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An International Perspective On Economic Education

Author : William B. Walstad
ISBN : 9789401113823
Genre : Business & Economics
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Economics is taught in some form in the secondary schools of nations throughout the world. The subject is rarely taught in elementary schools, and while economics courses are offered in universities, the majority of students end their formal education with secondary school. Thus, the best opportunity for the economic education of the youth of a nation occurs in secondary schools. This book examines economic education at this critical level of the educational system. The teaching of economics in secondary schools varies across countries. These differences occur because of history, the structure of education, and other national factors. At the same time, there are common elements in the economic education of many countries, especially in content coverage. This contrast between the common features and the uniqueness of economic education in secondary schools of major industrial nations exemplifies the international perspective presented in this book. The international perspective is developed in the six sections of the volume. The first section discusses why nations should include economics in school curricula, and presents a framework for teaching economics that should have global appeal. Dissension and consensus on economic issues among North American and European economists are examined in the second section. The third section surveys the U.S. research literature on precollege economic education and assesses the current state of economics instruction in U.S. schools. The economics curricula and educational practices in seven other nations -- the U.K., Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria, Korea, and Australia -- are described in the fourth and fifth sections. The fifth section also presents international comparisons of economic understanding based on national testing in six of those nations. The sixth and final section explores the role of economic education in centrally planned economies, and its effects on the transition to a market economy, using Russia, Bulgaria, and China as case studies.
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Indigenous People And Economic Development

Author : Katia Iankova
ISBN : 9781317117308
Genre : Business & Economics
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Indigenous peoples are an intrinsic part of countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, USA, India, Russia and almost all parts of South America and Africa. A considerable amount of research has been done during the twentieth century mainly by anthropologists, sociologists and linguists in order to describe, and document their traditional life style for the protection and safeguarding of their established knowledge, skills, languages and beliefs. These communities are engaging and adapting rapidly to the changing circumstances partly caused by post modernisation and the process of globalization. These have led them to aspire to better living standards, as well as preserving their uniqueness, approaches to environment, close proximity to social structures and communities. For at least the last two decades, patterns of increased economic activity by indigenous peoples in many countries have been viewed to be significantly on the rise. Indigenous People and Economic Development reveals some of the characteristics of this economic activity, 'coloured' by the unique regard and philosophy of life that indigenous people around the world have. The successes, difficulties and obstacles to economic development, their solutions and innovative practices in business - all of these elements, based on research findings, are discussed in this book and offer an inside view of the dynamics of the indigenous societies which are evolving in a globalised and highly interconnected contemporary world.
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Talis 2013 Results

Author : Oecd
ISBN : 9264211330
Genre : Business & Economics
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How can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today's schools? The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) helps answer this question by asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and the learning environments at their schools. TALIS aims to provide valid, timely and comparable information to help countries review and define policies for developing a high-quality teaching profession. It is an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to provide input into educational policy analysis and development in key areas. This report presents the results of the second cycle of the TALIS survey conducted in 2013.
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Education Indicators

Author : Nancy Matheson
ISBN : 9780788142673
Genre :
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International education indicators provide the opportunity to compare America's performance with that of other countries, to identify similarities and differences between our systems and others, and to suggest new approaches to the challenge of providing a world class education. Comparisons are among Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. Students in the U.S. perform well in comparison with their peers in other countries in reading and less well in geography and science; their weakest area is math. Public financial investment in education in the U.S. is among the highest.

Understanding The School To Work Transition

Author : Thomas Lange
ISBN : UOM:39015047442929
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 47.55 MB
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This book attempts to synthesise contemporary research on school-to-work transitions from a number of different disciplines in the social sciences, including economics, industrial relations, sociology and education. Part One is concerned mainly with descriptive analyses and draws on recent experiences of the school-to-work transition, reform ideas, policy successes and failures in the United States, Sweden and Switzerland. Part Two consists mainly of applied work and outlines the crucial role of, amongst other things, formal qualifications and on-the-job work experience in the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway. One chapter spreads the net more widely and undertakes a broader analysis to examine the link between formal qualifications and employment, whilst the other two chapters focus on particular educational levels. The final part takes a closer look at the role education and training can play to overcome the problems of unemployment and social exclusion. These chapters highlight the social policy angle of education and training by drawing on empirical material from the Netherlands, Finland and Northern Ireland. Particular issues of concern include educational mismatch, long-term marginalisation and social exclusion on the grounds of economic, social and religious equality.
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The Financial And Economic Crises

Author : Benton E. Gup
ISBN : 9781849806763
Genre : Business & Economics
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The 2007 financial and economic crisis that began in the United States and quickly spread around the world differed from earlier crises in a number of significant ways. This book examines the causes of these events in the US, and their impacts on North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. As with previous crises, real estate booms and busts and excessive financial leverage played key roles; however, the most recent crisis had many unique aspects to it, all of which are explored here in depth. This includes the role played by large international banks, shadow banks, increased global liquidity, population growth and other factors. Collectively, these factors contributed to interconnected economies and financial markets to an extent that never existed before. The net result was the unprecedented ripple effect of the crisis from the US and into the rest of the world. The impact in the US was significantly different than the impact in Canada, Japan, Spain and other countries. Significantly, the global effects of the crisis varied widely from country to country, as did government responses to the crisis. The contributors to this book international academics, bank regulators, and practitioners critique the crises and important international regulatory issues from the point of view of various countries. Academics, regulators, legislators and financial practitioners will do well to add this book to their shelves.
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Productivity Education And Training

Author : S. J. Prais
ISBN : 0521556678
Genre : Business & Economics
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The first comprehensive account of ten years of research into the problem of the training, employment and productivity of low-skilled personnel in advanced economies.
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Innovations In Economic Education

Author : Mary Beth Henning
ISBN : 9781317413233
Genre : Education
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Innovations in Economic Education addresses the growing issue of financial illiteracy by showing how economics can be successfully integrated into classrooms from kindergarten through higher education. Pre-service teachers, experienced educators, curriculum leaders, parents, and school administrators will find practical ideas to improve economic understanding. At the elementary level, the book provides creative ways of introducing young students to the basic concepts of economics, financial justice, and social action. For higher grade levels, the book offers ideas to integrate economics into current history, civics, and math curricula. The final portion of the book features recommendations by leading economic educators on how economics can play a greater role in teachers’ professional development. The pedagogical tools presented in each chapter include lesson plans and practical insights, and are designed to meet the NCSS, C3 Framework, and Common Core State Standards for Social Studies. This book is a timely and valuable resource for all educators interested in improving their students’ economic literacy and financial decision-making.
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