Ancient Objects And Sacred Realms

Author : F. Kent Reilly, III
ISBN : 0292774400
Genre : Social Science
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Between AD 900-1600, the native peoples of the Mississippi River Valley and other areas of the Eastern Woodlands of the United States conceived and executed one of the greatest artistic traditions of the Precolumbian Americas. Created in the media of copper, shell, stone, clay, and wood, and incised or carved with a complex set of symbols and motifs, this seven-hundred-year-old artistic tradition functioned within a multiethnic landscape centered on communities dominated by earthen mounds and plazas. Previous researchers have referred to this material as the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (SECC). This groundbreaking volume brings together ten essays by leading anthropologists, archaeologists, and art historians, who analyze the iconography of Mississippian art in order to reconstruct the ritual activities, cosmological vision, and ideology of these ancient precursors to several groups of contemporary Native Americans. Significantly, the authors correlate archaeological, ethnographic, and art historical data that illustrate the stylistic differences within Mississippian art as well as the numerous changes that occur through time. The research also demonstrates the inadequacy of the SECC label, since Mississippian art is not limited to the Southeast and reflects stylistic changes over time among several linked but distinct religious traditions. The term Mississippian Iconographic Interaction Sphere (MIIS) more adequately describes the corpus of this Mississippian art. Most important, the authors illustrate the overarching nature of the ancient Native American religious system, as a creation unique to the native American cultures of the eastern United States.
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Visualizing The Sacred

Author : George E. Lankford
ISBN : 9780292723085
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The prehistoric native peoples of the Mississippi River Valley and other areas of the Eastern Woodlands of the United States shared a complex set of symbols and motifs that constituted one of the greatest artistic traditions of the pre-Columbian Americas. Traditionally known as the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex, these artifacts of copper, shell, stone, clay, and wood were the subject of the groundbreaking 2007 book Ancient Objects and Sacred Realms: Interpretations of Mississippian Iconography, which presented a major reconstruction of the rituals, cosmology, ideology, and political structures of the Mississippian peoples. Visualizing the Sacred advances the study of Mississippian iconography by delving into the regional variations within what is now known as the Mississippian Iconographic Interaction Sphere (MIIS). Bringing archaeological, ethnographic, ethnohistoric, and iconographic perspectives to the analysis of Mississippian art, contributors from several disciplines discuss variations in symbols and motifs among major sites and regions across a wide span of time and also consider what visual symbols reveal about elite status in diverse political environments. These findings represent the first formal identification of style regions within the Mississippian Iconographic Interaction Sphere and call for a new understanding of the MIIS as a network of localized, yet interrelated religious systems that experienced both continuity and change over time.
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Sternbilder Des Mittelalters Und Der Renaissance

Author : Dieter Blume
ISBN : 3110376016
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Die vorliegende Publikation schlie�t ein Forschungsprojekt ab, in dem erstmalig s�mtliche illustrierten, astronomischen und astrologischen Handschriften von 800-1500 systematisch erfasst und bearbeitet wurden. Damit wurde f�r das Verst�ndnis der profanen Bildkultur, der Antikenrezeption sowie der astronomischen Wissenschaft in Mittelalter und Renaissance eine v�llig neue Basis geschaffen. Astronomie und Astrologie sind in besonderem Ma�e auf Bilder angewiesen, um ihren Gegenstand und ihre Theoriemodelle zu veranschaulichen. An der Geschichte der Sternbilderdarstellungen treten deshalb in eindr�cklicher Weise die vielf�ltigen Verschr�nkungen von Erkenntnisprozess und Verbildlichung, von Bildtradition und bewegter Phantasie, von kosmischer Wirklichkeit und antiker Mythologie zu Tage.
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Author : Nikolai Grube
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