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Anti Intellectualism In American Life

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780307809674
Genre : Social Science
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Winner of the 1964 Pulitzer Prize in Non-Fiction. In this award-winning classic work of consensus history, Richard Hofstadter, author of The Age of Reform, examines the role of social movements in the perception of intellect in American life. "As Mr. Hofstadter unfolds the fascinating story, it is no crude battle of eggheads and fatheads. It is a rich, complex, shifting picture of the life of the mind in a society dominated by the ideal of practical success." --Robert Peel in the Christian Science Monitor
Category: Social Science

Anti Intellectualism In American Media

Author : Dane S. Claussen
ISBN : 0820457213
Genre : Education
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In this book, Dane S. Claussen argues that the news media have fed vocationalism and self-doubt in higher education, and anti-intellectualism throughout American culture. Analyzing articles in popular national magazines since the G.I. Bill of 1944, Claussen finds that media have overwhelmingly portrayed college as a time and place for students to play sports, date and marry, drink and take drugs, protest, join fraternities and sororities, go on vacations, avoid the draft, escape their parents, and, perhaps most of all, network and find jobs - in short, do almost anything except research, study, write, think, or debate. In the tradition of Richard Hofstadter's Pulitzer Prize-winning <I>Anti-intellectualism in American Life and Allan Bloom's <I>Closing of the American Mind, Claussen illustrates the counterintuitive and underestimated - nearly overlooked - role of the news media in higher education and anti-intellectualism.
Category: Education

Sociology Book Introduction

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1230544682
Genre :
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 33. Chapters: Albion's Seed, Anti-intellectualism in American Life, A Defence of Masochism, Baba of Karo, Basic Concepts in Sociology (book), Better Together: Restoring the American Community, Black Power and the American Myth, Black Skin, White Masks, Book of Murder, Born Digital, Canadian Mosaic, Children of Crisis, Computer Power and Human Reason, Conference of the Birds: The Story of Peter Brook in Africa, Confucius Lives Next Door, Crowds and Power, Cultures of Vision, Cyberia (book), Death, Desire and Loss in Western Culture, God Is Red: A Native View of Religion, Growing Up Absurd, Inequality Reexamined, Instincts of the Herd in Peace and War, Labor and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the Twentieth Century, Legitimation Crisis (book), Masculinities Without Men?, Myths to Live By, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (Current Controversies), Nation and Race, Nobody Left to Hate: Teaching Compassion after Columbine, Past and Present (book), Political Process and the Development of the Black Insurgency 1930-1970, Propaganda (book), Public relations (book), Rules and Meanings, Science as a Vocation, Sex in Video Games, Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, Social Darwinism in European and American Thought 1860-1945, Social Theory and Social Structure, Sociology books, Sociology of Community (book), Sociology of Rulership and Religion (book), Sociology of the World Religions: Introduction (book), Status Anxiety, That's Not What I Meant!, The Botany of Desire, The Bugis, The Burman: His Life and Notions, The Caged Virgin, The Chemical Religion, The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life, The Fountain of Age, The Great Good Place (Oldenburg), The Greening of America, The Hollow Doll, The Lucifer Principle, The McDonaldization of Society, The Objectivity of the Sociological and Social-Political Knowledge (book), The...

The Paranoid Style In American Politics

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780307809681
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 62.25 MB
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This timely reissue of Richard Hofstadter's classic work on the fringe groups that influence American electoral politics offers an invaluable perspective on contemporary domestic affairs.In The Paranoid Style in American Politics, acclaimed historian Richard Hofstadter examines the competing forces in American political discourse and how fringe groups can influence — and derail — the larger agendas of a political party. He investigates the politics of the irrational, shedding light on how the behavior of individuals can seem out of proportion with actual political issues, and how such behavior impacts larger groups. With such other classic essays as “Free Silver and the Mind of 'Coin' Harvey” and “What Happened to the Antitrust Movement?, ” The Paranoid Style in American Politics remains both a seminal text of political history and a vital analysis of the ways in which political groups function in the United States. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Political Science

American Violence

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780307814005
Genre : History
File Size : 62.41 MB
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With eyewitness accounts and contemporary reports—linked together by succinct analytical commentaries—Richard Hofstadter and his young collaborator, Michael Wallace, have created a superb documentary reader that is, in effect, a history of violence in America through four centuries. Here, as experienced by men and women who lived through them, are not only the familiar, chilling eruptions—Harper’s Ferry; the Civil War draft riot in New York; Homestead; Centralia; the Detroit ghetto; the assassinations of Lincoln, Malcolm X, and Robert Kennedy—but also less commonly remembered episodes, such as the New York slave riots of 1712, the doctors’ riot of 1788, vigilante terror in Montana, the anti-Chinese riot in Los Angeles in 1871, and the White League coup d’état of 1874 in New Orleans. In his extensive introduction, Richard Hofstadter shows how, in the face of the record, Americans have had an extraordinary ability to persuade themselves that they are among the best-behaved and the best-regulated of peoples. With more than one hundred entries, the editors have documented and put into perspective the thread of violence in American history whose rediscovery—as Hofstadter suggests—will undoubtedly be one of the most important intellectual legacies of the 1960’s. The book clearly demonstrates, even as the reader comes to grips with long-eluded truths, that America’s consistent history of violence has not yet breached beyond hope of restoration our long record of basic political stability, that most social reforms in the United States have been brought about without violence.
Category: History

The Shadow Of Ulysses

Author : José Antonio Aguilar Rivera
ISBN : 0739101730
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 61.4 MB
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Written by one of the most promising young scholars on the Mexican intellectual scene, The Shadow of Ulysses attempts to reconnect the American and Mexican intellectual experiences by exploring historical as well as contemporary issues in both countries. The book's first chapters discuss the relationship between American and Mexican intellectuals in the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution and offer a sociological comparison of the 1960s intellectual generations in the United States and Mexico. Later chapters provide a critical assessment of two prominent Mexican public intellectuals well known to the American reader: Carlos Fuentes and Jorge Castaneda. The Shadow of Ulysses, the Mexican edition of which was awarded the Alfonso Reyes National Prize, offers a rare glimpse into the development of contemporary Mexican thought and reveals the under-recognized intellectual ties that existed between our two countries in the first half of the twentieth century.
Category: Political Science

The Paranoid Style In American Politics An Essay

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780525433811
Genre : Political Science
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A Vintage Shorts Selection A timely reissue of acclaimed historian Richard Hofstadter’s authoritative and unforgettable essay. First published in 1964 and no less relevant half a century later, The Paranoid Style in American Politics scrutinizes the conditions that gave rise to the extreme right of the 1950s and the 1960s, and presages the ascendancy of the Tea Party movement and, now, Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Fringe groups can and do both influence and derail American politics, and Hofstadter remains indispensable reading for anyone who wants to understand why paranoia, a persistent psychic phenomenon with an outsize role in American public life, refuses to abate. An ebook short.
Category: Political Science


Author : Richard G. Kyle
ISBN : 0765803240
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.97 MB
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Most forms of religion are best understood in the con- text of their relationship with the surrounding culture. This may be particularly true in the United States. Certainly immigrant Catholicism became Americanized; mainstream Protestantism accommodated itself to the modern world; and Reform Judaism is at home in American society. In Evangelicalism, Richard Kyle explores paradoxical adjustments and transformations in the relationship between conservative Protestant Evangelicalism and contemporary American culture. Evangelicals have resisted many aspects of the modern world, but Kyle focuses on what he considers their romance with popular culture. Kyle sees this as an Americanized Christianity rather than a Christian America, but the two are so intertwined that it is difficult to discern the difference between them. Instead, in what has become a vicious self-serving cycle, Evangelicals have baptized and sanctified secular culture in order to be considered culturally relevant, thus increasing their numbers and success within abundantly populous and populist-driven American society. In doing so, Evangelicalism has become a middle-class movement, one that dominates America's culture, and unabashedly populist. Many Evangelicals view America as God's chosen nation, thus sanctifying American culture, consumerism, and middle-class values. Kyle believes Evangelicals have served themselves well in consciously and deliberately adjusting their faith to popular culture. Yet he also thinks Evangelicals may have compromised themselves and their future in the process, so heavily borrowing from the popular culture that in many respects the Evangelical subculture has become secularism with a light gilding of Christianity. If so, he asks, can Evangelicalism survive its own popularity and reaffirm its religious origins, or will it assimilate and be absorbed into what was once known as the Great American Melting Pot of religions and cultures? Will the Gospel of the American dream ultimately engulf and destroy the Gospel of Evangelical success in America? This thoughtful and thought-provoking volume will interest anyone concerned with the modern-day success of the Evangelical movement in America and the aspirations and fate of its faithful.
Category: Religion

America At 1750

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780307809650
Genre : History
File Size : 66.18 MB
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Demonstrates how the colonies developed into the first nation created under the influences of nationalism, modern capitalism and Protestantism. From the Paperback edition.
Category: History

Great Issues In American History Vol Ii

Author : Richard Hofstadter
ISBN : 9780307809704
Genre : History
File Size : 66.41 MB
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Volume II gathers documents from the period of the Revolution through the Jacksonian era, up to the Civil War and the Emancipation. To fit both Colonial and Early National courses, documents covering 1765-1776 appear at the beginning of this volume and at the end of Volume I.
Category: History