An Archaeology Of The Cosmos

Author : Timothy R. Pauketat
ISBN : 9780415521284
Genre : Social Science
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An Archaeology of the Cosmos seeks answers to two fundamental questions of humanity and human history. The first question concerns that which some use as a defining element of humanity: religious beliefs. Why do so many people believe in supreme beings and holy spirits? The second question concerns changes in those beliefs. What causes beliefs to change? Using archaeological evidence gathered from ancient America, especially case material from the Great Plains and the pre-Columbian American Indian city of Cahokia, Timothy Pauketat explores the logical consequences of these two fundamental questions. Religious beliefs are not more resilient than other aspects of culture and society, and people are not the only causes of historical change. An Archaeology of the Cosmos examines the intimate association of agency and religion by studying how relationships between people, places, and things were bundled together and positioned in ways that constituted the fields of human experience. This rethinking theories of agency and religion provides readers with challenging and thought provoking conclusions that will lead them to reassess the way they approach the past.
Category: Social Science

A Cosmos In Stone

Author : J. David Lewis-Williams
ISBN : 0759101965
Genre : Religion
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Collected articles of the world's preeminent rock art researchers and cognitive archaeologists.
Category: Religion

Alcman And The Cosmos Of Sparta

Author : Gloria Ferrari
ISBN : 9780226668673
Genre : History
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The Partheneion, or “maiden song,” composed in the seventh century BCE by the SpartanpoetAlcman, is the earliest substantial example of a choral lyric. A provocative reinterpretation of the Partheneion and its broader context, Alcman and the Cosmos of Sparta excavates the poem’s invocations of widespread and long-lived cosmological ideas that cast the universe as perfectly harmonious and invested its workings with an ethical dimension. Moving far beyond standard literary interpretations, Gloria Ferrari uncovers this astral symbolism by approaching the poem from several angles to brilliantly reconstruct the web of ancient drama, music, religion, painting, and material culture in which it is enmeshed. She shows, for example, that by stringing together images of horses, stars, and birds, the poem evokes classical antiquity’s beloved dance of the constellations. Instrumental in shaping the structure of the lyric, this dance symbolizes the cosmic order reflected in the order of the state, which the chorus would have enacted in a ritual performance of the song. With broad implications for archaeology, art history, and ancient science, Ferrari’s bold new analysis dramatically deepens our understanding of Greek poetry and the rich culture of archaic Sparta.
Category: History

Cosmos Of Khnumhotep

Author : Kamrin,
ISBN : 9781136171291
Genre : History
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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Author : L. Antonio Curet
ISBN : 9780817355791
Genre : History
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The first comprehensive analysis of a strategically located ceremonial center on the island of Puerto Rico. The prehistoric civic-ceremonial center of Tibes is located on the southern coast of Puerto Rico, just north of the modern coastal city of Ponce. Protected on two sides by a river, and on the other two sides by hills, this approximately 10.5-acre site remains as fertile and productive today as when first occupied over 2,000 years ago. Such a rich region would have been a choice location for native peoples because of the diversity in all resources, from land, air, and sea--and also symbolically crucial as a liminal space within the landscape. It may have been regarded as a space charged with numen or cosmic energy where different parts of the cosmos (natural vs. supernatural, or world of the living vs. world of the dead) overlap. Archaeological evidence reveals a long occupation, about 1,000 years, possibly followed by an extensive period of sporadic ceremonial use after the site itself was practically abandoned. In this volume, nineteen Caribbeanists, across a wide academic spectrum, examine the geophysical, paleoethnobotanical, faunal, lithics, base rock, osteology, bone chemistry and nutrition, social landscape, and ceremonial constructs employed at Tibes. These scholars provide a concise, well-presented, comprehensive analysis of the evidence for local level changes in household economy, internal organization, accessibility to economic, religious, and symbolic resources related to the development and internal operation of socially stratified societies in the Caribbean.
Category: History

State And Cosmos In The Art Of Tenochtitlan

Author : Richard F. Townsend
ISBN : 0884020835
Genre : History
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Townsendoffers an interpretation of major examples of Mexica monumental art by identifying three interrelated iconographic themes: the conception of the universe as a sacred structure, the correspondence of the social order and the territory of the nation with the cosmic structure, and the representation of Tenochtitlan as the historically legitimate successor to the civilization of the past.
Category: History

The Languages Of Archaeology

Author : Rosemary Joyce
ISBN : 9780470692790
Genre : Social Science
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This volume provides the first critical examination of the relationship between archaeology and language, analysing the rhetorical practices through which archaeologists create representations of the past.
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Author : Ervin Laszlo
ISBN : 9781401922306
Genre : Consciousness
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Category: Consciousness

Law S Cosmos

Author : Victoria Wohl
ISBN : 9780521110747
Genre : History
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Explores the inextricable ties between literary form and legal matter in Athens' juridical discourse.
Category: History

Time In Archaeology

Author : Simon Holdaway
ISBN : 9780874809299
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 20.12 MB
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A tightly focused group of papers on the deconstruction and significance of the concept of time, with a historical background on the development of time perspectivism and a range of case studies and examples. After reading this you may never think about time in quite the same way.
Category: Social Science