All The Presidents Pets

Author : Mo Rocca
ISBN : 9781400097579
Genre : Humor
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All the Presidents’ Men meets Charlotte’s Web in an explosive political exposé that blows the lid off a long-held secret in Washington: The Presidents’ pets are more than just furry photo ops. How much does the public really know about the role of the President? Does the White House Press Corps really understand it? Does the President himself have a clue? All the Presidents’ Pets is the long-awaited, spine-tingling, muckraking blockbuster from political and pop culture commentator Mo Rocca—a tour de force of investigative reporting that for the first time tells the true story of who really runs America. From George Washington’s donkey, Royal Gift, and Rutherford B. Hayes’s Siamese cat, Miss Pussy, to Lincoln’s goats, Nanny and Nanko, and John Kennedy’s Welsh terrier, Charlie, each has left an indelible mark on the White House. (In fact, Eisenhower’s Weimaraner, Heidi, did leave a terrible stain on the Diplomatic Reception Room carpet. She was promptly exiled to Ike’s Gettysburg farm.) In All the Presidents’ Pets, Rocca lays bare the true stories of our nation’s First Pets and sheds light on the origins and evolution of presidential power. Rocca plumbs rare sources, with the assistance of veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas (the Stefanie Powers to his Robert Wagner), for the poop—er, scoop—on what really goes on in the West Wing. Once Helen reveals her deepest, darkest secret, the story turns dangerous. Filled with revelations and news breaks—and an unforgettable cast, including Wolf Blitzer, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and a terrifying albino named Gephardt (no relation)—this is yet another story that the complacent Washington press corps missed. Forget Paul O’Neill. Richard Clarke? Who’s that? All the Presidents’ Pets is the groundbreaking political book that Bob Woodward could have written had he just spent a little less time with the President and a little more time with Barney. “Some will consider this satire. Mo Rocca describes how U.S. political policy has been guided by presidential pets for more than two hundred years. Oh, and I suppose you have a better explanation?” —P. J. O’Rourke “All the Presidents’ Pets is a deeply probing, thoroughly engaging account about how the media has uniformly overlooked the White House pet phenomenon to the detriment of our national memory. Thanks to Mo Rocca, no serious political commentator can properly analyze the Bush Administration without taking into consideration ‘The Barney Factor.’ And, for good measure, he has broken the story of Helen Thomas’s lair, a cosmic revelation that will force historians to reinterpret presidencies dating as far back as James Garfield’s tenure.”—Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History and Director of the Eisenhower Center for American Studies, University of New Orleans “A freaky, phantasmagoric trip through the secret history of presidential pets.”—Robert Siegel, former editor in chief of The Onion
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Presidential Pets The Weird Wacky Little Big Scary Strange Animals That Have Lived In The White House

Author : Julia Moberg
ISBN : 9781607345824
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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This inside look at the White House's animal residents features a rollicking, rhyming verse for each commander-in-chief's pets, accompanied by cool facts, presidential stats, and laugh-out-loud cartoon art. John Quincy Adams kept an alligator in the bathtub, while Thomas Jefferson's pride and joy was his pair of bear cubs. Andrew Jackson had a potty-mouthed parrot, and Martin Van Buren got into a fight with Congress over his two baby tigers. First daughter Caroline Kennedy's pony Macaroni had free reign over the White House. But the pet-owning winner of all the presidents was Theodore Roosevelt, who had a hyena, lion, zebra, badger, snake, rats, a nippy dog that bit the French ambassador, and more!
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Pets At The White House

Author : Jennifer Boswell Pickens
ISBN : 0615580637
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Discusses how pets have played an important role in life in the White House and relates anecdotes of presidential pets from the Kennedy administration to Bo, the Obama's Portuguese water dog.
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President Adams Alligator

Author : Cheryl Barnes
ISBN : 9781621570356
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 32.57 MB
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Describes the various kinds of pets, including bears and alligators, kept at the White House by presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama.
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Mason Dixon

Author : Thomas Pynchon
ISBN : 9783644053311
Genre : Fiction
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Die Briten Charles Mason und Jeremiah Dixon, ein Astronom und ein Landvermesser, nehmen uns mit auf eine Grand Tour durch die dunklen Gefilde der Aufklärung im 18. Jahrhundert, von ihrer ersten gemeinsamen Expedition ans Kap der Guten Hoffnung ins vorrevolutionäre Amerika und wieder zurück nach England. Wir begegnen Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, einem chinesischen Feng-Shui-Meister, einem sprechenden Hund und einem Enten-Automaten. «Man liest und liest, stößt auf Stellen, Episoden und Sentenzen, bei denen einem der Mund offen stehen bleibt.» (Die Zeit) «Ein Roman wie eine gewaltige Symphonie aus der Neuen Welt, und ein Sprachkunstwerk von einem ganz Großen der US-Literatur.» (Stern)
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First Pet

Author : Associated Press
ISBN : 0984192700
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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From the very beginning of the American republic animals -- both domestic and wild -- have been part of the presidency. Horses, bears, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, racoons and even hummingbirds have taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The list of animals also includes pets that couldn't stay: wild beasts such as elephants, lions, a tiger and a hippopotamus. They were taken to zoos where millions of Americans got to enjoy them. But those who stayed assumed the role of First Pet. This book is for all animal lovers and history buffs, especially those who follow the lives of American presidents and their families. Readers will learn about the human side of the most powerful leaders of the United States and their caring, playful attachments to their animals; they will also discover President Obama's Bo, a black-haired Portuguese water dog, among the many pets featured and celebrated. The treatment includes a special section on all of the dogs who lived at the White House and a Presidential Pet Quiz, which will thoroughly test your knowledge of American presidents and their favourite pets.
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Wackiest White House Pets

Author : Kathryn Gibbs Davis
ISBN : 043973889X
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Describes the various kinds of pets, including grizzly bears and alligators, kept at the White House by various presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush.
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Presidential Word Search Puzzles

Author : John Chaneski
ISBN : 1402759673
Genre : Games
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The voters have spoken: these presidential word-search puzzles win by a landslide! From George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, these patriotic word searches introduce children to every president of the United States, plus their first ladies, and the White House. Each puzzle features words associated with that particular president, a biography, and facts about his birth place, education, family, occupation, political party, age at inauguration, campaign slogan, and more. So while kids work their eagle eyes trying to solve the puzzles, they’ll be learning about US history, too.
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John F Kennedy

Author : Robert Dallek
ISBN : 3570552209
Genre :
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Electoral Dysfunction

Author : Victoria Bassetti
ISBN : 9781595588210
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.96 MB
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Imagine a country where the right to vote is not guaranteed by the Constitution, where the candidate with the most votes loses, and where paperwork requirements and bureaucratic bungling disenfranchise millions. You’re living in it. If the consequences weren’t so serious, it would be funny. An eye-opening, fact-filled companion to the forthcoming PBS documentary starring political satirist and commentator Mo Rocca, Electoral Dysfunction illuminates a broad array of issues, including the Founding Fathers’ decision to omit the right to vote from the Constitution—and the legal system’s patchwork response to this omission; the battle over voter ID, voter impersonation, and voter fraud; the foul-ups that plague Election Day, from ballot design to contested recounts; the role of partisan officials in running elections; and the anti-democratic origins and impact of the Electoral College. The book concludes with a prescription for a healthy voting system by Heather Smith, president of Rock the Vote. Published in the run-up to the 2012 election, Electoral Dysfunction is for readers across the political spectrum who want their votes to count.
Category: Political Science