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Adult Bullying

Author : Peter Randall
ISBN : 9781134799640
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 76.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The frequency and severity of personal harrassment is a problem that is only just beginning to be uncovered. In Adult Bullying, psychologist Peter Randall uses the voices of both bullies and victims to reveal the misery that many adults endure. He describes the processes that turn child bullies into adult bullies, often aware of their behaviour but unable to stop it. The workplace and the neighbourhood replace the playground, but the tactics and patterns of reward remain the same. The adult victim has little or no more power than the child counterpart, often changing jobs to escape the attentions of the bully. Similarly, managers like teachers, often fail to tackle the complaints of the victim with the seriousness the problem deserves, preferring to believe that the fuss is unwarranted. Adult Bullying will be welcomed by managers, counsellors, social workers and anyone who has experienced personal harrassment. Effective ways to deal with bullying in the community and the workplace are discussed, with particular attention given to the implications for managers and employees.
Category: Psychology

Bullying In Adulthood

Author : Peter Randall
ISBN : 9781134560875
Genre : Medical
File Size : 65.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Peter Randall's first book, Adult Bullying, was one of the first books to examine the various situations in which adult bullying occurs, the forms it takes, and how it can be identified and dealt with more efficiently, particularly in workplace settings. Since that title was published, there has been more awareness of the extent of adult bullying. In Bullying in Adulthood: Assessing the Bullies and their Victims, other aspects of the problem are examined, such as research and clinical issues, and in particular, assessment of bullies and victims and the background factors to such behaviour. This has become increasingly important as the problem begins to be appreciated and addressed within therapeutic, social and legal arenas. A number of strategies are suggested both for dealing with bullying and victim behaviour and for monitoring situations, for example by employers to see if problems improve. To assist in this process Peter Randall proposes a model of adult bullying which enables clinicians and human resources specialists to determine which factors are influential in individual cases. This book will appeal to practitioners and researchers in clinical/counselling psychology, counsellors, managers/human resources staff and social workers.
Category: Medical

Adult Bullying In The Age Of Social Media

Author : Mandy Warchola
ISBN : 1537220276
Genre :
File Size : 71.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Social Media has created a whole new platform for bullying. While a number of publications refer to children being bullied, or workplace bullying, very little addresses the little known area of Adult Bullies and Mobbing. Sound, effective strategies are offered to recover from the painful experience of being mobbed by a group. This book provides an excellent overview and understanding of how someone can be bullied, mobbed and ostracized, while the bullies remains anonymous. It also covers the devastating effects of Mobbing, which can lead to rapid declining mental and physical health, and ultimately suicide. The influence of the bully over the group is highlighted by comparisons and examples of pack behavior. Knowing there are options, and that others have experienced bullying and mobbing, and have survived, can bring comfort to someone who is currently experiencing mobbing. Mobbing is abusive, destructive, aggressive and completely overlooked, while the victims languish in silence. This book includes the very personal experiences of the author who suffered with the shame and despair of a social mobbing, affecting every area of her life, right up to the point of attempting suicide. Mobbing needs to be recognized as a criminal offense. There is a need for the public to wake up to the immense damage and very ignored aspect of mobbing as pertaining to modern society, acknowledging the victims and holding the perpetrators accountable.

Beat The Bully

Author : Alex Gadd
ISBN : 9780955989919
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 86.75 MB
Format : PDF
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When it comes to bullying, there is a vast amount of information written on this topic. Unfortunately most of the research and advice has been written with regards to bullying amongst children, within the school playground, etc. Unfortunately many bullies don't grow out of this mind-set and as such, end up as adult bullies and unfortunately, there is not much advice on how to deal with an adult bully! In Beat The Bully, you will learn what exactly a bully is and discover a simple test to see whether you are being bullied or not. Yet most importantly, you will discover the techniques that you can put in place to stop the bullying once and for all, no matter what type of bully is targeting you. Even if you don't believe that you are being targeted by a bully, the tools in this book will provide you with the resources so that if you ever are, you will not be powerless.
Category: Self-Help

Preventing Bullying Through Science Policy And Practice

Author : National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN : 9780309440707
Genre : Law
File Size : 36.14 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bullying has long been tolerated as a rite of passage among children and adolescents. There is an implication that individuals who are bullied must have "asked for" this type of treatment, or deserved it. Sometimes, even the child who is bullied begins to internalize this idea. For many years, there has been a general acceptance and collective shrug when it comes to a child or adolescent with greater social capital or power pushing around a child perceived as subordinate. But bullying is not developmentally appropriate; it should not be considered a normal part of the typical social grouping that occurs throughout a child's life. Although bullying behavior endures through generations, the milieu is changing. Historically, bulling has occurred at school, the physical setting in which most of childhood is centered and the primary source for peer group formation. In recent years, however, the physical setting is not the only place bullying is occurring. Technology allows for an entirely new type of digital electronic aggression, cyberbullying, which takes place through chat rooms, instant messaging, social media, and other forms of digital electronic communication. Composition of peer groups, shifting demographics, changing societal norms, and modern technology are contextual factors that must be considered to understand and effectively react to bullying in the United States. Youth are embedded in multiple contexts and each of these contexts interacts with individual characteristics of youth in ways that either exacerbate or attenuate the association between these individual characteristics and bullying perpetration or victimization. Recognizing that bullying behavior is a major public health problem that demands the concerted and coordinated time and attention of parents, educators and school administrators, health care providers, policy makers, families, and others concerned with the care of children, this report evaluates the state of the science on biological and psychosocial consequences of peer victimization and the risk and protective factors that either increase or decrease peer victimization behavior and consequences.
Category: Law

Preventing And Treating Bullying And Victimization

Author : Eric Vernberg
ISBN : 0199714665
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 59.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Research evidence on bully-victim problems has accumulated rapidly in recent years. From this, there is little doubt that prolonged involvement in bullying, as a perpetrator, victim, or, not uncommonly, as both a perpetrator and target of bullying, conveys risk for many aspects of development. As in many emerging areas of psychological science, diverse research efforts evolved more or less independently, producing a very large and rich body of knowledge, but making it difficult to gain a comprehensive, integrated view of the overall evidence base. Preventing and Treating Bullying and Victimization looks across the sometimes disparate perspectives from school, clinical, and developmental researchers and professionals with an eye towards describing and integrating current knowledge into a guide for evidence-based practices and further research. The authors offer new directions for understanding this complex problem and for enhancing intervention approaches. This edited book is comprised of three sections: Theoretical Perspectives, Assessment and Intervention, and Recommendations for Policy, Practice, and Research. It is of interest to a number of professions and disciplines including clinical, developmental, counseling, and school psychologists, social workers, school administrators and educators, and public officials involved in setting policies.
Category: Psychology

Perspectives On Bullying

Author : Dr. Roland Maiuro, PhD
ISBN : 9780826194633
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 84.48 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book, featuring acclaimed research articles on cyber, childhood, and workplace bullying from the peer-reviewed journal Violence and Victims, provides comprehensive coverage of bullying from expert researchers in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, sociology, criminology, counseling, and social work. It reflects our broadening perspectives on bullying that go beyond the archetype of the schoolyard bully, and addresses bullying in adolescence, adulthood, the workplace, and online settings. Authors present research related to predictive factors for bullying, victims and perpetrators of bullying, and prevention programs. They examine the relationship of gender to bullying and how bullying affects educational outcomes. Articles address the correlations between those who bully, their economic status, and family life. They discuss the burgeoning issue of cyberbullying, an issue for both adolescents and adults that is outpacing the legislation and solutions needed to cope with it. Articles consider issues of bullying in China and Germany, in metropolitan and rural settings. Teachers are not exempt from bullying, as discussed in a study of 70 teachers who were bullied by students. The articles also cover workplace bullying, a common scenario that can have deleterious affects not only on victim and perpetrator, but also on the work culture as a whole. Key Features: Disseminates the most acclaimed research articles on bullying from the peer-reviewed journal Victims and Violence Authored by well-known bullying experts from varied social science disciplines Covers physical bullying and cyberbullying of adults and children in school, the workplace, and other settings Presents research related to predictive factors and prevention programs Addresses bullying from an international perspective
Category: Family & Relationships

Workplace Bullying In The Nhs

Author : Jacqueline Randle
ISBN : 1857757831
Genre : Bullying in the workplace
File Size : 38.62 MB
Format : PDF
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This book helps general practitioners, health visitors and other professionals working in primary care to assess, manage and refer children and adolescents with mental health problems. School medical officers, social workers and educational psychologists, many of whom are in the front line of mental health provision for children and young people, will also find it particularly useful. Each problem is covered in a uniform way, with definitions, assessment outlines, detailed management options and indications for referral. Numerous case examples further illuminate aspects of many conditions. The book supports service provision in the new primary care environment, and forms a comprehensive practical guide to the full range of difficulties and disabilities affecting the mental health of children and young people.
Category: Bullying in the workplace


Author : Mathangi Subramanian
ISBN : 9780810890558
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 24.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book looks at the many forms of bullying, including sexual harassment, cyberbullying, and adults who bully teens. It offers suggestions to teens about what to do if they’re being bullied, what to do when they witness bullying, how to stop bullying, and even how to avoid becoming a bully.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Hostile Environment

Author : Susan Carter
ISBN : 9780739197233
Genre : Education
File Size : 28.6 MB
Format : PDF
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The Hostile Environment examines the latest psychological and educational research providing evidence that anti-bullying programs and school-based interventions lack intensity and a strong behavioral focus. This book includes information on characteristics and risk factors of bully perpetrators and victims, current laws and legal aspects of bullying, vulnerable populations of students such as students with disabilities and who are LGBT, and cyberbullying. Barriers to successful implementation of anti-bullying programs and societal problems are discussed. In light of recent state and federal anti-bullying legislation, now is an opportune time to examine the laws and evidence base with the intent of initiating significant changes in schools to interrupt the persistent cycle of bullying. A bold and new interdisciplinary model integrating teacher contracts and policies, increased mental health provisions for children and families, and communication between law enforcement and pediatricians is called for to change what has become a worldwide public health concern, a substantial disruption to the educational process, and a hostile environment in schools and communities.
Category: Education