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Apiculture In The Prehistoric Aegean

Author : Haralampos V. Harissis
ISBN : 1407304542
Genre : Social Science
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This study surveys the evidence for beekeeping in the Prehistoric Aegean, from references in later literature to archaeological remains of beekeeping paraphanalia, symbolic depictions in jewelry and on seals, and the evidence of folklore and mythology. Finds of hives, smoking pots, honey extractors and so-on indicate systematic Minoan apiculture, and the authors propose that contra Evans seals can be reinterpreted as depicting apiculture, rather than religious scenes, and used by overseers of beekeeping, a high-status and highly valued industry. They even go as far as to propose an origin in bee depiction for the famous double axe motifs from Knossos.
Category: Social Science

Agricultural Sustainability And Environmental Change At Ancient Gordion

Author : John M. Marston
ISBN : 9781934536926
Genre : History
File Size : 77.61 MB
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This book publishes the results of 220 botanical samples from the 1993-2002 Gordion excavations directed by Mary Voigt. Together with Naomi Miller's 2010 volume (Gordion Special Studies 5), this book completes the publication of botanical samples from Voigt's excavations. The book aims to reconstruct agricultural decision making using archaeological and paleoenvironmental data from Gordion to describe environmental and agricultural changes at the site. John M. Marston argues that different political and economic systems implemented over time at Gordion resulted in patterns of agricultural decision making that were well adapted to the social setting of farmers in each period, but that these practices had divergent environmental impacts, with some regimes sponsoring sustainable agricultural practices and others leading to significant environmental change. The implications of this book are twofold: Gordion will now be one of the best published agricultural datasets from the entire Near East and, thus, serve as a valuable comparable dataset for regional synthesis of agricultural and environmental change, and the methods the author developed to reconstruct agricultural change at Gordion serves as tools to engage questions about the relationship between social and environmental change at sites worldwide. Other books address similar themes but none in the Near East address these themes in diachronic perspective such as we have at Gordion. Museum Monograph 145
Category: History

Ke Ra Me Ja

Author : Dimitri Nakassis
ISBN : 9781623033576
Genre : History
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The title of this volume, ke-ra-me-ja in Linear B, was chosen because it means ñpotterî (????????, from Greek ???????, ñpotterÍs clayî) and combines two major strands of Cynthia ShelmerdineÍs scholarship: Mycenaean ceramics and Linear B texts. It thereby signals her pioneering use of archaeological and textual data in a sophisticated and integrated way. The intellectual content of the essays demonstrate not only that her research has had wide-ranging influence, but also that it is a model of scholarship to be emulated.
Category: History

Beekeeping For Poverty Alleviation And Livelihood Security

Author : Rakesh Kumar Gupta
ISBN : 9789401791991
Genre : Science
File Size : 76.18 MB
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This Book intends to address all aspects needed to develop beekeeping into a powerful instrument of rural development and will focus on beekeeping as a tool for Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood security. In the backdrop of the social and economic issues of the people living in poverty region, the book aims to delineate specific motivation approaches to engage them in beekeeping and will serve as a guide for effective marketing through diversification and value addition of bee products. Nevertheless, marketing and environmental issues will remain an important component of this book. The aim is also to focus on indirect benefit of beekeeping so that it is integrated with farming and nature conservation. Other topics include ensuring the provision of practical techniques in handling and management of bees. It will provide detailed information on good contacts with policymakers and authorities; and channels for attracting finance especially in the third world countries. An interdisciplinary approach is the key feature of the book and it will also focus on few case histories and success stories to encourage the reader to take up beekeeping as a new venture gradually in a phased manner like traditional-transitional and modernised beekeeping. With the publication of this book, we hope to hand out a practical guide that will assist all those who are involved in beekeeping for development. We hope it will stimulate beekeeping as an integrated activity with farming and nature conservation and will serve in many households for poverty alleviation and livelihood security.
Category: Science

Bar International Series

Author : Eva Panagiotakopulu
ISBN : 1841711292
Genre : Archaeology
File Size : 23.17 MB
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This book deals with Research into the history of insect synanthropy in Greece and Egypt', more specifically with insect remains from the Late Bronze Age site of Akrotiri and other evidence from ancient and Roman Egypt. Eva Panagiotakopulu outlines her methodology of analysing fossil insects, addresses issues of extraction, preservation and reconstructing past environments, life conditions, hygiene, crops and stored goods, as well as implications for economy and trade in the Mediterranean.
Category: Archaeology


Author : P. B. Betancourt
ISBN : OCLC:312799582
Genre : History
File Size : 85.15 MB
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Contents: Volume I; Biography of Malcolm Wiener; Philip P. BETANCOURT - Bibliography of Malcolm Wiener; Robert ARNOTT - Healing Cult in Minoan Crete; Joan ARUZ - The Oriental Impact on the Forms of Early Aegean Seals; Jane A. BARLOW and Sarah J. VAUGHAN - Breaking into Cypriot Pottery: Recent Insights into Red Polished Ware; George F. BASS - The Hull and Anchor of the Cape Gelidonya Ship; Paolo BELLI - The 'Early Hypogaeum' at Knossos: some Hints for Future Investigations; Philip P. BETANCOURT - What is Minoan? FN/EM I in the Gulf of Mirabello Region; Fritz BLAKOMER - The History of Middle Minoan Wall Painting: The 'Kamares Connection'; Edmund F. BLOEDOW - On Hunting Lions in Bronze Age Greece - Keith BRANIGAN - An Experiment in Field Survey in Eastern Crete; Ian D. BULL, Philip P. BETANCOURT and Richard P. EVERSHED - Chemical Evidence for a Structured Agricultural Manuring Regime on the Island of Pseira, Crete during the Minoan Period; Brendan BURKE - Purple and Aegean Textile Trade in the Early Second Millennium B.C.; Gerald CADOGAN - Vronwy Hankey; Jill CARINGTON-SMITH - Milk-Bowls: Some Pylos Pantries Revisited; William CAVANAGH and Christopher MEE - Building the Treasury of Atreus; John F. CHERRY - After Aidonia: Further Reflections on Attribution in the Aegean Bronze Age; Stella CHRYSSOULAKI - A New Approach to Minoan Iconography - An Introduction: The Case of the Minoan Genii; Eric H. CLINE - Coals to Newcastle, Wallbrackets to Tiryns: Irrationality, Gift Exchange, and Distance Value; John E. COLEMAN - An Early Cycladic Marble Beaker from Theologos in East Lokris; Michael COSMOPOULOS, Vasilis KILIKOGLOU, Ian K. WHITBREAD, Evangelia KIRIATZI - Characterization Studies of Bronze Age Pottery from Eleusis; Veronica CREMASCO and Robert LAFFINEUR - The Engineering of Mycenaean Tholoi. The Circular Tomb at Thorikos Revisited; Joost CROUWEL - A Recently Discovered Early Helladic Pendant from Geraki, Lakonia; Janice CROWLEY - Essay on Ten Precious Gems: Originality in Aegean Art; Tracey CULLEN - Scattered Human Bones at Franchthi Cave: Remnants of Ritual or Refuse?; Mary K. DABNEY - Locating Mycenaean Cemeteries; Jack L. DAVIS, John BENNET, and Cynthia W. SHELMERDINE - The Pylos Regional Archaeological Project: The Prehistoric Investigations; Leslie Preston DAY - A Late Minoan IIIC Window Frame from Vronda, Kavousi; Peter M. DAY, Eliezer D. OREN, Louise JOYNER and Patrick S. QUINN - Petrographic Analysis of The Tel Haror Inscribed Sherd: Seeking Provenance within Crete; Katie DEMAKOPOULOU - A Mycenaean Terracotta Figure from Midea in the Argolid; Oliver DICKINSON - The Catalogue of Ships and All That; Heidi M.C. DIERCKX - The Late Minoan I Obsidian Workshop at Pseira, Crete - Nota DIMOPOULOU - The Marine Style Ewer from Poros; Jan DRIESSEN - The Dismantling of a Minoan Hall at Palaikastro (Knossians go Home ?); Hayat ERKANAL - Early Bronze Age Fortification Systems in Izmir Region; Don EVELY - Mats and Baskets: Some Observations on their Study; Cheryl FLOYD - The Minoan Scoop - Elizabeth B. FRENCH and Jonathan E. TOMLINSON - The Mainland "Conical Cup"; Noel H. GALE and Zofia A. STOS-GALE - Copper Oxhide Ingots and the Aegean Metals Trade. New Perspectives; Senta C. GERMAN - The Politics of Dancing: A Reconsideration of the Motif of Dancing in Bronze Age Greece; Geraldine GESELL - Ritual Kalathoi in the Shrine at Kavousi - Carole GILLIS - The Significance of Color for Metals in the Aegean Bronze Age; Louis GODART - L'ecriture d'Arkhanes: hieroglyphique ou Lineaire A ?; Donald C. HAGGIS - Some Problems in Defining Dark Age Society in the Aegean; Volume II; Erik and Birgitta P. HALLAGER - Nodules and LM IIIB Kydonian Pottery from the Little Palace at Knossos; Paul HALSTEAD - Surplus and Share-croppers: the Grain Production Strategies of Mycenaean Palaces; Vronwy HANKEY, illustrated by Henry HANKEY - A Tale of Eighteen Sherds; Julie HANSEN - Konispol Cave Plant Remains; Halford HASKELL - Aspects of the Nature and Control of Mycenaean Foreign Trade; Georgia HATZI-SPILIOPOULOU - A Mycenaean Stone Vase from Messenia; Barbara HAYDEN - The Coastal Settlement of Priniatikos Pyrgos: Archaeological Evidence, Topography, and Environment; Sean HEMINGWAY - Copper and Bronze Objects from Minoan Pseira; Stefan HILLER - Egyptian Elements on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus; Louise A. HITCHCOCK - A Near Eastern Perspective on Ethnicity in Minoan Crete: The Further Tale of Conical Cups...; Sinclair HOOD - Aspects of Minoan Chronology; Athanasia KANTA - Monastiraki and Phaistos, Elements of Protopalatial History; Vassos KARAGEORGHIS - A Mycenaean Pilgrim Flask Re-Examined; Efi KARANTZALI - New Mycenaean Finds from Rhodes; Dora KATSONOPOULOU - Mycenaean Helike; Carl KNAPPETT - Can't Live without Them Producing and Consuming Minoan Conical Cups; Robert B. KOEHL - The Creto-Mycenaean Earrings of Queen Nofretari; Eleni KONSOLAKI-YANNOPOULOU - A Group of New Mycenaean Horsemen from Methana; Katerina KOPAKA and Angeliki KOSSYVA - An Island's Isles: Crete and its Insular Components. A Preliminary Approach; Gunter KOPCKE - Akrotiri: West House. Some Reflections; Kyriacos LAMBRIANIDES and Nigel SPENCER - Archaeological Survey in an Alluvial Delta on the Aegean Coast of Turkey: Methodological Problems and Solutions; Sandy MacGILLIVRAY, Hugh SACKETT and Jan DRIESSEN - 'Aspro Pato.' A Lasting Liquid Toast from the Master-Builders of Palaikastro to their Patron; Sturt W. MANNING - Knossos and the Limits of Settlement Growth; Nanno MARINATOS - Bull Hides as Dadoes and Emblems of Prestige in Creto-Mycenaean Palaces; Manolis MELAS - The Ethnography of Minoan and Mycenaean Beekeeping; Nicoletta MOMIGLIANO - A Note on A.J. Evans's The Palace of Minos: a Comparative Account of the Successive Stages of the Early Cretan Civilization as Illustrated by the Discoveries at Knossos; Margaret S. MOOK - Cooking Dishes From the Kastro; Penelope A. MOUNTJOY - Late Minoan IIIC / Late Helladic IIIC: Chronology and Terminology; James D. MUHLY - The Phoenicians in the Aegean; Maryanne W. NEWTON and Peter I. KUNIHOLM - Wiggles Worth Watching Making Radiocarbon Work. The Case of Catal Hoyuk; Ann M. NICGORSKI - Polypus and the Poppy: Two Unusual Rhyta from the Mycenaean Cemetery at Mochlos; Barbara and Wolf-Dietrich NIEMEIER - The Minoans of Miletus; Marianna NIKOLAIDOU - A Symbolic Perspective on Protopalatial Ideologies and Administration: Formulaic Uses of Religious Imagery; Lucia NIXON - Women, Children, and Weaving; Gullog NORDQUIST - Pairing of Pots in the Middle Helladic Period; Krzysztof NOWICKI - Final Neolithic Refugees or Early Bronze Age Newcomers ? The Problem of Defensible Sites in Crete in the Late Fourth Millennium B.C.; Gareth OWENS - Linear A in the Aegean: Further Travels of the Minoan Script. A Study of the 30+ Extra-Cretan Minoan Inscriptions; Thomas G. PALAIMA and Elizabeth SIKKENGA - Linear A Linear B; Clairy PALYVOU - Theran Architecture Through the Minoan Looking Glass; Marina PANAGIOTAKI - Minoan Faience-and Glass-Making: Techniques and Origins - Maria-Photini PAPACONSTANTINOU - The Grave Circle B of Antron. Preliminary Report; John K. PAPADOPOULOS - Tricks and Twins: Nestor, Aktorione-Molione, the Agora Oinochoe and the Potter Who Made Them; Volume III; George PAPASAVVAS, Polymnia MUHLY and Angeliki LEBESSI - Weapons for Men and Gods: Three Knossian Swords from the Syme Sanctuary; Alice Boccia PATERAKIS - A Conservation Survey of Bronze Age Metals in the Athenian Agora; Ingo PINI - Minoische 'Portrats'?; Lefteris PLATON - New Evidence for the Occupation at Zakros, before the LM I Palace; Jean-Claude POURSAT - Ivoires Chypro-Egeens: de Chypre a Minet-el-Beida et Mycenes; John PRAG, Richard A.H. NEAVE and Denise SMITH - The Face of Pelops; Daniel J. PULLEN - Early Aegean Daggers: An Example from Tsoungiza, Ancient Nemea; George (Rip) RAPP, Jr - Copper, Tin, and Arsenic Sources in the Aegean Bronze Age; Paul REHAK - The Monkey Frieze from Xeste 3, Room 4: Reconstruction and Interpretation; Colin RENFREW - The Loom of Language and the Versailles Effect; George RETHEMIOTAKIS - The Hearths of the Minoan Palace at Galatas; David W. RUPP and Metaxia TSIPOPOULOU - Conical Cup Concentrations at Neopalatial Petras: A Case for a Ritualized Reception Ceremony with Token Hospitality; Adamantios SAMPSON - Aulis mycenienne et la route maritime de l'Egee du Nord; Wolfgang SCHIERING - Goddesses, Dancing and Flower-Gathering Maidens in Middle Minoan Vase Painting; Demetrius U. SCHILARDI - The Mycenaean Horseman (?) of Koukounaries; Elizabeth SCHOFIELD - Conical Cups in Context; Joseph W. SHAW - A Tale of Three Bases; Maria C. SHAW - The Enigma of the U-Shaped Motifs in Minoan And Mycenaean Architectural Representations; Elizabeth SIMPSON - Early Evidence for the Use of the Lathe in Antiquity; Jeffrey S. SOLES - The Ritual "Killing" of Pottery and the Discovery of a Mycenaean Telestas at Mochlos; Alison SOUTH - A Fishy Stirrup Jar and More About Aegean Connections at Kalavasos; Louise STEEL - Wine Kraters and Chariots: the Mycenaean Pictorial Style Reconsidered; Thomas F. STRASSER - Bothroi in the Aegean Early Bronze Age; Thomas F. TARTARON, Curtis RUNNELS and Evangelia KARIMALI - Prolegomena to the Study of Bronze Age Flaked Stone in Southern Epirus; Carol G. THOMAS - Monarchy in Ruins; Iphigenia TOURNAVITOU - Hearths in Non Palatial Settlement Contexts. The LBA Period in the Peloponnese; Rene TREUIL - Les "maisons Dessenne" a Malia; Metaxia TSIPOPOULOU - Before, During, After: The Architectural Phases of the Palatial Building at Petras, Siteia; Iris TZACHILI - Before Sailing: The Making of Sails in the Second Millennium B.C.; Anastasia TZIGOUNAKI - Apodhoulou. Elements of Architecture of a Protopalatial Settlement; Lucia VAGNETTI - The Oldest Discovery of Mycenaean Pottery in Sicily; Despina VALLIANOU and Symeon PARCHAPIDIS - The Acropolis of Smari (Crete). An Approach to the Planning and Construction of the External Walls (Enclosure); Henri et Micheline VAN EFFENTERRE - A propos du "Vase des moissonneurs"; Gisela WALBERG - The Megaron Complex on the Lower Terraces at Midea; Peter WARREN - LM IA: Knossos, Thera, Gournia; L. Vance WATROUS and Harriet BLITZER - The Region of Gournia in the Neopalatial Period; Michael WEDDE - Talking Hands: a Study of Minoan and Mycenaean Ritual Gesture - Some Preliminary Notes; Judith WEINGARTEN - Male and Female S/He Created Them: Further Studies in Aegean Proportions; Donald WHITE - Water, Wood, Dung and Eggs: Reciprocity in Trade along the LBA Marmarican Coast; James R. WISEMAN - The Pontii at Stobi in Roman Macedonia; James C. WRIGHT - A Marble Figurine from Tsoungiza; John G. YOUNGER - Glass Seals and "Look-Alike" Seals; Konstantinos L. ZACHOS and Angelika DOUZOUGLI - Aegean Metallurgy: How Early and How Independent?
Category: History

Experimental Archaeology

Author : James Mathieu
ISBN : UVA:X004626951
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Six of the eleven papers in this volume are revised versions of those given at a symposium session at the SAA meeting in Chicago in 1999, along with an introduction and four extra contributions. The papers discuss object, behavioural and process replication and include both specific case studies, such as `Controlled experiments with Middle Palaeolithic spear points', to more general studies of `Assessing the process of experimentation'.
Category: Social Science

The Living Goddesses

Author : Marija Gimbutas
ISBN : 0520229150
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.80 MB
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"The quintessence of decades of research. . . . It excellently illustrates the various manifestations of the Goddess in the Minoan world and in ancient Greece, among the Etruscans and the Basques, in Celtic, Germanic, and Baltic religion. . . . For sure, the ideas of Marija Gimbutas about the 'Old European' civilization are controversial, but they are built on strong arguments and valid bases, which make it indispensable for her dissident colleagues to take heed of her writings."--Edgar Polomé, Editor of the Journal of Indo-European Studies "The overall view of 'Old Europe' Marija Gimbutas presents is not only readable but spellbinding. . . . Archaeological findings, folklore, and historical texts, including images and texts from ancient Greece and the ancient Near East, are drawn on, and together they produce a coherent, seamless imagery."--Kees Bolle, University of California, Los Angeles
Category: Social Science

The Beekeeper S Handbook

Author : Diana Sammataro
ISBN : 9780801485039
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 32.83 MB
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Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile have revised and expanded their clear and comprehensive guide to cover changes in beekeeping. They discuss the crisis created by the parasitic bee mites. In less than a decade, for example, Varroa mites have saturated the North American honeybee population with disastrous results, devastating both managed and wild populations. The new edition of The Beekeeper's Handbook covers mite detection and control as well as the selection and testing of bees that may have some tolerance to mites.*Serves as a comprehensive well-illustrated introduction for beginners and a valuable reference for the experienced beekeeper.*Outlines options for each operation within beekeeping, listing advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.*Provides easy-to-follow directions and diagrams.*Includes glossary and updated bibliography suggesting more detailed information on the topics discussed.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies