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Aristotle On Friendship

Author : Geoffrey Percival
ISBN : 9781107497719
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 36.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Originally published in 1940, this book contains an expanded English translation of Books 8 and 9 of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. These two books are devoted to a discussion on the nature of friendship and the role it played in Greek life, and Percival supplies an introduction with a background to the subject of ancient friendship prior to Aristotle's formulation. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in ancient friendship or the philosophy of Aristotle.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotle And The Philosophy Of Friendship

Author : Lorraine Smith Pangle
ISBN : 1139441868
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 54.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book offers a comprehensive account of the major philosophical works on friendship and its relationship to self-love. The book gives central place to Aristotle's searching examination of friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics. Lorraine Pangle argues that the difficulties surrounding this discussion are soon dispelled once one understands the purpose of the Ethics as both a source of practical guidance for life and a profound, theoretical investigation into human nature. The book also provides fresh interpretations of works on friendship by Plato, Cicero, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne and Bacon. The author shows how each of these thinkers sheds light on central questions of moral philosophy: is human sociability rooted in neediness or strength? is the best life chiefly solitary, or dedicated to a community with others? Clearly structured and engagingly written, this book will appeal to a broad swathe of readers across philosophy, classics and political science.
Category: Philosophy

Love And Friendship In Plato And Aristotle

Author : A. W. Price
ISBN : 0191586617
File Size : 62.23 MB
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This book fully explores for the first time an idea common to Plato and Aristotle, which unites their treatments - otherwise very different - of love and friendship. The idea is that although persons are separate, their lives need not be. One person's life may overflow into another's, and as such, helping another person is a way of serving oneself. The author shows how their view of love and friendship, within not only personal relationships, but also the household and even the city-state, promises to resolve the old dichotomy between egoism and altruism. - ;Friendship and desire in the Lysis; Love in the Symposium; Love in the Phaedrus; Perfect friendship in Aristotle; Aristotle on the varieties of friendship; The household; The City; Epilogue; Appendices; Homogeneity and beauty in the Symposium; Psychoanalysis looks at the Phaedrus ; Plato's sexual morality; Aristotle on erotic love; List of modern works cited. -

Aristotle S Philosophy Of Friendship

Author : Suzanne Stern-Gillet
ISBN : 0791423417
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 57.95 MB
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Presents the major issues in Aristotle's writings on Friendship.
Category: Philosophy

Other Selves

Author : Paul Schollmeier
ISBN : 0791416836
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 29.33 MB
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This book presents a thorough and systematic integration of Aristotle s analysis of friendship with the main lines of the rest of his work in Politics and Nicomachean Ethics. The author conveys a clear sense of the continuing illumination that Aristotle s analysis of friendship provides to contemporary ethical theorists and to students of Aristotle. Other Selves speaks to both audiences."
Category: Philosophy

Form Of Politics

Author : John von Heyking
ISBN : 9780773599291
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 35.54 MB
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For statesmen, friendship is the lingua franca of politics. Considering the connections between personal and political friendship, John von Heyking’s The Form of Politics interprets the texts of Plato and Aristotle and emphasizes the role that friendship has in enduring philosophical and contemporary political contexts. Beginning with a discussion on virtue-friendship, described by Aristotle and Plato as an agreement on what qualifies as the pursuit of good, The Form of Politics demonstrates that virtue and political friendship form a paradoxical relationship in which political friendships need to be nourished by virtue-friendships that transcend the moral and intellectual horizons of the political society. Von Heyking then examines Aristotle’s ethical and political writings – which are set within the boundaries of political life – and Plato’s dialogues on friendship in Lysis and the Laws, which characterize political friendship as festivity. Ultimately, arguing that friendship is the high point of a virtuous political life, von Heyking presents a fresh interpretation of Aristotle and Plato’s political thought, and a new take on the most essential goals in politics. Inviting reassessment of the relationship between friendship and politics by returning to the origins of Western philosophy, The Form of Politics is a lucid work on the foundations of political cooperation.
Category: Philosophy

Aristotelian Interpretations

Author : Fran O'Rourke
ISBN : 191102423X
Genre :
File Size : 29.78 MB
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Aristotle's phrase 'Every realm of nature is marvellous' serves as an underlying and unifying motif for this volume of original essays. Aristotelian Interpretations considers themes of perennial interest, offering new avenues of interpretation, illustrating how Aristotle's thought may be creatively applied to a variety of timeless and contemporary questions. Apart from the final chapter-a comprehensive survey of the extensive and penetrating influence of Aristotle on James Joyce-each chapter concerns itself with central topics in metaphysics, aesthetics, political anthropology, ethics, and theory of knowledge. This volume presents an integral survey of Aristotle's philosophy emphasizing that, far from being just a figure of historical interest, his vision is still alive and relevant. While many of Aristotle's empirical suppositions are archaic, his deeper intuitions have ageless validity. His philosophy is marked by a robust common sense, an optimistic trust in nature, confidence in the human mind's capacity to discover truth and value, and an abiding sense of all-embracing beauty. The author's introduction describes early personal experiences that inspired his affection for a distinctively Aristotelian approach to the world. [Subject: Philosophy, Aristotle]