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Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels

Author : Nina Fonstein
ISBN : 9783319191652
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The book covers all types of advanced high strength steels ranging from dual-phase, TRIP. Complex phase, martensitic, TWIP steels to third generation steels, including promising candidates as carbide free bainitic steels, med Mn and Quenching & Partitioning processed steels. The author presents fundamentals of physical metallurgy of key features of structure and relationship of structure constituents with mechanical properties as well as basics of processing AHSS starting from most important features of intercritical heat treatment, with focus on critical phase transformations and influence of alloying and microalloying. This book intends to summarize the existing knowledge to show how it can be utilized for optimization and adaption of steel composition, processing, and for additional improvement of steel properties that should be recommended to engineering personal of steel designers, producers and end users of AHSS as well as to students of colleges and Universities who deal with materials for auto industry.
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Advanced High Strength Steel

Author : Tapas Kumar Roy
ISBN : 9789811078927
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 85.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume comprises select proceedings of the AHSS 2017 conference. AHSS is an instrumental event in creating a platform for exchanging recent thoughts and results among a selective group of researchers working in the area of steel science and engineering. Twenty two selected papers have been included in this volume. This book will serve as a reference to many practitioners and researchers working in the areas of steel strength, characterization, and applications.
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Welding And Joining Of Advanced High Strength Steels Ahss

Author : Mahadev Shome
ISBN : 9780857098580
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.21 MB
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Welding and Joining of Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS): The Automotive Industry discusses the ways advanced high strength steels (AHSS) are key to weight reduction in sectors such as automotive engineering. It includes a discussion on how welding can alter the microstructure in the heat affected zone, producing either excessive hardening or softening, and how these local changes create potential weaknesses that can lead to failure. This text reviews the range of welding and other joining technologies for AHSS and how they can be best used to maximize the potential of AHSS. Reviews the properties and manufacturing techniques of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) Examines welding processes, performance, and fatigue in AHSS Focuses on AHSS welding and joining within the automotive industry
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Microstructure And Texture In Steels

Author : Arunansu Haldar
ISBN : 9781848824546
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 49.75 MB
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Microstructure and Texture in Steels and Other Materials comprises a collection of articles pertaining to experimental and theoretical aspects of the evolution of crystallographic texture and microstructure during processing of steels and some other materials. Among the topics covered is the processing-microstructure-texture-property relationship in various kinds of steels, including the latest grade. Special emphasis has been given to introduce recent advances in the characterization of texture and microstructure, as well as modeling. The papers included are written by well-known experts from academia and industrial R and D, which will provide the reader with state-of-the-art, in-depth knowledge of the subject. With these attributes, Microstructure and Texture in Steels and Other Materials is expected to serve the cause of creating awareness of current developments in microstructural science and materials engineering among academic and R and D personnel working in the field.
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Advanced High Strength Steel And Press Hardening

Author : Yisheng Zhang
ISBN : 9789813140639
Genre :
File Size : 75.47 MB
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This proceedings brings together one hundred and ten selected papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening (ICHSU2015), which was held in Changsha, China, during October 15–18, 2015. To satisfy the increasingly urgent requirement of reducing the weight of vehicle structures and increasing passenger safety, ICHSU2015 provided an excellent international platform for researchers to share their knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of advanced high strength steel and press hardening technology. This conference aroused great interests and attentions from domestic and foreign researchers in hot stamping field. Experts in this field from Australia, China, Germany and Sweden, contributed to the collection of research results and developments. The papers cover almost all the current topics of advanced high strength steel and press hardening technology. Contents:Materials & Testing I:Recent Developments and Challenges in Hot Stamping of Boron Steel (J P Lin, F F Li and J Y Min)Research on Grain Growth Behavior of Boron Steel (L F Song, M T Ma and G Fang)The Evolution of Oxidation Scales on 22MnB5 Hot Press Forming Steel during Rapid Heating (S J Yao, W J Liu, W B Gao, Z W Zhang and Y L Ding)Resistance Spot Welding Test of 1300HF Hot Forming Steel (Y H Hu, Z J Huang, R Ge and J G Hu)The Development of Data Processing Software for Dynamic Tension of Materials (Y Zhao, M T Ma, X M Wan, Q S Jin, J P Zhang and G Fang)Materials & Testing II:Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fe-18Mn-10Al-1.2C Steel (D Han, H Ding, Z H Cai, Z Q Wu and J Zhang)Research on Stamping Performanace of Dual Phase Steel in Tailor Welded Blanks (G C Liu, F Li, H C Zhu, C Wang, F X Xu and G Wang)Effect of Strain Path on the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of DP780 (Q J Zhao, G Fang, J P Zhang and Q S Jin)Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of DP Steel Sheets under Dynamic Loads (J P Zhang, G Fang, Q S Jin and M T Ma)Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Signal Characteristics of TRIP800 under Uniaxial Tension (Y Xu, B Zhu, Y L Wang, Y S Zhang and W Zhang)Modeling & Simulation:Metallo-Thermo-Mechanical Coupled Analysis of the Influence of Key Process Parameters on the Quality of Hot Stamping Component (W Zhang, Y G Liu, H R Gu, J C Jin, Y Zhang, J W Li and H B Wang)Finite Element Simulation for Hot Stamping of Automobile Pillar Inner Panel (F X Jin, Z Shen, Y Bian and Z P Zhong)Numerical Simulation on Cooling System of Hot Stamping Mold In B-Pillar (G J Chen, Y Zhang, W Shen, L J Qin, N Deng and X C Yao)Study on the Deflection Mechanicsm in Radial Ring Rolling (W X Hao, L H Song and C F Wang)Process Design:Tendency of Heat Treatment of Large Workpieces: Novel ATQ Technology (X W Zuo, N L Chen and Y H Rong)Research on High Strength Steel Hot Stamping Technology and Equipment (Y L Wang, B Zhu and Y S Zhang)Experiment and Simulation of Hot Stamping Tailor-Welded High Strength Steels (B T Tang, W Zheng and L L Huang)Development of Side Frame Beam with Hot Stamping Process (Q Yang, B Liu and Z T Zhu)Controlling Spring Back of High-Strength Steel Based on Shape Adjustable Bead (C Y Wang, X Y Zhang, C Dai, S Y Wang and F F Guo)Tribology & Tools:Tribology in Hot Stamping of Boron Steel Sheets (S Bruchi, A Ghiotti and F Medea)Understanding Wear Conditions during Hot Stamping (M P Pereira, A Abdollahpoor, B F Rolfe, P Zhang and C Wang)The Influence of Re Flow Ionitriding on Abrasion Resistance of H13 Mould Material (M T Ma, Z F Sun, X C Yao, W Shen and L F Song)Equipment:Advanced Design of Continuous Furnace for Hot Stamping Line (B Dvorak, J J Tawk and T Vit)New Trends of Laser Applications for Hot Forming Parts Manufacturing (J H Ji and P Wang)Robot-Based Automatic Dimension Inspection for Hot Stamping Parts (L Y Han, Z W Li, K Zhong, G M Zhan, Y J Huang, G Yang and M Zhou)Product Properties:The Application of Press Hardened Steel on Volvo XC90 Gen II (X M Wan, Y Zhao, Y Li and J Zhou)Optimization Design of Side Collision Performance in Whole Car Based on Advanced Hot StampingThe Exploring Research of A-Pillar Strength Tube Based on the Vehicle's Small Overlap Crashworthiness (B H Wang, T Q Fan, F Wang, Q J Zhao and Y Li)Performance Evaluation of Hot Pressed Front Bumper (J P Zhang, L F Song, G Y Wang, M T Ma)The Cold Bending Cracking Analysis of Hot Stamping Door Bumper (M T Ma, Y Zhao, H Z Lu, J Bian, A M Guo and Z F Dun)and other papers Readership: Researchers and Professionals in Advanced High Strength Steel and Press Hardening. Key Features:The proceedings collected together the latest late-breaking contributions funded by Chinese government research agencies in Material Science and Application, Mechanical EngineeringPrinted version of about 30 copies will be POD to meet the order form conference participants and authors alikeAdditional copies will be printed for marketing to include in their library package

Advanced High Strength Steels Application Guidelines V5

Author : Dr. Stuart Keeler, Sc.D.
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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These guidelines are the leading AHSS information resource for engineers and press shop personnel. Previous versions covered metallurgy, forming, and joining. Version 5.0 also reflects new content highlighting the broader materials portfolio, advanced fabrication technologies, and optimized joining processes. Applications of the latest steels by automotive OEM and supplier plants will proliferate during the next 10 years due to mass reduction, improved safety requirements, mandated gas mileages and customer demands. Currently vehicle applications have not nearly exhausted the breadth of AHSS grades available that can achieve lightweighting targets at less cost and five to 20 times less production emissions than alternative low density materials. This rapid increase in demand requires users of AHSS to quickly accumulate both basic understanding and application knowledge. AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 gathers that knowledge and experience in two volumes. Volume I includes metallurgy, forming and joining. Following the series of UltraLight programs* a decade ago, which influenced the growth of High-Strength Steels (HSS) and AHSS vehicle applications around the globe, WorldAutoSteel formed a special working group of expert members from major steel companies globally to create the first AHSS Guidelines. The publication explains how and why AHSS steels are different from traditional higher strength steels in terms of formability capabilities, fabrication, and joining. Over the last decade the size of each revised document increased as more knowledge was accumulated. The last document (Version 4.1) was published in June 2009. During the last five years, additional research and press shop experiences have resulted in even greater understanding of these unique steels. AHSS Guidelines Version 5.0 was created to capture this additional knowledge, as well as lessons learned from the FutureSteelVehicle (FSV) program. This update doubles the size of the previous volume, with a vast amount of new hands-on experience from the design and manufacturing of AHSS vehicle applications. Technical editors for AHSS Guidelines Version 5 are Stuart Keeler, Sc.D. Mechanical Metallurgy, who has served in this role since the first publication, and Menachem Kimchi, M.Sc. Welding Engineering, who contributed a wealth of joining information to Version 5.0.
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Advanced High Strength Steels

Author : Mahmoud Y. Demeri
ISBN : 9781627080057
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 20.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examines the types, microstructures and attributes of AHSSAlso reviews the current and future applications, the benefits, trends and environmental and sustainability issues.
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