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Author : Michaela Mann
ISBN : 9783752807943
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 71.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ein Virus brach aus, der die Menschen in Untote verwandelt. Ein weit verbreitetes Szenario für eine Apokalypse, doch etwas ist hier vollkommen anders: es gibt bereits ein Heilmittel und eine Organisation, die alles im Griff zu haben scheint. Als Anastasia gebissen wird, glaubt sie sich daher bereits in Sicherheit. Was sie allerdings nicht weiß, ist, dass diese Organisation nicht annähernd so unschuldig ist, wie sie aussieht und auch das Heilmittel alles andere als perfekt ist. Auf der Suche nach ihrem Platz in dieser verstörenden Welt gerät Anastasia in immer größere Schwierigkeiten. Selbst ihre neu entdeckte Liebe fällt ihr in den Rücken. Wer wird zu ihr halten, wenn das Virus sie immer stärker verändert? "Ein wirklich grandioses Werk ..." Sonja/Shaaniel
Category: Young Adult Fiction


Author : Jessica Blank
ISBN : 0822224305
Genre : Drama
File Size : 85.97 MB
Format : PDF
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THE STORY: March 20, 2003. A date that the ordinary people of Iraq will never forget. A day that changed their lives forever: the day the Americans arrived in their country. Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen travelled to Jordan in June 2008 to find out
Category: Drama


Author : Andrea Cremer
ISBN : 9781101599426
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 44.83 MB
Format : PDF
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Picking up where Bloodrose left off, this short story delves into the aftermath of the final battle between the Searchers, the Keepers and the Guardians. Adne is haunted by her past actions, Logan is running for his life, and the Searchers still don’t feel safe. What they thought was the end of the War of All against All may just be the beginning of something even more sinister . . .
Category: Young Adult Fiction


Author : Keiah Ellis
ISBN : 9781615798629
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Leisa watched in dismay as the television screen flashed aerial pictures of the rescue workers trying to reach injured people in the train wreckage. Coverage of the breaking news story had interrupted her afternoon lineup of home and garden shows, as she swept the kitchen floor. She dropped her broom, and grabbed the remote. She turned the volume up, and held her breath as she listened for more information. She looked over at the clock and realized that it was very close to the time that her daughter's train was scheduled to arrive into town. Oh, please, God, don't let that be Annie's train! PLEASE let her be alright! she silently prayed. She jumped as the phone rang loudly beside her. She picked it up quickly, hoping that it was her daughter saying that she was fine and had been nowhere near the train accident. "Hello?" she said, anxiously. KEIAH ELLIS is a passionate, young author from Shreveport, Louisiana. She is thrilled about the completion of her first novel, which she envisions to be the first in a series. Aside from her love of writing, she is a self-proclaimed foodie whose favorite pastimes include cooking, eating, entertaining, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves music, and sings in the Praise and Worship ministry with her dad at their church. She has a heart for teenage girls, and has a vision to start her own women's ministry in the very near future. At 25 years old, she is the younger of two sisters, and currently lives with her parents, who recently celebrated 30 years of marriage. She loves God with all her being, and strives daily to be a light in darkness, bringing glory to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with every opportunity she is presented!
Category: Fiction

Aftermath The Remnants Of War

Author : Donovan Webster
ISBN : 9780307797254
Genre : History
File Size : 85.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In riveting and revelatory detail, Aftermath documents the ways in which wars have transformed the terrain of the battlefield into landscapes of memory and enduring terror: in France, where millions of acres of farmland are cordoned off to all but a corps of demolition experts responsible for the undetonated bombs and mines of World War I that are now rising up in fields, gardens, and backyards; in a sixty-square-mile area outside Stalingrad that was a cauldron of destruction in 1941 and is today an endless field of bones; in the Nevada deserts, where America waged a hidden nuclear war against itself in the 1950's, the results of which are only now becoming apparent; in Vietnam, where a nation's effort to remove the physical detritus of war has created psychological and genetic devastation; in Kuwait, where terrifyingly sophisticated warfare was followed by the Sisyphean task of making an uninhabitable desert capable of sustaining life. Aftermath excavates our century's darkest history, revealing that the destruction of the past remains deeply, inextricably embedded in the present.
Category: History


Author : Daniel Kanstroom
ISBN : 9780199911318
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 33.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Since 1996, when new, harsher deportation laws went into effect, the United States has deported millions of noncitizens back to their countries of origin. While the rights of immigrants-with or without legal status--as well as the appropriate pathway to legal status are the subject of much debate, hardly any attention has been paid to what actually happens to deportees once they "pass beyond our aid." In fact, we have fostered a new diaspora of deportees, many of whom are alone and isolated, with strong ties to their former communities in the United States. Daniel Kanstroom, author of the authoritative history of deportation, Deportation Nation, turns his attention here to the current deportation system of the United States and especially deportation's aftermath: the actual effects on individuals, families, U.S. communities, and the countries that must process and repatriate ever-increasing numbers of U.S. deportees. Few know that once deportees have been expelled to places like Guatemala, Cambodia, Haiti, and El Salvador, many face severe hardship, persecution and, in extreme instances, even death. Addressing a wide range of political, social, and legal issues, Kanstroom considers whether our deportation system "works" in any meaningful sense. He also asks a number of under-examined legal and philosophical questions: What is the relationship between the "rule of law" and the border? Where do rights begin and end? Do (or should) deportees ever have a "right to return"? After demonstrating that deportation in the U.S. remains an anachronistic, ad hoc, legally questionable affair, the book concludes with specific reform proposals for a more humane and rational deportation system.
Category: Political Science


Author : Dr Nicholas Martin
ISBN : 9781409473275
Genre : History
File Size : 69.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Focusing on three of the defining moments of the twentieth century – the end of the two World Wars and the collapse of the Iron Curtain – this volume presents a rich collection of authoritative essays, covering a wide range of thematic, regional, temporal and methodological perspectives. By re-examining the traumatic legacies of the century’s three major conflicts, the volume illuminates a number of recurrent yet differentiated ideas concerning memorialisation, mythologisation, mobilisation, commemoration and confrontation, reconstruction and representation in the aftermath of conflict. The post-conflict relationship between the living and the dead, the contestation of memories and legacies of war in cultural and political discourses, and the significance of generations are key threads binding the collection together. While not claiming to be the definitive study of so vast a subject, the collection nevertheless presents a series of enlightening historical and cultural perspectives from leading scholars in the field, and it pushes back the boundaries of the burgeoning field of the study of legacies and memories of war. Bringing together historians, literary scholars, political scientists and cultural studies experts to discuss the legacies and memories of war in Europe (1918–1945–1989), the collection makes an important contribution to the ongoing interdisciplinary conversation regarding the interwoven legacies of twentieth-century Europe’s three major conflicts.
Category: History


Author : Peter Robinson
ISBN : 9780330469364
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Sunday Times bestseller, Aftermath, is the twelfth novel in Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks series, following on from Cold is the Grave. Number 35 The Hill is an ordinary house in an ordinary street. But it is about to become infamous. When two police constables are sent to the house following a report of a domestic disturbance, they stumble upon a truly horrific scene. A scene which leaves one of them dead and the other fighting for her life and career. The identity of a serial killer, the Chameleon, has finally been revealed. But his capture is only the beginning of a shocking investigation that will test Inspector Alan Banks to the absolute limit.
Category: Fiction


Author : Craig Calhoun
ISBN : 9780814772836
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The global financial crisis showed deep problems with mainstream economic predictions. At the same time, it showed the vulnerability of the world's richest countries and the enormous potential of some poorer ones. China, India, Brazil and other countries are growing faster than Europe or America and they have weathered the crisis better. Will they be new world leaders? And is their growth due to following conventional economic guidelines or instead to strong state leadership and sometimes protectionism? These issues are basic not only to the question of which countries will grow in coming decades but to likely conflicts over global trade policy, currency standards, and economic cooperation. The Possible Futures Series gathers together the great minds of social science to address the significance of the global economic crisis in a series of short, accessible books. Each volume takes on the past, present and future of this crisis, suggesting that the crisis has an informative history, that the consequences could be much more basic than stock declines, and that only fundamental changes - not fiscal band aids - can hold off future repetitions.
Category: Business & Economics

Aftermath Stories

Author : Scott Nadelson
ISBN : 9780983477525
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.51 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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THE CHARACTERS IN SCOTT NADELSON’S third collection are living in the wake of momentous events-- the rupture of relationships, the loss of loved ones, the dissolution of dreams, and yet they find new ways of forging on with their lives, making accommodations that are sometimes delusional, sometimes destructive, sometimes even healthy. In “Oslo,” a thirteen-year-old boy on a trip to Israel with his grandparents grapples with his father’s abandonment and his own rocky coming-of-age. In “The Old Uniform,” a young man left by his fiancée revisits the haunts of his single days, and on a drunken march through nighttime Brooklyn, begins to shed the false selves that have kept him from fully living. And in the title story, a couple testing out the waters of trial separation quickly discover how deeply the fault lines of their marriage run and how desperately they want to hang onto what remains. Mining Nadelson’s familiar territory of Jewish suburban New Jersey, these fearless, funny, and quietly moving stories explore the treacherous crossroads where disappointments meet unfulfilled desire.
Category: Fiction