Archaeology And The Senses

Author : Yannis Hamilakis
ISBN : 9780521837286
Genre : History
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An exciting new look at how archaeology has dealt with the bodily senses and how it can offer a richer glimpse into the human sensory experience.
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Archaeology The Basics

Author : Clive Gamble
ISBN : 9781317542766
Genre : Social Science
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Now in an updated third edition, Archaeology: The Basics provides a straightforward and engaging introduction to the world of Archaeology. This book answers key questions about how and why we practice archaeology and examines the theories and themes underpinning the subject. Fully updated, this new edition includes a wide range of examples and new material on key growth areas including: * Evolutionary approaches in current archaeology * The archaeology of landscape and place * The impact and value of archaeology * Conflict archaeology and the politics of the past With 12 new illustrations, four new boxes and additional case studies this text is essential reading for all those beginning to study archaeology and anyone who has ever questioned the past.
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The Archaeological Imagination

Author : Michael Shanks
ISBN : 9781315419169
Genre : Social Science
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Archaeology is a way of acting and thinking—about what is left of the past, about the temporality of what remains, about material and temporal processes to which people and their goods are subject, about the processes of order and entropy, of making, consuming and discarding at the heart of human experience. These elements, and the practices that archaeologists follow to uncover them, is the essence of the archaeological imagination. In this extended essay, renowned archaeological theorist Michael Shanks offers his colleagues and students a window on this imaginative world of past and present and the creative role archaeology can play in uncovering it, analyzing it, and interpreting it.
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Making Senses Of The Past

Author : Jo Day
ISBN : 9780809332878
Genre : Social Science
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Since the nineteenth century, museums have kept their artifacts in glass cases to better preserve them, and drawings and photographs have become standard ways of presenting the past. These practices have led to an archaeology dominated by visual description, even though human interaction with the surrounding world involves the whole body and all of its senses. In the past few years, sensory archaeology has become more prominent, and Making Senses of the Past is one of the first collected volumes on this subject. This book presents cutting-edge research on new theoretical issues. The essays presented here take readers on a multisensory journey around the world and across time. In ancient Peru, a site provides sensory surprises as voices resound beneath the ground and hidden carvings slowly reveal their secrets. In Canada and New Zealand, the flicker of reflected light from a lake dances on the faces of painted rocks and may have influenced when and why the pigment was applied. In Mesopotamia, vessels for foodstuffs build a picture of a past cuisine that encompasses taste and social activity in the building of communities. While perfume and flowers are examined in various cultures, in the chamber tombs of ancient Roman Palestine, we are reminded that not all smells are pleasant. Making Senses of the Past explores alternative ways to perceive past societies and offers a new way of wiring archaeology that incorporates the senses.
Category: Social Science

Contemporary Archaeology In Theory

Author : Robert W. Preucel
ISBN : 9781405158329
Genre : History
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"Contemporary Archaeology in Theory: The New Pragmatism is a great collection of texts to teach from, but it is much more than that. Preucel and Mrozowski have put together a landmark volume that combines a diversity of exciting contributions with a common intellectual agenda and purpose. One comes away from reading The New Pragmatism with a sense of a serious, mature discipline that combines academic rigour with social engagement." Matthew Johnson, University of Southampton "Far more than a second edition, this is a fully transformed, cutting-edge, thorough, truly monumental book that captures the richness of archaeological theory today for introductory and advanced readers alike." Stephen Silliman, University of Massachusetts, Boston "The new pragmatism advanced by the editors places archaeology within its social context, importantly in ways that can serve contemporary needs in the modern world. Archaeology is no longer innocent." Peter Bellwood, Australian National University "This collection of papers works beautifully as an overview of contemporary archaeological theory. It's framing as `The New Pragmatism' is quite appropriate given the discipline's challenge to better address current social contexts and human needs." Dean Saitta, University of Denver This completely revised second edition of Contemporary Archaeology in Theory challenges the traditional boundaries between prehistoric and historical archaeologies, as well as those between time, space, things, and people. Essays by a distinguished group of archaeologists outline the emergence of a socially conscious archaeology by addressing the material mediation of contemporary social problems such as colonialism, industrialism, racialization, and globalization. Contemporary Archaeology in Theory: The New Pragmatism investigates the gradual incorporation of questions of identity, meaning, agency, and practice alongside those of system, process, and structure. This new edition is an essential reader for students and a thought-provoking assessment of the field for all archaeologists, indigenous peoples, and the concerned lay public.
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The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project

Author : Michael Given
ISBN : UOM:39015062877231
Genre : Social Science
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The Sydney Cyprus Survey Project (SCSP) devoted five seasons of fieldwork (1992-1997) to an intensive archaeological survey in the north-central foothills of the Troodos Mountains on the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The survey covered 65 square kilometers in and around the modern villages of Politiko and Mitsero. This pathbreaking project examined the relationship between the production and distribution of agricultural and metallurgical resources. Additionally, the project provides new insights into the interpretation and collection of regional archaeological data. The volume represents an integrated approach to the discussion of social landscapes--from archaeological, historical, geomorphological, geobotanical, and archaeometallurgical perspectives--within the SCSP survey universe. The twenty-two contributors to this volume provide a comprehensive data set including lithics, pottery, site types, and radiocarbon dates. Full color GIS maps provide a wealth of information on pottery densities and site distribtutions. This well-illustrated monograph will serve as a model for future research throughout the region.
Category: Social Science

Blauer Hibiskus

Author : Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
ISBN : 9783104033358
Genre : Fiction
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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies Debut - ein Meilenstein junger Weltliteratur: Jetzt als Fischer Taschenbuch! Das Haus von Kambilis Familie liegt inmitten von Hibiskus, Tempelbäumen und hohen Mauern, die Welt dahinter ist das von politischen Unruhen geprägte Nigeria. Mit sanfter, eindringlicher Stimme erzählt die 15jährige Kambili von dem Jahr, in dem ihr Land im Terror versank, ihre Familie auseinanderfiel und ihre Kindheit zuende ging. Der erste vielgelobte Roman Adichies, verzweifelt schön und ganz gegenwartsnah.
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Remembering The Dead In Anglo Saxon England

Author : Zoe Devlin
ISBN : UOM:39015069036971
Genre : Social Science
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In this study, the author examines the remembrance of the dead during the Anglo-Saxon period. Her work is based on monuments and remains from four cemeteries selected from the south-east of England, covering the date range from the late fifth to early tenth centuries. The first cemetery, Spong Hill, Norfolk, is a mixed cemetery dated to the late fifth to late sixth centuries and was the site of intensive excavations in the 1970s and '80s, which uncovered the whole site. The second cemetery, Edix Hill (Barrington A), Cambridgeshire, was a site for inhumation burial in the sixth and early seventh centuries. This site was partially excavated in the nineteenth century and again in the late twentieth. Although only half the cemetery was excavated and ploughing and drainage works at the site damaged some skeletons, the recovered skeletons are believed to be a representative sample of the whole cemetery. The third cemetery, Apple Down, Sussex, is another mixed-rite cemetery, which dates from the late fifth/early sixth to late seventh/early eighth centuries. The final cemetery, Rivenhall cemetery 1, Essex, has been radiocarbon-dated to the late eighth to early tenth centuries. All these cemeteries were selected on the basis of the quality of the data and of the excavation reports. Each provided a significant number of burials, usually with good survival, and the reports were thorough, with sufficient primary data to allow new analysis to be carried out.
Category: Social Science

Die Gabe

Author : Marcel Mauss
ISBN : 351828343X
Genre : Segmentierte Gesellschaft - Geschenk
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Afrika/Europa - Siedlung - Handel/Verkehr - Wirtschaftsgeschichte.
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The Saa Archaeological Record

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000125079495
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The magazine of the Society for American Archaeology.
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