Amazons Of Black Sparta

Author : Stanley B. Alpern
ISBN : 9780814707722
Genre : History
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The only thoroughly documented Amazons in world history are the women warriors of Dahomey, an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Western African kingdom. Once dubbed a 'small black Sparta,' residents of Dahomey shared with the Spartans an intense militarism and sense of collectivism. Updated with a new preface by the author, Amazons of Black Sparta is the product of meticulous archival research and Alpern's gift for narrative. It will stand as the most comprehensive and accessible account of the woman warriors of Dahomey.
Category: History

Love And War

Author : Tom Digby
ISBN : 9780231538404
Genre : Philosophy
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Category: Philosophy

Africa South Of The Sahara 2004

Author : Europa Publications
ISBN : 1857431839
Genre : Political Science
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This revised and updated thirty-third edition provides a complete survey of the region including: * Over 1,300 pages of economic and demographic statistics, wide-ranging directory material and authoritative articles * Contributions from over 50 leading experts on African affairs * Incisive analysis of the latest available information. General Survey * Thoroughly revised and updated analytical articles written by acknowledged experts covering the issues affecting the area as a whole: Reforming Africa: Continuities and Changes; Economic Trends in Africa South of the Sahara 2003; The Privatization of Security in Sub-Saharan Africa and European Colonial Rule in Africa * New for this edition: Health and Medical Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa * A political map of contemporary Africa and a chronological list of the dates of independence of African countries. Country Surveys Individual chapters on every country incorporating: * An introductory survey, containing essays on the physical and social geography, recent history and economy of each country * An extensive statistical survey of economic indicators, which include area and population, health and welfare, agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, industry, finance, trade, transport, tourism, media and education * A full directory containing names, addresses and contact numbers for key areas such as the government, political organizations, diplomatic representation, the judiciary, religion, the media, finance, trade and industry, tourism, defence and education * A useful bibliography, providing sources for further research. Regional Information * Detailed information on the following: regional organizations; major commodities; calendars, time reckoning, and weights and measures; research institutes concerned with Africa and a select periodicals bibliography.
Category: Political Science

Sensational Flesh

Author : Amber Jamilla Musser
ISBN : 9781479868117
Genre : Social Science
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In everyday language, masochism is usually understood as the desire to abdicate control in exchange for sensation—pleasure, pain, or a combination thereof. Yet at its core, masochism is a site where power, bodies, and society come together. Sensational Flesh uses masochism as a lens to examine how power structures race, gender, and embodiment in different contexts. Drawing on rich and varied sources—from 19th century sexology, psychoanalysis, and critical theory to literary texts and performance art—Amber Jamilla Musser employs masochism as a powerful diagnostic tool for probing relationships between power and subjectivity. Engaging with a range of debates about lesbian S&M, racialization, femininity, and disability, as well as key texts such as Sacher-Masoch’s Venus in Furs, Pauline Réage’s The Story of O, and Michel Foucault's History of Sexuality, Musser renders legible the complex ways that masochism has been taken up by queer, feminist, and critical race theories. Furthering queer theory’s investment in affect and materiality, she proposes “sensation” as an analytical tool for illustrating what it feels like to be embedded in structures of domination such as patriarchy, colonialism, and racism and what it means to embody femininity, blackness, and pain. Sensational Flesh is ultimately about the ways in which difference is made material through race, gender, and sexuality and how that materiality is experienced.
Category: Social Science

Inventing Black Women

Author : Ajuan Maria Mance
ISBN : 1572334924
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Traces the struggle of African American women poets to represent their gender and racial identity to a public audience.
Category: Literary Criticism

Warrior Women

Author : Robert B. Edgerton
ISBN : UOM:39015050185613
Genre : History
File Size : 64.90 MB
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Challenging the notion that women never fight in wars, this riveting account of the women warriors of Dahomey reveals how a group of female soldiers stood up to the invading French army.
Category: History

Daughters Of Gaia

Author : Bella Vivante
ISBN : 0275982491
Genre : History
File Size : 54.44 MB
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Examines the lives of women across four ancient civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome) from their personal lives to their participation in the religious, economic, political, and creative spheres.
Category: History

Family Digest Magazine

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89082550138
Genre : African American children
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Category: African American children

Hell Hath No Fury

Author : Rosalind Miles
ISBN : 0307346374
Genre : History
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A compilation of biographical essays explores the role of women during wartime throughout history, profiling Cleopatra, Margaret Thatcher, Molly Pitcher, Tammy Duckworth, Belle Boyd, Martha Gellhorn, and Tokyo Rose, among other female participants, both notable and obscure.
Category: History

Women And War

Author : Bernard A. Cook
ISBN : UOM:39015066895700
Genre : Women and war
File Size : 86.19 MB
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In this unique encyclopedia, 120 leading scholars from around the world provide comprehensive treatment of the role of women in war, from the first written history to the present.
Category: Women and war