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An Archaeology Of Early Christianity In Vanuatu

Author : James L. Flexner
ISBN : 9781760460754
Genre : Religion
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Religious change is at its core a material as much as a spiritual process. Beliefs related to intangible spirits, ghosts, or gods were enacted through material relationships between people, places, and objects. The archaeology of mission sites from Tanna and Erromango islands, southern Vanuatu (formerly the New Hebrides), offer an informative case study for understanding the material dimensions of religious change. One of the primary ways that cultural difference was thrown into relief in the Presbyterian New Hebrides missions was in the realm of objects. Christian Protestant missionaries believed that religious conversion had to be accompanied by changes in the material conditions of everyday life. Results of field archaeology and museum research on Tanna and Erromango, southern Vanuatu, show that the process of material transformation was not unidirectional. Just as Melanesian people changed religious beliefs and integrated some imported objects into everyday life, missionaries integrated local elements into their daily lives. Attempts to produce ‘civilised Christian natives’, or to change some elements of native life relating purely to ‘religion’ but not others, resulted instead in a proliferation of ‘hybrid’ forms. This is visible in the continuity of a variety of traditional practices subsumed under the umbrella term ‘kastom’ through to the present alongside Christianity. Melanesians didn’t become Christian, Christianity became Melanesian. The material basis of religious change was integral to this process.
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New Perspectives In Southeast Asian And Pacific Prehistory

Author : Philip J. Piper
ISBN : 9781760460952
Genre : Social Science
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‘This volume brings together a diversity of international scholars, unified in the theme of expanding scientific knowledge about humanity’s past in the Asia-Pacific region. The contents in total encompass a deep time range, concerning the origins and dispersals of anatomically modern humans, the lifestyles of Pleistocene and early Holocene Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers, the emergence of Neolithic farming communities, and the development of Iron Age societies. These core enduring issues continue to be explored throughout the vast region covered here, accordingly with a richness of results as shown by the authors. Befitting of the grand scope of this volume, the individual contributions articulate perspectives from multiple study areas and lines of evidence. Many of the chapters showcase new primary field data from archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. Equally important, other chapters provide updated regional summaries of research in archaeology, linguistics, and human biology from East Asia through to the Western Pacific.’ Mike T. Carson Associate Professor of Archaeology Micronesian Area Research Center University of Guam
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The Archaeology Of Rock Art In Western Arnhem Land Australia

Author : Bruno David
ISBN : 9781760461621
Genre : Social Science
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Western Arnhem Land, in the Top End of Australia’s Northern Territory, has a rich archaeological landscape, ethnographic record and body of rock art that displays an astonishing array of imagery on shelter walls and ceilings. While the archaeology goes back to the earliest period of Aboriginal occupation of the continent, the rock art represents some of the richest, most diverse and visually most impressive regional assemblages anywhere in the world. To better understand this multi-dimensional cultural record, The Archaeology of Rock Art in Western Arnhem Land, Australia focuses on the nature and antiquity of the region’s rock art as revealed by archaeological surveys and excavations, and the application of novel analytical methods. This volume also presents new findings by which to rethink how Aboriginal peoples have socially engaged in and with places across western Arnhem Land, from the north to the south, from the plains to the spectacular rocky landscapes of the plateau. The dynamic nature of Arnhem Land rock art is explored and articulated in innovative ways that shed new light on the region’s deep time Aboriginal history.
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The Archaeology Of Sulawesi

Author : Sue O'Connor
ISBN : 9781760462574
Genre : Social Science
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The central Indonesian island of Sulawesi has recently been hitting headlines with respect to its archaeology. It contains some of the oldest directly dated rock art in the world, and some of the oldest evidence for a hominin presence beyond the southeastern limits of the Ice Age Asian continent. In this volume, scholars from Indonesia and Australia come together to present their research findings and views on a broad range of topics. From early periods, these include observations on Ice Age climate, life in caves and open sites, rock art, and the animals that humans exploited and lived alongside. The archaeology presented from later periods covers the rise of the Bugis kingdom, Chinese trade ceramics, and a range of site-based and regional topics from the Neolithic through to the arrival of Islam. This carefully edited volume is the first to be devoted entirely to the archaeology of the island of Sulawesi, and it lays down a baseline for significant future research. Peter Bellwood Emeritus Professor The Australian National University
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Ten Thousand Years Of Cultivation At Kuk Swamp In The Highlands Of Papua New Guinea

Author : Jack Golson
ISBN : 9781760461164
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Kuk is a settlement at c. 1600 m altitude in the upper Wahgi Valley of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, near Mount Hagen, the provincial capital. The site forms part of the highland spine that runs for more than 2500 km from the western head of the island of New Guinea to the end of its eastern tail. Until the early 1930s, when the region was first explored by European outsiders, it was thought to be a single, uninhabited mountain chain. Instead, it was found to be a complex area of valleys and basins inhabited by large populations of people and pigs, supported by the intensive cultivation of the tropical American sweet potato on the slopes above swampy valley bottoms. With the end of World War II, the area, with others, became a focus for the development of coffee and tea plantations, of which the establishment of Kuk Research Station was a result. Large-scale drainage of the swamps produced abundant evidence in the form of stone axes and preserved wooden digging sticks and spades for their past use in cultivation. Investigations in 1966 at a tea plantation in the upper Wahgi Valley by a small team from The Australian National University yielded a date of over 2000 years ago for a wooden stick collected from the bottom of a prehistoric ditch. The establishment of Kuk Research Station a few kilometres away shortly afterwards provided an ideal opportunity for a research project.
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Alltag Im Holocaust

Author : Andrea Löw
ISBN : 9783486735673
Genre : History
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Wie gestaltete sich Alltag im Angesicht von Verfolgung und Tod? Die Holocaustforschung nimmt neuerdings verstärkt das jüdische Leben in den Blick. Dieser Band versammelt aktuelle Studien zu den Lebenswelten der Opfer im Großdeutschen Reich, zu ihren Wahrnehmungen, Handlungsspielräumen und Reaktionen, sei es in Berlin, Wien oder Theresienstadt, im Ghetto oder im Versteck. Die verfolgten Juden und "Mischlinge" erscheinen in dieser Perspektive als Mitglieder von Familien, Organisationen und Gemeinschaften, vor allem aber als handelnde Individuen, die einen Alltag, eine neue Normalität in unnormalen Verhältnissen erstrebten und erfuhren. Diese Menschen versuchten nicht nur zu überleben, sondern zu leben. Eine Veröffentlichung des Instituts für Zeitgeschichte München-Berlin
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Onkels Erwachen

Author : P.G. Wodehouse
ISBN : 9783518758717
Genre : Fiction
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Auf Schloß Blandings, einem herrlichen englischen Landsitz, passieren wieder die unmöglichsten Dinge: Eine versprochene Ehe findet nicht statt und mehr oder weniger Unschuldige sollen enterbt werden. Darüber ist Onkel Fred maßlos erzürnt und versucht zu retten, was noch zu retten ist. P. G. Wodehouse läßt in seinem rasanten Roman den Fünften Earl von Ickenham, kurz Onkel Fred, in Blandings Castle von der Leine. Der wohl furioseste Onkel der Weltliteratur besitzt das seltene Talent, sich ständig in bizarrste und scheinbar aussichtslose Situationen hinein-, aber auch brillant wieder hinauszumanövrieren. Seinen Anfang nimmt der ganze Schlamassel im Drones Club mit einer Wette, die Onkel Freds geschätzter Neffe Pongo Twistelton schmählich verliert ...
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Corpus Dionysiacum

Author : Areopagita Dionysius
ISBN : 3110124602
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Author : Bernhard C. Schär
ISBN : 9783593502878
Genre : History
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»Tropenliebe« erzählt die Geschichte von Paul und Fritz Sarasin, zweier reicher Patriziersöhne und Naturforscher aus Basel. Die Großvettern reisten um 1900 durch die asiatischen Kolonien Großbritanniens und der Niederlande, um auf tropischen Inseln fernab ihrer beengten Heimat Raum für ihre Liebe zueinanderzufinden. Zugleich verfolgten sie große wissenschaftliche Projekte: Bei ihrer Rückkehr brachten sie Hunderttausende Pflanzen, Tiere und ethnografische Objekte mit nach Basel, wo sie das »Völkerkundemuseum« gründeten. In Indonesien halfen sie den Niederländern, Celebes (heute Sulawesi), eine der größten Inseln ihres Kolonialreichs, zu erobern. In Deutschland feierte man sie als Pioniere der »Rassenforschung«. Die Geschichte von Liebe und Gewalt in Südostasien wirft ein neues Licht auf die deutsche und niederländische Kolonialgeschichte sowie auf jene der Schweiz, die lange dachte, dass sie gar keine hätte.
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Ein Beben

Author :
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