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Approaches To Archaeological Ceramics

Author : Carla M. Sinopoli
ISBN : 9781475792744
Genre : Social Science
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More than any other category of evidence, ceramics ofters archaeologists their most abundant and potentially enlightening source of information on the past. Being made primarily of day, a relatively inexpensive material that is available in every region, ceramics became essential in virtually every society in the world during the past ten thousand years. The straightfor ward technology of preparing, forming, and firing day into hard, durable shapes has meant that societies at various levels of complexity have come to rely on it for a wide variety of tasks. Ceramic vessels quickly became essential for many household and productive tasks. Food preparation, cooking, and storage-the very basis of settled village life-could not exist as we know them without the use of ceramic vessels. Often these vessels broke into pieces, but the virtually indestructible quality of the ceramic material itself meant that these pieces would be preserved for centuries, waiting to be recovered by modem archaeologists. The ability to create ceramic material with diverse physical properties, to form vessels into so many different shapes, and to decorate them in limitless manners, led to their use in far more than utilitarian contexts. Some vessels were especially made to be used in trade, manufacturing activities, or rituals, while ceramic material was also used to make other items such as figurines, models, and architectural ornaments.
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Interpreting Silent Artefacts

Author : Patrick Sean Quinn
ISBN : 190573929X
Genre : Social Science
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This volume presents a range of petrographic case studies as applied to archaeological problems, primarily in the field of pottery analysis, i.e. ceramic petrography. Petrographic analysis involves using polarising optical microscopy to examine microstructures and the compositions of rock and mineral inclusions in thin section, and has become a widely used technique within archaeological science. The results of these analyses are commonly embedded in regionally specific reports and research papers. In this volume, however, the analytical method takes centre stage and the common theme is its application in different archaeological contexts.
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The Oxford Handbook Of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis

Author : Alice M. W. Hunt
ISBN : 9780199681532
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
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The Oxford Handbook of Archaeological Ceramic Analysis draws together topics and methodologies essential for the socio-cultural, mineralogical, and geochemical analysis of archaelogical ceramic. Ceramic is one of the most complex and ubiquitous archaeomaterials in the archaeological record: it occurs around the world and through time in almost every culture and context, from building materials and technological installations to utilitarian wares and votive figurines. For more than 100 years, archaeologists have used ceramic analysis to answer complex questions about economy, subsistence, technological innovation, social organization, and dating. The volume is structured around the themes "Research design and data analysis," "Foundational concepts," "Evaluating ceramic provenance," "Investigating ceramic manufacture," "Assessing vessel function," and "Dating ceramic assemblages." It provides a common vocabulary and offers practical tools and guidelines for ceramic analysis using techniques and methodologies ranging from network analysis and typology to rehydroxylation dating and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Each chapter provides the theoretical background and practical guidelines, such as cost and destructiveness of analysis, for each technique, as well as detailed case studies illustrating the application and interpretation of analytical data for answering anthropological questions.
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Archaeological Ceramics

Author : Simona Scarcella
ISBN : 1407307487
Genre : Social Science
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These papers focus on the concept of the chaine operatoire as applied in contemporary ceramics studies. Particular attention is given to experimental and archaeometrical approaches that allow for a better understanding of the technological aspects of a culture.
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Ceramic Petrography

Author : Patrick Sean Quinn
ISBN : 1905739591
Genre : Social Science
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"...this book illustrates the spectrum of compostional and microstructural phenomena that occur within ancient ceramics under the microscope and provides comprehensive guidelines for their study within archaeology."--Back cover.
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Archaeometric And Archaeological Approaches To Ceramics

Author : S. Y. Waksman
ISBN : UOM:39015070949394
Genre : Social Science
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This volume presents a selection of papers delivered at the 8th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC) which took place in Lyon (France) in 2005. The EMAC series of conferences, initiated in Rome in 1991, meets every two years in a European city and brings together specialists carrying out research on ancient ceramics using archaeological sciences. EMAC provides the opportunity to present and debate recent advances in this field of research, from methodological aspects to archaeological studies with fully integrated laboratory approaches. 1) Assessment of ancient vessel design with the Finite Element Method (FEM) (A. Hein, V. Kilikoglou); 2) Contribution for a mineralogical thermometer to be applied to low fired and/or non-carbonate ceramics (P. Ricciardi, L. Nodari, B. Fabbri, S. Gualtieri, U. Russo); 3) Investigating the substrate-glaze interface of ceramics with SEM-EDS and Raman spectroscopy (C. Pacheco, R. Chapoulie, F. Daniel); 4) Ceramic sequence of 7000 years: archaeometrical study of pottery finds from Vs, Mssriaasszonysziget (SW Hungary) (K.T. Biro, K. Gherdssn, G. Szakmssny); 5) Production and use: temper as a marker of domestic production: the case of two Middle Neolithic villages in Concise (VD, CH) (E. Burri); 6) Early and Middle/Late Neolithic pottery production in Northern Calabria (Italy): raw material provenance, paste preparation and firing techniques (I.M. Muntoni, P. Acquafredda, R. Laviano); 7) Pottery production in the Neolithic and Copper Age village of Maddalena di Muccia (Marche, Central Italy): raw material provenance and manufacturing technology (R. Laviano, I.M. Muntoni); 8) Black-on-red painted pottery production and distribution in Late Neolithic Macedonia (Z. Tsirtsoni, D. Malamidou, V. Kilikoglou, I. Karatasios, L. Lespez); 9) Bell Beakers bone based decorations from Guadiana River Middle Basin (Badajoz, Spain) (C. Odriozola, A. Justo Erbez, V. Hurtado Perez); 10) Archaeometrical investigations of Impasto pottery from Terramara of Gorzano (Modena, Italy) (A. Cardarelli, G. Carpenito, S.T. Levi, S. Lugli, S. Marchetti Dori, G. Vezzalini); 11) Exploring patterns of intra regional pottery distribution in Late Minoan IIIA-B East Crete: the evidence the petrographic analysis of three ceramic assemblages (E. Nodarou ); 12) Preliminary results of archaeometric analysis of amphorae and Gnathia-type pottery from Risan (M. Daszkiewicz, P. Dyczek, G. Schneider, E. Bobryk); 13) Tiles from the Lyon area in the 2nd century BC: local products or imports? (N. Cantin, A. Desbat, A. Schmitt); 14) Lyon amphorae in the North: studies in distribution, chronology, typology and petrology (P. Monsieur, P. De Paepe, C. Braet); 15) Archaeometric characterisation of Roman wine amphorae from Barcelona (Spain) (V. Martinez Ferreras, J. Buxeda i Garrigos, J.M. Gurt i Esparraguera, V. Kilikoglou); 16) A late Roman pottery and brick factory in Sicily (Santa Venera al Pozzo) (S. Amari); 17) The first Byzantine oGlazed White Wareso in the early medieval technological context (S.Y. Waksman, A. Bouquillon, N. Cantin, I. Katona); 18) The opolished yellowo ceramics of the Carolingian Period (9th century AD): samples from Zalavssr, South-West Hungary (H. Herold ); 19) Lead-glazed slipware of 10th -11th century Akhsiket, Uzbekistan (C. Henshaw, Th. Rehren, O. Papachristou, A.A. Anarbaev); 20) Archaeometric investigation on 13th century glazed and slipped pottery found in Liguria and Provence (C. Capelli, R. Cabella, S.Y. Waksman); 21) The archaeometric study of white slips: a contribution to the characterisation of the Medieval Mediterranean productions (C. Capelli, R. Cabella); 22) From furnace to casting moulds: an exceptional 14th century copper-metallurgy workshop studied in the light of refractory ceramic materials (I. Katona, D. Bourgarit, N. Thomas, A. Bouquillon); 23) The decorative and architectural terracottas in Ferrara (R. Fabbri, S. Ciliani, M. Bagatin, F. Bevilacqua); 24) Archaeometric characterization of Middle Age and Renaissance tin lead glazed pottery from Barcelona (J. Garcia-Inanez, J. Buxeda i Garrigos, M. Madrid i Fernssndez, J.M. Gurt i Esparraguera, J.A. Cerda i Mellado); 25) Compositional studies on Iznik ceramics pigments (R. Bugoi, A. Climent-Font, B. Constantinescu, A. DAeAlessandro, P. Prati, A. Zucchiatti); 26) Turkish ceramics in the Crimea on the eve of the Porta invasion (problems of chronology of a certain group of vessels) (I. Teslenko); 27) Preliminary comparative archaeometric results on Inka and Colonial ceramics from Paria (Oruro, Bolivia) (V. Szilssgyi, J. Gyarmati, G. Szakmssny, M. Toth).
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Pottery In Archaeology

Author : Clive Orton
ISBN : 9781107433939
Genre : Social Science
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This revised edition provides an up-to-date account of the many different kinds of information that can be obtained through the archaeological study of pottery. It describes the scientific and quantitative techniques that are now available to the archaeologist, and assesses their value for answering a range of archaeological questions. It provides a manual for the basic handling and archiving of excavated pottery so that it can be used as a basis for further studies. The whole is set in the historical context of the ways in which archaeologists have sought to gain evidence from pottery and continue to do so. There are case studies of several approaches and techniques, backed up by an extensive bibliography.
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Insight From Innovation

Author : Barbara Peacock
ISBN : 0992633648
Genre :
File Size : 76.34 MB
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This collection of papers is presented in honour of Professor David Peacock's many and lasting contributions to archaeological ceramic studies. Building on Professor Peacock's legacy of inventive approaches, the volume contains some of the most exciting developments currently taking place within archaeological ceramic studies, including cutting-edge provenanceing techniques, computer-aided visualisations, and contemporary craft and design perspectives. Pottery is approached not as an end to itself but as a vehicle for addressing a wide range of archaeological questions, and the papers thereby demonstrate that ceramic studies represent one of the frontiers in modern-day archaeology. Developing new techniques and finding new uses for old ones open up avenues for research which will enrich our understanding of past societies across the world and through all periods. The volume closes with two thought-provoking papers; one from a ceramic artist and the other reflecting upon the role of ceramic studies in the various sectors of contemporary archaeological practice

Ceramic Theory And Cultural Process

Author : Dean E. Arnold
ISBN : 0521272599
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 46.80 MB
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A theory of ceramics that elucidates the complex relationship between culture, pottery and society.
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