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Alternative Nudes

Author : Yucel Yalim
ISBN : 9781608958672
Genre : Photography
File Size : 65.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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We?ve all heard the idiom, ?Sometimes, less is more.? When it comes to photographing the female form, the ?more? is sometimes ?more trouble.? Without concealing wardrobe options, traditional poses, and unique props or scenic locales to avert the viewer?s gaze, he or she is presented with a nude subject that must, somehow, look confident, alluring, artistic, evocative, and provocative. As the artist in charge of accomplishing this great feat, you?re presented with one tall order. This book provides a behind-the-scenes look at every nuance of the creation of a range of nude and figure images. Focusing primarily on lighting and posing, author Yucel Yalim shows how to create dramatic, dimensional curves and highlight your subject?s best assets with minimal effort, staple equipment, and maximum impact. For each portrait, readers will learn about the concept behind the image, the challenges that had to be met, and how careful posing and lighting choices were made to create a dimensional and compelling view of the woman in front of the lens. Whether you are looking for unique poses, want to learn how playing with various lenses can help you build your repertoire, or want to investigate your post-processing options for creating a stronger, more creative image, this book will open your eyes to countless new approaches. Complete with rationale regarding the hows and whys behind the artistic decisions made, you?ll come away from this book with a solid foundation for producing exquisite, beautifully executed images perfectly tailored to your model?s unique look or interest. This book contains detailed lighting diagrams that help readers understand how to duplicate the style and mood in their own images.
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Fine Art Nudes

Author : Stan Trampe
ISBN : 9781608959013
Genre : Photography
File Size : 88.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this book, veteran photographer Stan Trampe shows you how to produce outstanding black & white nude portraits using basic equipment and a simple lighting approach—both in the studio and on location. You’ll get great insight into what it takes to develop a trusting relationship with models that will facilitate an eagerness for them to embrace—and even improve upon—your creative concepts. With more than 25 years’ experience photographing nudes, Trampe has developed an eye for what makes a portrait resonate with viewers. In the pages of this book, you’ll discover what makes his black & white fine-art nude images tick. You’ll get tips for choosing dramatic indoor and outdoor locations that will serve as the perfect backdrop and set the mood in the image. You will also learn how to create or find great natural light that shows texture and contours the model’s body for added appeal. Posing subjects to coax curves and highlight the subject’s physical aspects is of obvious import in this genre, and Trampe teaches you to help conceptualize a strategy that not only makes the subject look good but, in many cases, even plays off of another shape in the overall image. He also teaches you when and how adding fabric or props will further your image, and when less is more. Also included are pages on traditional compositional guidelines such as effective framing, leading lines, and the Rule of Thirds. Finally, Trampe ends with a look at basic retouching in postproduction to lighten or darken the image, remove blemishes, and creatively crop the image for added impact. Whether you are new to photographing artful nudes or simply want to learn some new ideas to work into your repertoire, this book will enhance every aspect of your photography.
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Soft Focus

Author : Jim Cornfield
ISBN : 9781608959495
Genre : Photography
File Size : 59.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What we perceive as blur functions in very much the same manner as deep shadows or overexposed highlights. By minimising or concealing certain details in the image by selectively throwing areas out of focus at will, the photographer can direct a viewer's attention through the image as he or she intends. Like the rest stops in a piece of music, creatively manipulated zones of softness can totally govern a photograph's overall impact. There are dozens of ways to selectively reduce sharpness in any part of an image, all of which this guide outlines.
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Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

Author : Dan Hostettler
Genre : Photography
File Size : 25.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Simplify Anything! Be on budget! Versatile gear for everyday use, saving money with low cost model fee strategies, creative & magnificent imagery despite any limitations, endless side notes & complementary references.
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Fantasy Nude Photography

Author : Rayment Kirby
ISBN : 9781608957071
Genre : Photography
File Size : 52.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rayment Kirby shows you how to execute complex image concepts with simple tools. Working in a small studio with simple lighting, Kirby uses digital technology to flawlessly transform images of models, props, and small-scale sets into dramatic composites. Building on these transformative processes he also explores how everyday locations can be infused with a fantasy element for more evocative results. For each final image, the author presents a lighting diagram and alternate or procedural images to reveal the process used. Easy-to-follow text detailing the process makes it easy to adapt his inventive approaches to your own images for more exciting and compelling nude images. Packed with DIY solutions for big looks, this book is sure to stoke your creative fires!
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Iphoneography Pro

Author : Robert Morrissey
ISBN : 9781608957125
Genre : Photography
File Size : 87.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The iPhone is revolutionizing photography. Never before has a camera been so portable yet powerful, so versatile and ubiquitous. Yet, as this book shows, this amazing device has untapped potential for taking jaw-droppingly detailed, sharp, professional-quality images. In this book, commercial photographer Robert Morrissey investigates the photographic capabilities of the iPhone, right out of the box, then moves to advanced uses that will surprise even seasoned photographers. Starting with the basics, Morrissey teaches readers critical strategies for taking great pictures—from how to properly hold your phone, to how and why to use the flash. You’ll learn simple ideas for improving your photos—from crafting a strong composition to posing subjects for flattering results. Next, you’ll learn to use the iPhone’s panoramic and HDR features to take your imaging to the next level. You’ll also get some great insights into how to photograph action, scenes with non-average tones, landscapes, and much more—with natural light and flash. The power of the iPhone grows exponentially when the photographer downloads applications (“apps”)—incredible free and/or inexpensive software programs that add a mind boggling array of photographic options and features to the phone. Morrissey shows how to choose and use apps that allow for the use of ultrafast frame-per-second capture rates, old film (Tri-X and T-Max) emulsions, incredible filter and lens effects, unique borders, and much, much more. There is a large market for iPhone accessories, and many of them are geared toward pros. Many shooters are now using bracketing systems that allow for the attachment of professional DSLR-type camera lenses, an invention that takes their capture capabilities to surprising new heights. Accessories are also available that allow the iPhone to be mounted to a tripod or even a dolly for video shoots. Armed with this book, you’ll learn to create technically sound, artistically inventive photos of any subject for any end use—from web use, to wall-size prints, to gallery presentation.
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Alternative Portraiture

Author : Benny Migs
ISBN : 9781608958207
Genre : Photography
File Size : 22.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, Benny Migliorino teaches readers how to work with speedlights—lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and powerful palm-sized flash units—to create dramatic, dimensional, flattering lighting. 'Migs' presents 60 portraits shot in a wide range of environments—from cramped quarters and fluorescent light, to dimly lit rooms, to makeshift “studio” spaces in a client’s home or office. Readers will learn critical lighting skills from reducing the contrast range and creating softer, more flattering light; to re-creating traditional studio lighting patterns in varied existing-light scenarios; to adding fill for a rounder, more dimensional view of the subject; to overpowering the existing light; and working in mixed-light scenarios. Whether you’re working solo or with an assistant, with one speedlight or multiple units, using “bare” (unmodified) small flash or harnessing its power via flash-mounted or freestanding light modification devices, you will learn how to make quick work of creating professional, evocative portraits that bring out the best version of your subject and highlight the personal connection he or she has to their personal environment.
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After The Camera

Author :
ISBN : 9781682030059
Genre : Photography
File Size : 82.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thom Rouse seems to have an unbridled artistic sensibility. In this book, he offers up for review sixty of his favorite fine-art images. Rouse takes photographers behind the scenes of his creative process, showing the starting point—always a portrait, captured by him—and then details the Photoshop tools and techniques he used and, sometimes, some “accessory” images that he adds into the mix, to create a dramatically different work of art. While the components and tone of each image vary from page to page, Rouse strictly maintains that his creative process is based on the idea that each work of art must, at its core, remain photographic. In other words, his fine-art works are enhanced, stylized portraits that transcend the limits typically self-imposed by portrait artists. His goal in creating the book is to educate and inspire other photographers—or, in the words of the artist—to “show you something you haven’t seen before.” This book features a collection of beautiful portraits that collide with a strange collections of elements—one portrait, entitled Shhhh, is coupled with ornamental wooden fish, goose wings, and parts of an aircraft; another, called Andromeda, uses complex Photoshop blending techniques and texture layers to create a Gustav Klimt-inspired feel in the photograph—to create a storytelling piece that elevates the portrait to a fine art category. On page after page, you’ll discover how Rouse conceptualized the featured work of art, the steps he took to bring the concept to life, and the curiously beautiful artistic portrait result.
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Nude Photography Notebook

Author : Eddie Ephraums
ISBN : UCSC:32106018650777
Genre : Photography
File Size : 21.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Combining creative insights with stunning imagery and shots of the artist at work, Nude Photography Notebook explores the work of acclaimed photographer Allan Jenkins, renowned for his exquisite images of the female form. Jenkins shares the secrets of his success with photographer-writer Eddie Ephraums, who has captured the artist at work through all the stages of image-making, from the concept to the final exhibition print. Through additional sketches, contact sheets, proof prints, and comments from the photographer’s own notebooks, the reader is offered a rare insight into the fascinating process of fine-art nude photography. Allan Jenkins is a fine-art and commercial photographer, with clients that include Ralph Lauren and Ikea. Eddie Ephraums is the author of Darkroom to Digital and Creative Elements.
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