An Urban Geography Of The Roman World 100 Bc To Ad 300

Author : J. W. Hanson
ISBN : 178491472X
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Although there have been numerous studies of individual cities or groups of cities, there has never been a study of the urbanism of the Roman world as a whole, meaning that we have been poorly informed not only about the number of cities and how they were distributed and changed over time, but also about their sizes and populations, monumentality, and civic status. This book provides a new account of the urbanism of the Roman world between 100 BC and AD 300. To do so, it draws on a combination of textual sources and archaeological material to provide a new catalogue of cities, calculates new estimates of their areas and uses a range of population densities to estimate their populations, and brings together available information about their monumentality and civic status for the first time. This evidence demonstrates that, although there were relatively few cities, many had considerable sizes and populations, substantial amounts of monumentality, and held various kinds of civic status. This indicates that there was significant economic growth in this period, including both extensive and intensive economic growth, which resulted from an influx of wealth through conquest and the intrinsic changes that came with Roman rule (including the expansion of urbanism). This evidence also suggests that there was a system that was characterized by areas of intense urban demand, which was met through an efficient system for the extraction of necessity and luxury goods from immediate hinterlands and an effective system for bringing these items from further afield. The disruption of these links seems to have put this system under considerable strain towards the end of this period and may have been sufficient to cause its ultimate collapse. This appears to have been in marked contrast to the medieval and early modern periods, when urbanism was more able to respond to changes in supply and demand.

Settlement Urbanization And Population

Author : Alan Bowman
ISBN : 9780199602353
Genre : Business & Economics
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A collection of essays presenting new analyses of data and evidence for population and settlement patterns, particularly urbanization, in the Mediterranean world from 100 BC to AD 350.
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Water And Roman Urbanism

Author : Adam Rogers
ISBN : 9789004249752
Genre : Social Science
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Water and Roman Urbanism provides an innovative archaeological perspective on the Roman urban experience in Britain through its focus on the cultural implications of the crucial relationship between water and settlement and the important development of this relationship over time.
Category: Social Science

Rafid On The Golan

Author : Dan Urman
ISBN : UOM:39015064799565
Genre : History
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On the death of Dan Urman in 2004, his colleagues set about completing his unfinished manuscripts, including this volume: Rafid on the Golan (its ruins remain in a demilitarized zone controlled by United Nations forces), one of Dan UrmanAes last archaeological projects. He succeeded in completing the chapters detailing the survey of the houses in the village, carried out during the years 1968-1970. The houses were measured, photographed, and an overall map was drawn, which included all houses, alleys, footpaths, public areas and water reservoirs. The survey team realized that Rafid was an unusual archaeological resource that preserved scores of ancient buildings still standing from foundation to the rafters, constructed of basalt. Dan Urman saw in the survey of Rafid and in the scientific material collected within its framework the highest achievement of the Golan survey: the intact buildings built of decorated basalt could, in his opinion, serve as a model of the building style prevalent in the Roman and Byzantine periods - not only on the Golan, but also on the Korazim and Issachar plateaus. Because of the long time that elapsed between the survey and the preparation of the material for publication, it was necessary to find a Golan expert, who would complete lacunae in the manuscript and present with the rich archaeological material from Rafid also the general background and new research on the Golan and the region bordering on it. Dr. Moshe Hartal from Israel Antiquities Authority, who worked in the original survey team with Dan Urman agreed to work on the manuscript and added the following chapters: The geographical setting, the architectural decorations, the Hauran-style architecture and a synthesis of the history of Rafid in the various historical periods.
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Soma 2011

Author : Pietro Militello
ISBN : 1407313444
Genre : Excavations (Archaeology)
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Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Towns In The Dark

Author : Gavin Speed
ISBN : 178491004X
Genre : History
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What became of towns following the official end of 'Roman Britain' at the beginning of the 5th century AD? Did towns fail? Were these ruinous sites really neglected by early Anglo-Saxon settlers and leaders? Developed new archaeologies are starting to offer alternative pictures to the traditional images of urban decay and loss revealing diverse modes of material expression, of usage of space, and of structural change. The focus of this book is to draw together still scattered data to chart and interpret the changing nature of life in towns from the late Roman period through to the mid-Anglo-Saxon period. The research centres on towns that have received sufficient archaeological intervention so that meaningful patterns can be traced. The case studies are arranged into three regional areas: the South-East, South-West, and Midlands. Individually each town contains varying levels of archaeological data, but analysed together these illustrate more clearly patterns of evolution. Much of the data exists as accessible but largely unpublished reports, or isolated within regional discussions. Detailed analysis, review and comparisons generate significant scope for modelling 'urban' change in England from AD 300-600. 'Towns in the Dark' dispels the simplistic myth of outright urban decline and failure after Rome, and demonstrates that life in towns often did continue with variable degrees of continuity and discontinuity.
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Mapping The Chinese And Islamic Worlds

Author : Hyunhee Park
ISBN : 9781107018686
Genre : History
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This book documents the relationship and wisdom of Asian cartographers in the Islamic and Chinese worlds before the Europeans arrived.
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Author : Sophie Bergerbrant
ISBN : 1407311263
Genre : History
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The book celebrates Professor Kristiansens's life and achievements with 88 papers by colleagues and friends from all over the world; they are divided into following sections: Beyond Academia; Landscape, Demography and Subsistence Economy; Rituals, Hoards and Wetlands; Rock Art; Graves and Burial Monuments; Materiality and Social Concerns; Technology and Craftsmanship; Travel and Transmission; Problemizing the Past; Practices of Archaeology and Heritage Studies.
Category: History

The Archaeology Of Roman Southern Pannonia

Author : Branka Migotti
ISBN : 1407309854
Genre : History
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Contributions on the current state of archaeological research in the Croatian part of the Roman province of Pannonia: Contents: Introduction (Branka Migotti); 1) Literary Sources Before the Marcomannic Wars (Alka Domic Kunic); 2) Literary Sources from the End of the 2nd to the End of the 6th Century (Mirko Sardelic); 3) Pannonians: Identity-perceptions from the late Iron Age to Later Antiquity (Danijel Dzino and Alka Domic Kunic); 4) The Archaeological Background to the Formation of Ethnic Identities (Marko Dizdar); 5) A Review of South-Pannonian Indigenous Anthroponymy (Ivan Radman-Livaja and Hana Ivezic); 6) The Roman Army (Ivan Radman-Livaja); 7) Urbanism and Architecture (Tatjana Lolic and Zoran Wiewegh); 8) Construction Materials and Techniques (Ivan Knezovic); 9) Building Munificences of Septimius Severus in the Cities of the Pannonian Provinces: Epigraphic Evidence (Zsolt Mrav); 10) Rural Settlements (Tino Lelekovic and Ante Rendic-Miocevic); 11) Cemeteries (Tino Lelekovic); 12) Coin Circulation 3rd Century BC - AD (Tomislav Bilic); 13) Coin Circulation AD 193-423 (Miroslav Nad); 14) Early Mediaeval Barbarian Elements in Late Antique Southern Pannonia (Anita Rapan Papesa).
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Globalisation And The Roman World

Author : Martin Pitts
ISBN : 9781107043749
Genre : History
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This book applies modern theories of globalisation to the ancient Roman world, creating new understandings of Roman archaeology and history. This is the first book to intensely scrutinize the subject through a team of international specialists studying a wide range of topics, including imperialism, economics, migration, urbanism and art.
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