All God S Children

Author : Fox Butterfield
ISBN : 9780307280336
Genre : Social Science
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A profile of Willie Bosket chronicles his first criminal activities at the age of five, his murderous acts that led to the passage of a law allowing teenagers to be tried as a adults, and the legacy of the violent Bosket family. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
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Isaiah Berlin Ein Leben

Author : Michael Ignatieff
ISBN : 1400039509
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Einstein called Isaiah Berlin ‘an actor in God’s big theater.’ But Isaiah Berlin was more than a brilliant entertainer on stage. He worked tirelessly advocating tolerance and freedom for all, thereby shaping the political and philosophical liberalism of the 20th century — the only political theory that endures. Berlin’s political ideologies were shaped by his own three competing racial identities: Russian (because he was born in Russia), Jewish, and British (because of the exile). Isaiah Berlin war die Stimme einer Generation, der grosse Vordenker des Liberalismus im 20. Jahrhundert. Toleranz, Freiheitsliebe und die Fähigkeit zu persönlichem Glück prägen sein Leben und Werk, in dem sich Lust am Denken, Sprachkraft und Weltbürgerschaft verbinden. Einstein nannte ihn einen Schauspieler in Gottes grossem Theater. Doch Isaiah Berlin war mehr als ein brillanter Unterhaltungskuenstler auf der Buehne der grossen Geister. Mit unermuedlichem Eintreten fuer Toleranz und Freiheit hat er den politischen und philosophischen Liberalismus im 20. Jahrhundert entscheidend gepraegt–die politische Theorie, die sich letztlich als einzig tragbare behauptet hat. Die drei rivalisierenden Identitaeten, die Berlin in sich trug–die russische durch seinen Geburtsort Riga, die juedische durch Familie, die britische durch das Exil–verflocht er zu einem einzigartigen Charakter. Er akzeptierte die Gegensaetze seiner Existenz und formte daraus ein wahrhaft liberales Temperament, dem das Streben nach Toleranz und Freiheit ebenso innewohnt wie seinem Werk. "Leben ist die Schoepfung derjenigen, die leben–Schritt fuer Schritt." Dieses Credo enthaelt seine ansteckende Lust am Abenteuer der Erkenntnis ("Denken ist ein Vorstoss ins Unbekannte") und seine unerschoepfliche Lust am Leben. Ignatieff ist es gelungen, Berlins beinahe erotische Beziehung zum Denken und zur Sprache in seiner Biographie einzufangen.
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Children Violence And Murder

Author : Facts On File, Incorporated
ISBN : 9781438124551
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-- Focuses on popular subjects that are bound to capture the reader's imagination -- Provides a window into American culture -- Encourages moral reasoning and fundamental thinking A social scientist searches for answers in these disturbing cases.

Children In A Violent Society

Author : Joy D. Osofsky
ISBN : 1572303875
Genre : Psychology
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Today's children are bombarded with images of violence in cartoons, news reports, television shows, computer games, movies, and other media. In growing numbers, they are also exposed to real-life violence in their own homes and communities--as witnesses, victims, and, increasingly, perpetrators. Emphasizing the need for early intervention and prevention, this timely book details the incidence and scope of the violence epidemic and examines the developmental impact of violence on children. Contributors describe several exemplary prevention and intervention programs currently in place around the country and propose a range of educational and policy initiatives.
Category: Psychology

Impacts Of Incarceration On The African American Family

Author : Othello Harris
ISBN : 1412825970
Genre : Social Science
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The criminal justice system has driven a wedge between black men and their children. African American men are involved in the criminal justice system, whether through incarceration, probation, or parole, at near epidemic levels. At the same time, the criminal justice system has made little or no institutional efforts to maintain or support continuing relationships between these men and their families. Consequently, African American families are harmed by this in countless ways, from the psychological, physical, and material suffering experienced by the men themselves, to losses felt by their mates, children, and extended family members. The volume opens with an introduction and brief review by R. Robin Miller, Sandra Lee Browning, and Lisa M. Spruance, outlining the impacts of incarceration on the African American family. Brad Tripp, explores changes in family relationships and the identity of incarcerated African American fathers. Mary Balthazar and Lula King discuss the loss of the protective effect of marital and nonmarital relationships and its impact on incarcerated African American men, and the implications for African American men and those who work with them in the helping professions. Theresa Clark explores the relationship between visits by family and friends and the nature of inmate behavior. In a research note, Olga Grinstead, Bonnie Faigeles, Carrie Bancroft, and Barry Zack investigate the actual costs families incur to maintain contact with family members, be it emotional, social, or financial. Patricia E. O'Connor uses data from sociolinguistic interviews of male inmates from a maximum security prison to study how some of these men manage to continue to fulfill the fatherhood role long-distance. In a concluding chapter, Sandra Lee Browning, Robin Miller, and Lisa Spruance focus on actions of the criminal justice system that undermine the black family, on reasons that black male inmate fathers are studied so rarely, and discuss the role restorative justice may play. This insightful volume fills a void in the literature on the role of African American men in the functioning of families. It will be of interest to students of African American studies, social workers, and policy makers.
Category: Social Science

Cultures Of Violence

Author : Ivan Evans
ISBN : 9781847792945
Genre : History
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This book deals with the inherent violence of "race relations" in two important countries that remain iconic expressions of white supremacy in the twentieth century. 'Cultures of violence' does not just reconstruct the era of violence. Instead it convincingly contrasts the "lynch culture" of the American South to the "bureaucratic culture of violence" in South Africa. By contrasting mobs of rope-wielding white Southerners to the gun-toting policemen and administrators who formally defended white supremacy in South Africa, 'Cultures of violence' employs racial killing as an optic for examining the distinctive logic of the racial state in the two contexts. Combining the historian's eye for detail with the sociologist's search for overarching claims, the book explores the systemic connections amongst three substantive areas to explain why contrasting traditions of racial violence took such firm root in the American South and South Africa.
Category: History

The Lineaments Of Wrath

Author : James W. Clarke
ISBN : 1412837650
Genre : Law
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Violence has marked relations between blacks and whites in America for nearly four hundred years. In The Lineaments of Wrath, James W. Clarke draws upon behavioral science theory and primary historical evidence to examine and explain its causes and enduring consequences. Beginning with slavery and concluding with the present, Clarke describes how the combined effects of state-sanctioned mob violence and the discriminatory administration of “race-blind” criminal and contract labor laws terrorized and immobilized the black population in the post-emancipation South. In this fashion an agricultural system, based on debt peonage and convict labor, quickly replaced slavery and remained the back-bone of the region's economy well into the twentieth century. Quoting the actual words of victims and witnesses―from former slaves to “gangsta” rappers―Clarke documents the erosion of black confidence in American criminal justice. In so doing, he also traces the evolution, across many generations, of a black subculture of violence, in which disputes are settled personally, and without recourse to the legal system. That subculture, the author concludes, accounts for historically high rates of black-on-black violence which now threatens to destroy the black inner city from within. The Lineaments of Wrath puts America's race issues into a completely original historical perspective. Those in the fields of political science, sociology, history, psychology, public policy, race relations, and law will find Clarke's work of profound importance.
Category: Law

Criminology Theories Patterns And Typologies

Author : Larry J. Siegel
ISBN : 9781305446090
Genre : Education
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The bestselling text on the market--now in its Twelfth Edition--CRIMINOLOGY: THEORIES, PATTERNS, AND TYPOLOGIES delivers the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of criminological theory and crime typologies available. In addition to its unparalleled breadth and depth of coverage, the text is unrivaled in its strong research base and currency. The chapters in Part Three (Crime Typologies) focus on some of the hottest issues in the field today: green crime, transnational crime, and cybercrime. Packed with real-world illustrations, the Twelfth Edition is completely updated and includes cutting-edge seminal research, up-to-the-minute policy, newsworthy examples, and hundreds of new references. Renowned for his unbiased presentation of theories, issues, and controversies, Dr. Siegel encourages students to weigh the evidence and form their own conclusions. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Author : Larry J. Siegel
ISBN : 9781133714446
Genre : Education
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Siegel's best-selling CRIMINOLOGY, Eleventh Edition, provides a comprehensive analysis of criminological theory, crime typologies, and the criminal justice system. Renowned for its unbiased presentation of theories, issues, and controversies, this edition presents cutting-edge, seminal research, as well as up-to-the-minute policy and newsworthy examples. Still the gold standard for criminology courses, Siegel's text now addresses contemporary topics such as transnational/global crime, political crimes, green crime and green criminology, and the new millennium order of criminality. With its updates and array of supplements, CRIMINOLOGY, Eleventh Edition, offers a powerful set of teaching and learning tools for instructors and students alike. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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