuroscientists and neuroscience students. It fills an urgent need for a comprehensive atlas of the developing mouse brain for use in studies of both normal and abnormal development. High-quality photomicrographs of brain sections are depicted in sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes for four gestational age groups. Each photomicrograph is accompanied by a fully labeled, precision-drawn diagram for easy identification of brain structures. Researchers and students using normal, transgenic, or mutant mouse preparations in developmental neurobiology, neurotoxicology, and biotechnology will welcome this meticulously assembled and accessible guide. Presents 153 photomicrographs of serial brain sections Represents four gestational ages (GD 12 and 14 embryos; GD 16 and 18 fetuses), each depicted in sigittal, coronal, and horizontal planes Includes fully labeled diagrams identifying brain structures for each photomicrograph Provides complete alphabetical lists of brain structures and abbreviations Presents a full description of tissue preparation method Large format, 8-1/2 x 11" pages in a sturdy hardcover case
Category: Science

Prenatal Mouse Brain Atlas

Author : Uta Schambra
ISBN : 038747093X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74.16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the only book available for studies of the mouse brain before birth. It presents a complete mapping of the developing mouse brain that features imaging of whole brain sections. Users will be able to compare structure shown in the Atlas to what they see in the microscope. This new, greatly expanded edition provides an easily accessible tool for researchers in the fields of normal and abnormal brain development.
Category: Medical

Chemoarchitectonic Atlas Of The Developing Mouse Brain

Author : David M. Jacobowitz
ISBN : 0849326672
Genre : Medical
File Size : 39.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Representing the state-of-the-art in neurochemical mapping, Chemoarchitectonic Atlas of the Developing Mouse Brain provides a complete, full-color look at the developing mouse brain. Hundreds of coronal sections are presented, clearly illustrating structures at progressive stages of brain development.
Category: Medical

Atlas Of The Developing Mouse Brain

Author : George Paxinos
ISBN : 9780125476225
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 45.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This atlas provides an accurate and detailed depiction of all brain structures at fetal stage E17.5, Day of birth, and Day 6 postnatal. In addition to brain structures, the atlas delineates peripheral nerves, ganglia, arteries, veins, muscles bones and other organs. It is an indispensable guide for the interpretation of nervous system changes in gene knockout and transgenic mice. Contains: 43 photographs and drawings of Nissl-stained coronal sections of the brain of a fetal mouse at E17.5 days, 65 photographs and drawings of Nissl-stained coronal sections of the brain of a mouse on the day of birth, and 73 photographs and drawings of Nissl-stained coronal sections of the brain of a mouse aged 6 days postnatal. The drawings are based on the study of sections stained with Nissl and a range of neuroactive substances. In addition to brain structures, the atlas delineates peripheral nerves, ganglia, arteries, veins, muscles bones and other organs.
Category: Psychology

Stereotaxic Neurosurgery In Laboratory Rodent

Author : Barbara Ferry
ISBN : 9782817804729
Genre : Medical
File Size : 28.22 MB
Format : PDF
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Stereotaxic neurosurgery in rodents is used by a variety of people working at research laboratories (research staff, technicians, students at animal facilities...). The present handbook presents all the steps necessary to complete a stereotaxic neurosurgery protocol in accordance with current animal welfare guidelines. This book will guide surgeons step by step, from anesthesia to the post-surgery recovery procedures, including asepsis of the surgical tools and surgical zone, analgesia, correctly identifying the reference points on the skull and brain targets, etc. In keeping with the current international trends, the authors above all focus on the following points: the consideration of pain and how to best treat it depending on the type of surgery; and ensuring asepsis. This book will serve as an important reference work and valuable guidebook for the scientific community.
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Guide To Techniques In Mouse Development Part A

Author :
ISBN : 0080887783
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume comprehensively covers new technologies and methodologies that have appeared for the study of mouse development. This volume is an update of volume 225 of MIE, "Guide to Techniques in Mouse Development", edited by P.M. Wassarman and M.L. DePamphilis and published in 1993. During the past 17 years many new technologies or methodologies have appeared for the study of mouse development and this volume comprehensively covers these, including: new techniques for the cryopreservation of gametes and embryos, production of transgenic and null (knockout) animals (use of ES cells), generation of conditional/inducible mutant animals, use of gene-trap mutagenesis, analysis of allele-specific expresion, use of new reporter constructs, humanizing of transgenic animals, transcript profiling of mouse development, imaging of mouse development, rederivation of animals and use of mouse genomics.
Category: Science

The Atlas Of Mouse Development

Author : Matthew H. Kaufman
ISBN : UOM:39015020863133
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Not since the early 1970s has there been an attempt to describe and illustrate the anatomy of the developing mouse embryo. More than ever such material is needed by biologists as they begin to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying development and differentiation. After more than ten years of painstaking work, Matt Kaufman has completed The Atlas of Mouse Development--the definitive account of mouse embryology and development. For all those researching or studying mammalian development, The Atlas of Mouse Development will be the standard reference work for many years to come. Provides a comprehensive sequential account of the development of the mouse from pre-implantation to term Contains clear and concise descriptions of the anatomical features relevant to each stage of development Large format for easy use Contains explanatory notes and legends, and more than 180 meticulously labeled plates, 1,300 photographs of individual histological sections, and 200 electron micrographs, illustrating: Intermittent serial histological sections through embryos throughout embryogenesis and organogenesis Differentiation of specific organs and organ systems, including the spinal cord, eyes, gonads, kidneys, lungs and skeletal system External appearance of intact embryos throughout development
Category: Medical

Mouse Brain Development

Author : Andre M. Goffinet
ISBN : 9783540480020
Genre : Science
File Size : 83.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in mammalian brain development remains limited. However, the last few years have wit nessed a quantum leap in our knowledge, due to technological improve ments, particularly in molecular genetics. Despite this progress, the available body of data remains mostly phenomenological and reveals very little about the grammar that organizes the molecular dictionary to articulate a pheno type. Nevertheless, the recent progress in genetics will allow us to contem plate, for the first time, the integration of observation into a coherent view of brain development. Clearly, this may be a major challenge for the next century, and arguably is the most important task of contemporary develop mental biology. The purpose of the present book is to provide an overview that syn thesizes up-to-date information on selected aspects of mouse brain devel opment. Given the format, it was not possible to cover all aspects of brain development, and many important subjects are missing. The selected themes are, to a certain extent, subjective and reflect the interests of the contributing authors. Examples of major themes that are not covered are peripheral nervous system development, including myelination, the development of the hippocampus and several other CNS structures, as well as the developmental function of some important morphoregulatory molecules.
Category: Science

Atlas Of The Neonatal Rat Brain

Author : Renuka Ramachandra
ISBN : 143984013X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 37.70 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Atlas of the Neonatal Rat Brain provides photographic, histological illustrations of the anatomical features of the neonatal rat brain at postnatal (P) days P-1, P-7, and P-14. The sections are Nissl stained with Cresyl violet, creating photomicrographs with high resolution and clarity. The structures are directly labeled on the images, making it easier to correlate data. Additional images are available as electronic resources for individuals who seek images not represented in this volume, and the electronic version allows labels to be removed so the atlas can be used as a teaching tool. The P-1 section contains 30 coronal plates and 14 sagittal plates and the P-7 section includes 27 coronal plates and 24 sagittal plates. The final P-14 section shows 41 coronal plates and 21 sagittal plates. Each set consists of contiguous sections from individual animals, and selections were based on the structural variability represented.
Category: Medical

Springer Handbook Of Bio Neuro Informatics

Author : Nikola K. Kasabov
ISBN : 9783642305740
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35.28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Springer Handbook of Bio-/Neuro-Informatics is the first published book in one volume that explains together the basics and the state-of-the-art of two major science disciplines in their interaction and mutual relationship, namely: information sciences, bioinformatics and neuroinformatics. Bioinformatics is the area of science which is concerned with the information processes in biology and the development and applications of methods, tools and systems for storing and processing of biological information thus facilitating new knowledge discovery. Neuroinformatics is the area of science which is concerned with the information processes in biology and the development and applications of methods, tools and systems for storing and processing of biological information thus facilitating new knowledge discovery. The text contains 62 chapters organized in 12 parts, 6 of them covering topics from information science and bioinformatics, and 6 cover topics from information science and neuroinformatics. Each chapter consists of three main sections: introduction to the subject area, presentation of methods and advanced and future developments. The Springer Handbook of Bio-/Neuroinformatics can be used as both a textbook and as a reference for postgraduate study and advanced research in these areas. The target audience includes students, scientists, and practitioners from the areas of information, biological and neurosciences. With Forewords by Shun-ichi Amari of the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Saitama and Karlheinz Meier of the University of Heidelberg, Kirchhoff-Institute of Physics and Co-Director of the Human Brain Project.
Category: Computers