Ancient Cities

Author : Charles Gates
ISBN : 9781134676620
Genre : History
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Well illustrated with nearly 300 line drawings, maps and photographs, Ancient Cities surveys the cities of the ancient Near East, Egypt, and the Greek and Roman worlds from an archaeological perspective, and in their cultural and historical contexts. Covering a huge area geographically and chronologically, it brings to life the physical world of ancient city dwellers by concentrating on evidence recovered by archaeological excavations from the Mediterranean basin and south-west Asia Examining both pre-Classical and Classical periods, this is an excellent introductory textbook for students of classical studies and archaeology alike.
Category: History

Gardner S Art Through The Ages The Western Perspective

Author : Fred Kleiner
ISBN : 9780495573609
Genre : Art
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Featuring unique NEW study tools for students and dynamic NEW lecture resources for instructors, the 13th Edition of GARDNER’S ART THROUGH THE AGES: THE WESTERN PERSPECTIVE takes this brilliant bestseller to new heights in addressing the challenges of today’s classroom. The most widely read history of art in the English language for more than 80 years, GARDNER has built its stellar reputation on the inclusion of the most significant images and monuments, discussions of these images in their full historical and cultural context, reproductions of unsurpassed quality, scholarship that is up-to-date and deep, and more help for students and instructors than any other survey text. The 13th Edition adds to this heritage with new images and new full-color reconstructions, as well as a unique scale feature that helps students visualize the size of each work. Students will also benefit from the clarity that only a book written by a single author can provide. New to this edition are the three levels of review including extended image captions, The Big Picture overviews at the end of every chapter, and a special global timeline. ArtStudy Online is a free interactive study guide that includes image flashcards and quizzes to help students master the material quickly. Dynamic lecture tools -- including a digital library with a full zoom and side-by-side comparison capability and the exciting Google Earth technology -- will save instructors time in preparing for class and personalizing their lectures. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Die Stadt Im Zw Lfprophetenbuch

Author : Aaron Schart
ISBN : 9783110269086
Genre : Religion
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Im Zwölfprophetenbuch spielen verschiedene Städte (Samaria, Bet-El, Jerusalem, Ninive, Babel u.a.) und deren religiöser Anspruch eine große Rolle. Der Sammelband enthält Aufsätze, die sich dem Thema von verschiedenen Seiten nähern. Das Selbstverständnis der kanonischen biblischen Texte kommt zu Wort, aber auch die Redaktionsgeschichte des Prophetenbuches, die Religion des alten Israels, der religionsgeschichtliche Vergleich und der archäologische Befund. Das eisenzeitliche Israel erlebte über die Jahrhunderte einen Urbanisierungsschub, der in seiner Wirkung auf die sozialen Strukturen der Wirkung der modernen Urbanisierung vergleichbar ist. Bei den Propheten des Alten Testaments finden wir die Auseinandersetzung mit den Folgen der Urbanisierung, der Segmentierung und der Pauperisierung von Teilen der Gesellschaft, dem sinkenden Einfluss familiärer Netzwerke und der steigenden Uneindeutigkeit bei der Zugehörigkeit zu Deutungsgemeinschaften. Die urbanen Zentren stehen für eine gewandelte Lebensform, die ambivalent gesehen wird. Sie stehen aber auch für eine Option der Präsenz Gottes in der Stadt, denn nach Auskunft der Propheten will YHWH nicht „auf jedem grünen Hügel und unter jedem grünen Baum“ verehrt werden.
Category: Religion

The Natural History Of The Bible

Author : Daniel Hillel
ISBN : 9780231508339
Genre : Religion
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Traversing river valleys, steppes, deserts, rain-fed forests, farmlands, and seacoasts, the early Israelites experienced all the contrasting ecological domains of the ancient Near East. As they grew from a nomadic clan to become a nation-state in Canaan, they interacted with indigenous societies of the region, absorbed selective elements of their cultures, and integrated them into a radically new culture of their own. Daniel Hillel reveals the interplay between the culture of the Israelites and the environments within which it evolved. More than just affecting their material existence, the region's ecology influenced their views of creation and the creator, their conception of humanity's role on Earth, their own distinctive identity and destiny, and their ethics. In The Natural History of the Bible, Hillel shows how the eclectic experiences of the Israelites shaped their perception of the overarching unity governing nature's varied manifestations. Where other societies idolized disparate and capricious forces of nature, the Israelites discerned essential harmony and higher moral purpose. Inspired by visionary prophets, they looked to a singular, omnipresent, omnipotent force of nature mandating justice and compassion in human affairs. Monotheism was promoted as state policy and centralized in the Temple of Jerusalem. After it was destroyed and the people were exiled, a collection of scrolls distilling the nation's memories and spiritual quest served as the focus of faith in its stead. A prominent environmental scientist who surveyed Israel's land and water resources and has worked on agricultural development projects throughout the region, Daniel Hillel is a uniquely qualified expert on the natural history of the lands of the Bible. Combining his scientific work with a passionate, life-long study of the Bible, Hillel offers new perspectives on biblical views of the environment and the origin of ethical monotheism as an outgrowth of the Israelites' internalized experiences.
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Author : P.D. Smith
ISBN : 9781408811207
Genre : History
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For the first time in the history of our planet, more than half the population-3.3 billion people-is now living in cities. City is the ultimate guidebook to our urban centers-the signature unit of human civilization. With erudite prose and carefully chosen illustrations, this unique work of metatourism explores what cities are and how they work. It covers history, customs and language, districts, transport, money, work, shops and markets, and tourist sites, creating a fantastically detailed portrait of the city through history and into the future. The urban explorer will revel in essays on downtowns, suburbs, shantytowns and favelas, graffiti, skylines, crime, the theater, street food, sport, eco-cities, and sacred sites, as well as mini essays on the Tower of Babel, flash mobs, ghettos, skateboarding, and SimCity, among many others. Drawing on a vast range of examples from across the world and throughout history, City is extensively illustrated with full-color photographs, maps, and other images. Acclaimed author and independent scholar P. D. Smith explores what it was like to live in the first cities, how they have evolved, and why in the future, cities will play an even greater role in human life.
Category: History

The Ancient City

Author : Joyce Marcus
ISBN : 193469102X
Genre : Social Science
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"Ancient cities have much to tell us about the social, political, religious, and economic conditions of their times - and also about our own. Ongoing excavations all over the world are enabling scholars to document intra-city changes through time, city-to-city interaction, and changing relations between cities and their hinterlands. As the essays in this volume reveal, archaeologists now know much more about the founding and functions of ancient cities, their diverse trade networks, their heterogeneous plans and layouts, and their various lifespans and trajectories."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Social Science

Encyclopedia Of Urban Studies

Author : Ray Hutchison
ISBN : PSU:000068307677
Genre : Social Science
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The United Nations estimates that by 2030, more than two-thirds of the total world population will live in urban areas. Most of this increase will take place not in Europe or in the United States but in the megacities and newly emerging urban regions of what used to be called the developing world. Urban studies is an expansive and growing field, covering many disciplines and professional fields, each with its own schedule of conferences, journals, and publication series. These two volumes address the specific theories, key studies, and important figures that have influenced not just the individual discipline but also the field of urban studies more generally. The Encyclopedia of Urban Studies is intended to present an overview of current work in the field and to serve as a guide for further reading in the field. Key Features Includes important work and traditions from each of the urban disciplines, including urban anthropology, urban economics, urban geography, urban history, urban politics, urban psychology, and urban sociology Addresses both the growth and expansion of urban areas (urbanization) and the nature and quality of urban life (urbanism) Demonstrates the international and interdisciplinary nature of the field with contributions from scholars in many different countries Confronts a number of important issues, ranging from individual problems of poverty to societal problems of provision of adequate housing and social exclusion Provides entries on a number of cities, including those in different historical periods and regions of the world and those that have been important in the development of urban studies Key Themes Disciplinary Approaches in Urban Studies Urban Studies-Topical Areas Urban Issues Urban Planning Urban Theory Urban Transportation Urban Culture Places Cities Persons The Encyclopedia of Urban Studies serves as an introduction to topics of significance in urban studies for an audience that includes undergraduate students, beginning graduate students of urban studies and the related urban disciplines, a broader public that has an interest in the new urban world, and even established teachers and scholars who are exploring new areas of study.
Category: Social Science

The Middle East

Author : Stephen Bourke
ISBN : UOM:39015079352202
Genre : Art
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Explores the history, religion, political and social organization, art, science, and architecture of the peoples' of the Middle East region. This text contains maps and photographs.
Category: Art

Ancient West East

Author : Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
ISBN : 9004149503
Genre : Art
File Size : 50.33 MB
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Originally published as a double issue of Volume 5 (2006) of Brill's bi-annual "Ancient West & East,"
Category: Art