Alexander To Constantine

Author : Eric M. Meyers
ISBN : 9780300174830
Genre : Social Science
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Drawing on the most recent, groundbreaking archaeological research, Eric M. Meyers and Mark A. Chancey re-narrate the history of ancient Palestine in this richly illustrated and expertly integrated book. Spanning from the conquest of Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE until the reign of the Roman emperor Constantine in the fourth century CE, they synthesize archaeological evidence with ancient literary sources (including the Bible) to offer a sustained overview of the tumultuous intellectual and religious changes that impacted world history during the Greco-Roman period. The authors demonstrate how the transformation of the ancient Near East under the influence of the Greeks and then the Romans led to foundational changes in both the material and intellectual worlds of the Levant. Palestine's subjection to Hellenistic kingdoms, its rule by the Hasmonean and Herodian dynasties, the two disastrous Jewish revolts against Rome, and its full incorporation into the Roman Empire provide a background for the emergence of Christianity. The authors observe in the archaeological record how Judaism and Christianity were virtually undistinguishable for centuries, until the rise of imperial Christianity with Emperor Constantine. The only book-length overview available that focuses on the archaeology of Palestine in this period, this comprehensive and powerfully illuminating work sheds new light on the lands of the Bible.
Category: Social Science

De Introducing The New Testament

Author : Todd Penner
ISBN : 9781118432969
Genre : Religion
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In De-Introducing the New Testament, the authors argue for a renewed commitment to the defamiliarizing power of New Testament studies and a reclaiming of the discipline as one that exemplifies the best practices of the humanities. A new approach that asks us to ‘defamiliarize’ what we think we know about the New Testament, articulating themes and questions about its study that encourage further reflection and engagement Looks behind the traditional ways in which the NT is “introduced” to critically engage the conceptual framework of the field as a whole Provides a critical intervention into several methodological impasses in contemporary NT scholarship Offers an appraisal of the relationship between economics and culture in the production of NT scholarship Written in a style that is clear and concise, ideal for student readership
Category: Religion

Matthew And The Mishnah

Author : Akiva Cohen
ISBN : 3161499603
Genre : Religion
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Akiva Cohen investigates the general research question: how do the authors of religious texts reconstruct their community identity and ethos in the absence of their central cult? His particular socio-historical focus of this more general question is: how do the respective authors of the Gospel according to Matthew, and the editor(s) of the Mishnah redefine their group identities following the destruction of the Second Temple? Cohen further examines how, after the Destruction, both the Matthean and the Mishnaic communities found and articulated their renewed community bearings and a new sense of vision through each of their respective author/redactor's foundational texts. The context of this study is thus that of an inner-Jewish phenomenon; two Jewish groups seeking to (re-)establish their community identity and ethos without the physical temple that had been the cultic center of their cosmos.
Category: Religion

Galilee In The Late Second Temple And Mishnaic Periods

Author : David A. Fiensy
ISBN : 9781451466744
Genre : Religion
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This first of two volumes on ancient Galilee provides general surveys of modern studies of Galilee and of Galilean history followed by specialized studies on taxation, ethnicity, religious practices, road system, trade and markets, education, health, village life, houses, and the urban-rural ivide. The volume draws on the expertise of archaeologists, historians, biblical scholars, and social-science interpreters; Christians, Jews, and secular scholars; North Americans, Europeans, and Israelis; and those who have devoted a significant amount of time and energy in this research, especially those who have excavated in Galilee for many years. A key goal of this volume and its companion volume devoted to the archaeological record of towns and villages is to make this information easily accessible to New Testament scholars and Mishnah scholars not familiar with these materials while also usable to the average interested reader. Includes several images, figures, charts, and maps.
Category: Religion

The Invention Of Judaism

Author : John J. Collins
ISBN : 9780520967366
Genre : Religion
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Most people understand Judaism to be the Torah and the Torah to be Judaism. However, in The Invention of Judaism, John J. Collins persuasively argues this was not always the case. The Torah became the touchstone for most of Judaism’s adherents only in the hands of the rabbis of late antiquity. For 600 years prior, from the Babylonian Exile to the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, there was enormous variation in the way the Torah was understood. Collins provides a comprehensive account of the role of the Torah in ancient Judaism, exploring key moments in its history, beginning with the formation of Deuteronomy and continuing through the Maccabean revolt and the rise of Jewish sectarianism and early Christianity.
Category: Religion

Archaeology Of The Land Of The Bible

Author : Amihai Mazar
ISBN : 030014007X
Genre : Religion
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Step-by-step, era-by-era, Mazar shows what each major archaeological discovery has to say about the mysterious stories of the Bible--from the beginnings of recorded of human habitation to the tumultuous period of the divided monarchy of Israel and Judah.
Category: Religion

Eine Kurze Weltgeschichte F R Junge Leser

Author : Ernst H. Gombrich
ISBN : 9783832186395
Genre : History
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Spannend, pointiert, vielschichtig und kenntnisreich wird die Entwicklung der Menschheit von den Höhlenmenschen bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg geschildert. Ernst H. Gombrichs Weltgeschichte ist längst ein Klassiker geworden.
Category: History

Religio Licita

Author : Görge K. Hasselhoff
ISBN : 9783110410051
Genre : Religion
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Der Band thematisiert die Frage, inwieweit die Bezeichnung Religio licita für das Judentum zulässig ist, und welche Relevanz sie für die Beschreibung des Verhältnisses von Römischem Staat zum Judentum hatte. Dies betrifft nicht allein das Judentum, sondern auch die Frage nach den Differenzierungsprozessen von Juden- und Christentum, auch, weil der Begriff selbst nur von christlichen Schriftstellern ab der Wende zum 3. Jahrhundert verwendet wird.
Category: Religion

Ma Vie Et Ma Pens E

Author : Albert Schweitzer
ISBN : 3952241903
Genre :
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Ma vie et ma pensee est une biographie ecrite par Albert Schweitzer lui-meme. Il livre aux lecteurs avec pudeur, mais d'une plume vigoureuse, sa vie et sa pensee. Une vie de travail, d'espoir, d'esperance, de gratitude envers tous ceux qui l'ont aide et compris: Sa femme, ses parents, ses amis et plus tard, ses medecins, ses infirmieres et tous les anonymes qui l'ont soutenu de longues annees durant. Connu surtout comme medecin de Lambarene, il parle de son enfance, des annees ou il etait etudiant et pasteur a Strasbourg, de son travail de musicien (ou activite musicale) et du philosophe qu'il restera toute sa vie. Aux nombreux commentaires et aussi aux critiques, Albert Schweitzer repond avec clarte, calme et serenite: -Le fait que les circonstances de mon existence aient cree de tant de manieres des conditions favorables a mon activite, me semble une grace dont je voudrais me rendre digne.- (7 mars 1931)