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Aircraft Operating Leasing

Author : Donal Patrick Hanley
ISBN : 9041160507
Genre : Law
File Size : 81.19 MB
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Aircraft Operating Leasing A Legal and Practical Analysis in the Context of Public and Private International Air Law, Second Edition Donal Patrick Hanley Although aircraft leasing is comparatively young as a commercial activity - less than forty years old in practical terms - already well over a quarter of the world's commercial aircraft fleet is leased. The legal significance of aircraft leasing is, therefore, growing very quickly. Bringing together the laws affecting both air travel and leasing can, however, be challenging. This book is the first to assume this task in a major focused way, thus providing invaluable expert guidance to practitioners handling aircraft lease agreements as well as to legal academics and students. In this second edition, the author examines the aircraft operating lease from both a legal and practical point of view and contextualizes it in light of the latest public and private international air law agreements, case law, statutes, and regulations from a variety of jurisdictions and current literature in the field: the obligations and rights of each party; failure to meet delivery condition before delivery; standby letters of credit and guarantees; regulatory constraints concerning aircraft registration or foreign remittances; manufacturer's warranties; possession and replacement of parts and engines; sub-leasing; damage to the aircraft and other loss to less∨ liability for damage to third parties; safety issues and lessor's liability for acts of the airli≠ the events that will entitle the lessor to terminate the contract and recover its asset; issues pertaining to enforcement of remedies; and governing law. The format broadly follows that of a typical aircraft operating lease. The author flags the principal legal issues to be considered in developing a standard form aircraft operating lease and makes recommendations in that regard. His approach balances the desired commercial outcome with the legal, or more theoretical, mandate to apply the law to disputes that may arise. An immensely useful supplement sets out a real example of a form of aircraft operating lease for a used aircraft, as used by a leading commercial aircraft leasing company. As a detailed examination of each part of the lease with particular reference to the impact on each term of relevant case law, statutes, regulations, and international treaties, this work greatly enhances understanding of the legal and practical aspects of the aircraft operating lease.
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Multimodal Transport Law

Author : Marian Hoeks
ISBN : 9789041132468
Genre : Law
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We only have to look around us on the road while we travel to work or home, or to use our eyes at a railway station to know that the transport of goods takes up a lot of the room our modern day infrastructures provide. Sometimes perhaps a little too much; nowadays congestion seems to be the rule rather than the exception. This is an uncomfortable side effect of the explosive growth freight transport has experienced the last few decades1. Modern day transport offers a considerable array of possibilities; possibilities that are for the most part taken for granted by the general public that enjoys their benefits. The average European would not be surprised to learn that the fruit on offer in the local supermarket originates from another continent for instance. The idea that most of the things we use in our daily routine stem from a distant source, such as a cell phone from Japan, a trendy pair of designer jeans made in China or a glass of Australian wine, seems completely natural to us. Clearly the contemporary transport industry offers us a lot of benefits besides such discomforts as congestion and pollution. In earlier times, before machinery such as the steam engine had been invented it was hardly cost effective or even feasible when it came to perishables to carry goods halfway around the world if they were not at least valuable and extraordinary2. The limitations set on trade by the transport structures available did more however than simply curtail the range of affordable products on offer for the public. They also had a negative effect on the location of the industry, limited transport possibilities and forced production to take place near or in heavily populated areas to secure the necessary workforce and market possibilities. After all, industrial decentralisation is only feasible if there is an infrastructure capable of supporting a cost effective movement of goods and employees3 ...
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The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook

Author : Ronald Scheinberg
ISBN : 9781351364218
Genre : Business & Economics
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The Commercial Aircraft Finance Handbook is a resource for every type of aircraft finance practitioner - seasoned and starter alike. The handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the multifaceted matters that arise in the process of financing commercial aircraft. The book clearly reviews the different topics on a high-level basis, and then explains the terminology used for each particular area of specialization.. It can be used as both a learning aid and reference resource. The area of commercial aircraft finance is multidisciplinary one, touching professionals across law, finance, insurance, and leasing (to name a few) and this book arms these diverse practitioners with a framework for knowing the questions and issues that should be considered in an aircraft financing transaction. This book will also provide practitioners just starting out in this field with an introduction to the myriad of topics in aircraft finance while providing more seasoned professionals with explanations of matters outside their normal area of expertise. As well, all practitioners will benefit from the resources provided in the appendices.
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The Principles And Practice Of International Aviation Law

Author : Brian F. Havel
ISBN : 9781139867504
Genre : Law
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The Principles and Practice of International Aviation Law provides an introduction to, and demystification of, the private and public dimensions of international aviation law. Unlike other global sectors, the air transport industry is not governed by a discrete area of the law, but by disparate transnational regulatory instruments. Everything from the routes that an international air carrier can serve to the acquisition of its fleet and its liability to passengers and shippers for incidents arising from its operations can be the object of bilateral and multilateral treaties that represent diverse and often contradictory interests. Beneath this are hundreds of domestic regulatory regimes that also apply national and international rules in disparate ways. The result is an agglomeration of legal cultures that can leave even experienced lawyers and academics perplexed. By combining classical doctrinal analysis with insights from newer disciplines such as international relations and economics, the book maps international aviation law's complex terrain for new and veteran observers alike.
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Author : Наталия Ерпылева
ISBN : 9785457818606
Genre : Law
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В учебнике комплексно исследуются важнейшие отрасли и институты международного частного права (МЧП). Автор анализирует их с позиции правового регулирования в российском законодательстве и международных договорах, применяя сравнительно-правовой метод. Это позволяет определить взаимосвязь и взаимовлияние таких источников МЧП, как национальное законодательство и международный договор, в условиях глобализации и интернационализации экономических отношений различных хозяйствующих субъектов. Материал изложен в соответствии с программой дисциплины «Международное частное право», утвержденной Федеральным государственным образовательным стандартом высшего профессионального образования. Помимо общих вопросов о предмете, методах, субъектах и источниках МЧП, собственности и интеллектуальной собственности, а также коллизионных нормах как основе правового регулирования международных частных отношений, в учебнике рассматриваются основные отрасли МЧП: международное коммерческое право, международное транспортное право, международное расчетное право, международный гражданский процесс, международный коммерческий арбитраж.Для студентов и аспирантов, обучающихся по специальности «Юриспруденция», преподавателей, практикующих юристов, а также всех тех, кто интересуется проблематикой международного частного права.
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Open Skies For Africa

Author : Charles E Schlumberger
ISBN : 0821382063
Genre : Business & Economics
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In Africa, where poor roads, ports, and railways often constrain efficient transportation, air transport holds great potential as a lever for economic growth and development. Yet Africa has suffered several decades of inefficient air services. Uncompetitive flag carriers, set up by newly independent African states, offered primarily intercontinental flights, while the domestic air service market remained underdeveloped and underserved. The 1999 pan-African treaty on liberalization of access to air transport markets, the Yamoussoukro Decision, attempted to address these shortcomings. Yet a decade later, only partial liberalization has been achieved. 'Open Skies for Africa: Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision' reviews progress made in carrying out the treaty and suggests ways in which the liberalization process can be encouraged. The book analyzes the completed and still-pending steps toward implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision, both on a pan-African level and within various regions. Special focus is given to the challenges posed by the poor aviation safety and security standards that exist in most African countries. Finally, the book measures the impact that certain policy steps of the Yamoussoukro Decision have had and evaluates the economic significance of air transportation and its full liberalization in Africa. The book concludes that the process of liberalizing African air services must continue, and provides policy recommendations for the way forward.
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Airline Deregulation And Laissez Faire Mythology

Author : Paul Stephen Dempsey
ISBN : 0899306934
Genre : Business & Economics
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While much of the literature on airline deregulation praises it as a successful adventure in public policy, Professors Dempsey and Goetz conclude that deregulation has failed to achieve any of its principal objectives: better service, more competition, or lower prices. Divided into four parts, their book assesses (1) the airlines, their corporate cultures, and the men who lead them, (2) free market economic theory and the political movement for deregulation, (3) the impact of deregulation on safety, service, concentration, and pricing, and (4) legislative solutions to the problems that have emerged.
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Aviation Policy Framework

Author : Great Britain: Department for Transport
ISBN : 0101858426
Genre : Business & Economics
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In July 2012, the Government consulted on its strategy for aviation, the draft Aviation Policy Framework. This final Aviation Policy Framework will fully replace the 2003 Air Transport White Paper (Cm.6046, ISBN 9780101604628) on aviation, alongside Government decisions following the recommendations of the Independent Airports Commission, established September 2012. The Aviation Policy Framework is underpinned by two core principles: (i) Collaboration: achieved by working together with industry, regulators, experts, local communities to identify workable solutions; (ii) Transparency: decision making based on clear, independent information and processes. The Framework Policy covers the following areas: (1) Supporting growth and benefits of aviation; (2) Managing aviation's environmental impacts, such as climate change and noise pollution; (3) The role of the Airports Commission; (4) Other aviation objectives, including: protecting passenger' rights; competition and regulation policy; airspace; safety; security and planning.
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