An Introduction To The Ajant Caves

Author : Rajesh Kumar Singh
ISBN : 9788192510705
Genre : Art
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This book presents the latest and updated information about the Ajanta caves, their histories, and painted themes. For the first time, a book accommodates-within the space of a single volume-many dimensions and components of the caves. It includes the latest research by the author on the gradual development of the caves. historical framework formulated by Walter M. Spink. identifications of the narrative paintings by Dieter Schlingloff. identifications of the devotional and ornamental paintings by Monika Zin. summaries of nearly all the narrative paintings (84 stories). corpus of photo documentation on the paintings, sculptures, and architecture. attempt on long exposure photography in poorly lit conditions. The language is so crafted as to help the students, travellers, and general readers grasp the beauty and complexities of Ajanta and the times. At the same time the content is so packed, and the issues discussed in such a manner, as to keep the expert readers engaged."
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Ajanta Paintings 86 Panels Of Jatakas And Other Themes

Author : Rajesh Kumar Singh
ISBN : 9788192510750
Genre : Art
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Under a new title this book is an abridged edition of An Introduction to the Ajanta Caves: With Examples of Six Caves, 1st ed. (Baroda: Hari Sena Press, 2012) by the same author. This edition is focused on the paintings of Ajanta, and does away from the detailed historical developments of the caves. The book highlights the corpus of the paintings that are currently extant on the site. It is somewhat in line with the earlier attempts by Robert Gill (1862, 1864, 1867), John Griffiths (1896-97), Gulam Yazdani (1930-55), Dieter Schlingloff (1999, 2013), and Monika Zin (2003) to accommodate the painted narratives and major non-narrative themes with corresponding illustrations and descriptive texts. Before Schlingloff and Zin, some of the painted themes were never identified at all; some were incorrectly identified; and many were correctly identified but various events, episodes, and scenes within a particular narrative or non-narrative panel were never fully explained. Schlingloff and Zin have done so with remarkable detail. Their illustrations are drawings, which are better suited for the purpose of in-depth study. There was a need to learn the same with the help of photographs. This book serves exactly the same purpose, albeit in an abridged format. For the first time, a book accommodates, within the space of a single volume: (a) the entire corpus of the extant panels of the narrative and non-narrative themes (86 panels); (b) all the latest identifications of the painted themes by Dieter Schlingloff of Leipzig University and Monika Zin of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (c) short retelling of the Jatakas and other stories (86 narrative and non-narrative painted panels) (d) long-exposure, low light, fine arts photography of 86 painted panels (143 colour photos). Nontechnical language is used to help the students and general readers understand the entire corpus of the Ajanta paintings. At the same time, the content is so presented as to keep the expert readers engaged.
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Ajanta History And Development Volume 7 Bagh Dandin Cells And Cell Doorways

Author : Walter Spink
ISBN : 9789004321922
Genre : History
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Volume 7 of Walter Spink's monumental and still controversial study of the famous Ajanta caves considers the many connections between the Bagh caves and its “sister site”, Ajanta, particularly emphasizing the leading role that Bagh plays in the crucial matter of Buddhist shrine development and the transition from the aniconic to iconic forms of worship. He also explains the relationships between certain caves and solstices, as well as changing technologies, especially in the development of the door fittings in the monks’ cells.
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Unfolding A Mandala

Author : Geri Hockfield Malandra
ISBN : 0791413551
Genre : Architecture
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Ellora is one of the great cave temple sites of India, with thirty-four major Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain monuments of the late sixth to tenth centuries A. D. This book describes the Buddhist caves at Ellora and places them in the context of Buddhist art and iconography. Ellora s twelve Buddhist cave temples, dating from the early seventh to the early eighth centuries, preserve an unparalleled one-hundred-year sequence of architectural and iconographical development. They reveal the evolution of a Buddhist mandala at sites in other regions often considered peripheral to the heartland of Buddhism in eastern India. At Ellora, the mandala, ordinarily conceived as a two-dimensional diagram used to focus meditation, is unfolded into the three-dimensional program of the cave temples themselves, enabling devotees to walk through the mandala during worship. The mandala s development at Ellora is explained and its significance is considered for the evolution of Buddhist art and iconography elsewhere in India."
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Ajanta History And Development Volume 6 Defining Features

Author : Walter Spink
ISBN : 9789047444657
Genre : History
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Volume 6 of Walter Spink's monumental and continuing study of the Ajanta caves, with over 350 illustrations, explains the gradual evolution of the site's architectural and sculptural features during Ajanta's remarkably brief development (462-480 CE).
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Ajanta The Arrival Of The Uninvited

Author : Walter M. Spink
ISBN : 9789004148338
Genre : History
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Annotation. Volume Two begins with the contentious, yet challenging, views of Hans Bakker and Richard Cohen, both of whom are involved with an overview of Ajanta's development. This is explored further in shorter essays by Karl Khandalavala, Arvind Jamkhedkar, and Brahmanand Deshpande. At the same time, the author presents a detailed analysis of the form and development of Cave 26, as a model upon which his other arguments are built.
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Author : Carmel Berkson
ISBN : 8120812840
Genre : Cave temples
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Three descriptive essays and numerous fascinating photographs, taken especially for this volume, allow the reader to experience a major monument of Indian art: the sixth century temple cave on Elephanta Island, in Bombay harbor, and its extraordinary stone sculptures. The authors and the photographer capture the atmosphere of the cave and the spirit of the sculptures, which portray the relentless energy and paradoxical power of Shiva, greatest of all Hindu gods. The photographs are particularly successful in revealing the dramatic alternation of light and dark that is so much a part of the beauty of the cave`s interior. Ms. Berkson`s trained and loving eye picks out the subtleties of the main sculptures and humorous details that the visitor might miss even on the site. In the text Wendy O`Flaherty interprets the myths of Shiva depicted in the sculpture; Ms. berkson`s essay supplies historical background and a stylistic analysis; and George Michell examines the overall structure of the cave to show that it is a mandala-like image of the heavenly mountain residence of Shiva and even of the structure of the universe itself. The author as well as the publishers of the work deserve to be congratulated for providing this easily accessible guide to Elephanta. Research Bulletin Vishveshvaranand Vedic Research Institute,Vol.I, Dec.2002
Category: Cave temples

Ruthless Compassion

Author : Robert N. Linrothe
ISBN : 9780906026519
Genre : Buddhist art and symbolism
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The historical development of Esoteric Buddhism in India is still known only in outline. A few verifiably early texts do give some insight into the origin of the ideas which would later develop and spread to East and Southeast Asia, and to Tibet. However, there is another kind of evidence which can be harnessed to the project of reconstructing the history of Esoteric Buddhist doctrines and practice. This evidence consists of art objects, mainly sculpture, which survive in significant numbers from the 6th to the 13th century.
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The World Of Caves

Author : Anton Lübke
ISBN : UCAL:B4499648
Genre : Caves
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