Along A River

Author : Jan Noel
ISBN : 9781442698260
Genre : History
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French-Canadian explorers, traders, and soldiers feature prominently in this country's storytelling, but little has been written about their female counterparts. In Along a River, award-winning historian Jan Noel shines a light on the lives of remarkable French-Canadian women — immigrant brides, nuns, tradeswomen, farmers, governors' wives, and even smugglers — during the period between the settlement of the St. Lawrence Lowlands and the Victorian era. Along a River builds the case that inside the cabins that stretched for miles along the shoreline, most early French-Canadian women retained old fashioned forms of economic production and customary rights over land ownership. Noel demonstrates how this continued even as the world changed around them by comparing their lives to those of their contemporaries in France, England, and New England.Exploring how the daughters and granddaughters of the filles du roi adapted to their terrain, turned their hands to trade, and even acquired surprising influence at the French court, Along a River is an innovative and engagingly written history.
Category: History

Women S Wisconsin

Author : Genevieve G. McBride
ISBN : 9780870205637
Genre : History
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Women's Wisconsin: From Native Matriarchies to the New Millennium, a women's history anthology published on Women's Equality Day 2005, made history as the first single-source history of Wisconsin women. This unique tome features dozens of excerpts of articles as well as primary sources, such as women's letters, reminiscences, and oral histories, previously published over many decades in the Wisconsin Magazine of History and other Wisconsin Historical Society Press publications. Editor and historian Genevieve G. McBride provides the contextual commentary and overarching analysis to make the history of Wisconsin women accessible to students, scholars, and lifelong learners.
Category: History

Genealogist S Handbook For Upper Saint John Valley Research

Author : George L. Findlen
ISBN : 0806352078
Genre : Reference
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"The focus of this guide is on the individuals who settled in the Madawaska Settlement beginning with the blended Acadian/French-Canadian families who moved there in 1785. ... On the American side, townships ... include those of Allagash, Caswell, Cyr, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, Frenchville, Grand Isle, Hamlin, Madawaska, New Canada, Saint John, Saint Francis, Sainte Agathe, Sinclair, Van Buren, and Wallagrass. On the Canadian side, communities ... include those of Baker Brook, Clair, Connors, Drummond, Edmundston, Grand Falls, Lac Baker, Notre Dame de Lourdes (Siegas), Rivière Verte, Saint André, Saint Basile, Saint François, Saint Hilaire, Saint Jacques, Saint Joseph, Saint Léonard, and Sainte Anne.--Introd.
Category: Reference

A Literary History Of Women S Writing In Britain 1660 1789

Author : Susan Staves
ISBN : 9781139458580
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Drawing on three decades of feminist scholarship bent on rediscovering lost and abandoned women writers, Susan Staves provides a comprehensive history of women's writing in Britain from the Restoration to the French Revolution. This major work of criticism also offers fresh insights about women's writing in all literary forms, not only fiction, but also poetry, drama, memoir, autobiography, biography, history, essay, translation and the familiar letter. Authors celebrated in their own time and who have been neglected, and those who have been revalued and studied, are given equal attention. The book's organisation by chronology and its attention to history challenge the way we periodise literary history. Each chapter includes a list of key works written in the period covered, as well as a narrative and critical assessment of the works. This magisterial work includes a comprehensive bibliography and list of prevalent editions of the authors discussed.
Category: Literary Criticism

Indian Women And French Men

Author : Susan Sleeper-Smith
ISBN : 1558493107
Genre : History
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The Great Lakes region was an important site of cultural as well as economic exchange between native and European peoples in the colonial period. This study focuses on an often overlooked aspect of these interactions - the role played by Indian women who married French traders.
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Reading The River

Author : John Hildebrand
ISBN : 0299154939
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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“John Hildebrand sets out in a canoe . . . to explore the great riverway of northwestern Canada and Alaska. . . . The geography is closely rendered and the characters especially sharply drawn. The country is filled with mad dropouts at river fish camps, good-hearted girls in the towns, sullen natives in tumbledown villages, cranky old-timers, terrible drunks and worse moralizers who live off the wild landscape and its abundant resources. . . . This is a fine work, and Hildebrand is a fine writer.”—Charles E. Little, Wilderness
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Metis And The Medicine Line

Author : Michel Hogue
ISBN : 9781469621067
Genre : History
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Born of encounters between Indigenous women and Euro-American men in the first decades of the nineteenth century, the Plains Metis people occupied contentious geographic and cultural spaces. Living in a disputed area of the northern Plains inhabited by various Indigenous nations and claimed by both the United States and Great Britain, the Metis emerged as a people with distinctive styles of speech, dress, and religious practice, and occupational identities forged in the intense rivalries of the fur and provisions trade. Michel Hogue explores how, as fur trade societies waned and as state officials looked to establish clear lines separating the United States from Canada and Indians from non-Indians, these communities of mixed Indigenous and European ancestry were profoundly affected by the efforts of nation-states to divide and absorb the North American West. Grounded in extensive research in U.S. and Canadian archives, Hogue's account recenters historical discussions that have typically been confined within national boundaries and illuminates how Plains Indigenous peoples like the Metis were at the center of both the unexpected accommodations and the hidden history of violence that made the "world's longest undefended border."
Category: History

Battle For The Soul

Author : Keith R. Widder
ISBN : 9780870139673
Genre : Religion
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In 1823 William and Amanda Ferry opened a boarding school for Métis children on Mackinac Island, Michigan Territory, setting in motion an intense spiritual battle to win the souls and change the lives of the children, their parents, and all others living at Mackinac. Battle for the Soul demonstrates how a group of enthusiastic missionaries, empowered by an uncompromising religious motivation, served as agents of Americanization. The Ferrys' high hopes crumbled, however, as they watched their work bring about a revival of Catholicism and their students refuse to abandon the fur trade as a way of life. The story of the Mackinaw Mission is that of people who held differing world views negotiating to create a "middle-ground," a society with room for all. Widder's study is a welcome addition to the literature on American frontier missions. Using Richard White's "middle ground" paradigm, it focuses on the cultural interaction between French, British, American, and various native groups at the Mackinac mission in Michigan during the early 19th century. The author draws on materials from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions archives, as well as other manuscript sources, to trace not only the missionaries' efforts to Christianize and Americanize the native peoples, but the religious, social, and cultural conflicts between Protestant missionaries and Catholic priests in the region. Much attention has been given to the missionaries to the Indians in other areas of the US, but little to this region.
Category: Religion