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Accelerated Learning

Author : Ian Tuhovsky
ISBN : 1979453217
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Unleash the awesome power of your brain to achieve your true potential, learn anything, and enjoy greater success than you ever thought possible. Packed with proven methods that help you significantly improve your memory and develop simple-yet-powerful learning methods, Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques is the only brain training manual you'll ever need to master new skills, become an expert in any subject, and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Easy Step-by-Step Instructions Anyone Can Use Immediately - Student preparing for crucial exams? - Parent looking to better understand, encourage, and support your child's learning? - Career professional hoping to develop new skills to land that dream job? Whoever you are and whatever your reason for wanting to improve your memory, Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques will show you exactly how to do it with simple, actionable tasks that you can use to help you: Destroy your misconceptions that learning is difficult - leaving you free to fairly pursue your biggest passions. Stop procrastinating forever, eliminate distractions entirely, and supercharge your focus, no matter what the task at hand. Cut the amount of time it takes you to study effectively and enjoy more time away from your textbooks. Give yourself the best chance of success by creating your own optimal learning environment. Everything you'll learn in this book can be implemented immediately regardless of your academic background, age, or circumstances, so no matter who you are, you can start changing your life for the better RIGHT NOW. Take control of your future with life-changing learning skills. Self-doubt is often one of the biggest barriers people face in realizing their full potential and enjoying true success. In Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques, you'll not only find out how to overcome that self-doubt, but also how to thrive in any learning environment with scientifically-proven tools and techniques. You'll also discover: How to use an ancient Roman method for flawless memorization of long speeches and complex information The secret to never forgetting anyone's name ever again. The easy way to learn an entirely new language, no matter how complex. The reason why flashcards, mind maps, and mnemonic devices haven't worked for you in the past - and how to change that. The simple speed-reading techniques you can use to absorb information faster. How to cut the amount of time it takes you to study effectively and enjoy more time away from your textbooks. The truth about binaural beats and whether they can help you focus. How to effectively cram any exam (in case of emergencies!). ...And much more! Discover the hidden secrets of accelerated learning and unleash your true potential by clicking the BUY NOW button.

The Science Of Accelerated Learning

Author : Peter Hollins
ISBN : 1981329323
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Make learning: painless, exciting, habitual, and self-motivating. Absorb info like a human sponge. We've never been taught how to learn, and that's a shame. This book is the key to reversing all the misconceptions you have and making learning fun again. Scientifically-proven, step-by-step methods for effective learning. The Science of Accelerated Learning is not a textbook - it's a guidebook for your journeys in learning. It will show you the most effective methods, the pitfalls we must avoid, and the habits we must cultivate. This book is highly organized and addresses all phases of the learning process, from creating a positive environment, to the biological basis of memory, to learning theories, and more. It borrows from multiple scientific disciplines to present comprehensive techniques to simply learn more, faster. Master your approach and save countless hours. Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience. Smarter, faster, and better ways to achieve expertise. -The physical and psychological pre-conditions to effective learning. -How our memory works and how to make it work for you. -The learning techniques that work - with evidence. -How to never need to cram again. Tame distractions and procrastination through specialized habits. -Why Einstein loved to play violin while working. -The learning mistakes you are probably committing right now. -Steps to building true expertise. -How to teach effectively, and teach to learn. Outpace others, beat the competition, and get where you want to go in record time. Learning to learn is one of the most valuable skills you will ever possess because it unlocks everything you want in life. You will achieve: better grades, better work product, better relationships, more enjoyable hobbies, and each day you will grow closer to the life you truly want. It unlocks the paths you can take, and it unlocks the happiness you can potentially feel. Learning is growing, and life without growing is not a life worth living. Save your valuable time by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page.

Self Discipline

Author : Ian Tuhovsky
ISBN : 1547000627
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This Mindset and Exercises Will Help You Build Everlasting Self-Discipline and Unbeatable Willpower Imagine that you have this rare kind of power that enables you to maintain iron resolve, crystal clarity, and everyday focus to gradually realize all of your dreams by consistently ticking one goal after another off your to-do list. Way too often, people and their minds don''t really play in one team. Wouldn''t that be profoundly life-changing to utilize that power to make the best partners with your brain? This rare kind of power is a mindset. The way you think, the way you perceive and handle both the world around you and your inner reality, will ultimately determine the quality of your life. A single shift in your perception can trigger meaningful results. Life can be tough. Whenever we turn, there are obstacles blocking our way. Some are caused by our environment, and some by ourselves. Yet, we all know people who are able to overcome them consistently, and, simply speaking, become successful. And stay there! What really elevates a regular Joe or Jane to superhero status is the laser-sharp focus, perseverance, and the ability to keep on going when everyone else would have quit. I have, for a long time, studied the lives of the most disciplined people on this planet. In this book, you are going to learn their secrets. No matter if your goals are financial, sport, relationship, or habit-changing oriented, this book covers it all. Today, I want to share with you the science-based insights and field-tested methods that have helped me, my friends, and my clients change their lives and become real-life go-getters. Here are some of the things you will learn from this book: -What the "positive thinking trap" means, and how exactly should you use the power of positivity to actually help yourself instead of holding yourself back? -What truly makes us happy and how does that relate to success? Is it money? Social position? Friends, family? Health? No. There''s actually something bigger, deeper, and much more fundamental behind our happiness. You will be surprised to find out what the factor that ultimately drives us and keeps us going is, and this discovery can greatly improve your life. -Why our Western perception of both happiness and success are fundamentally wrong, and how those misperceptions can kill your chances of succeeding? -Why relying on willpower and motivation is a very bad idea, and what to hold on to instead? This is as important as using only the best gasoline in a top-grade sports car. Fill its engine with a moped fuel and keep the engine oil level low, and it won''t get far. Your mind is this sports car engine. I will show you where to get this quality fuel from. -You will learn what the common denominator of the most successful and disciplined people on this planet is - Navy SEALS and other special forces, Shaolin monks, top performing CEOs and Athletes, they, in fact, have a lot in common. I studied their lives for a long time, and now, it''s time to share this knowledge with you. -Why your entire life can be viewed as a piece of training, and what are the rules of this training? -What the XX-th century Russian Nobel-Prize winner and long-forgotten genius Japanese psychotherapist can teach you about the importance of your emotions and utilizing them correctly in your quest to becoming a self-disciplined and a peaceful person? -How modern science can help you overcome temptation and empower your will, and why following strict and inconvenient diets or regimens can actually help you achieve your goals in the end? -How can you win by failing and why giving up on some of your goals can actually be a good thing? -How do we often become our own biggest enemies in achieving our goals and how to finally change it? -How to maintain your success once you achieve it? Free e-book inside: 120-page guide about Mindfulness.

Speed Reading

Author : Ian Tuchovsky
ISBN : 1502479559
Genre : Study Aids
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Reading is one of the most important skills for those who want to really succeed in life. No matter if your objective is to do great during your University exams, become a bestselling writer, or start your own business, you will have to read A LOT, and I mean it. Reading takes time. Time is our most valuable asset - nothing new here. You can always make money or meet new friends, but you will never be able to "make time". The only way to succeed and have a happy life without regrets is to use it wisely and learn how to manage and save it. In this book, I will take you through the dynamics of speed reading in a way you may have never imagined before. I'm here to preach the need for speed reading and make use of some of the principles that can steer your knowledge and productivity in the right direction. Learn How To Read 5 Times Faster, Remember Much More and Save Massive Time! I'm going to share with you the methods that I used. There are many, so everyone will find their way. This book has been designed to offer you the best points of a tried and tested formula - straight to the point, with no fluff and fillers. Regardless of the speed at which you read the text, this book is going to bring in transformation and change which will make your life easier. In This Book You Will Read About: -The History Of Speed Reading -Popular Speed Reading Myths -Environment and Preparation -How To Measure Your Reading Speed -Key Speed Reading Techniques -Reading Tips for Computer and Tablet -Common Reading Mistakes to Avoid -Easy and Effective Memory/Learning Techniques -Dealing with Tests and Diagrams -Practical Exercises and Eye Adjustments -Useful Links and Ideas -Diet -How to Track Your Progress -Proper Motivation and Mindset Table Of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: An Insight Into Speed Reading Chapter 2: Environment and Preparation Chapter 3: Key Speed Reading Techniques Chapter 4: The Habits That Will Help You Become A Speed Reader (+More Practical Exercises) Chapter 5: Do Not Give Up Conclusion Recommended Reading for You About The Author
Category: Study Aids

The Science Of Effective Communication

Author : Ian Tuhovsky
ISBN : 1981760431
Genre : Interpersonal communication
File Size : 35.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discover the powerful way to transform your relationships with friends, loved ones, and even co-workers, with proven strategies that you can put to work immediately on improving the way you communicate with anyone in any environment. From climbing the career ladder to making new friends, making the most of social situations, and even finding that special someone, communication is the powerful tool at your disposal to help you achieve the success you truly deserve. In The Science of Effective Communication, you'll learn how to develop and polish that tool so that no matter who you are, where you go, or what you do, you'll make an impact on everyone you meet for all the right reasons. Discover the Secrets Used By the World's Most Effective Communicators We all know that one person who positively lights up any room they walk into, who seem to get on with everyone they meet and who lead a blessed life as a result. Yet here's something you may not know: Those people aren't blessed with a skill that is off-limits to the rest of us. You too can learn the very same techniques used by everyone from Tony Robbins to Evan Carmichael to that one guy in your office who everyone loves, and put them to work in getting what you want - without bulldozing over everyone in your path. Step-by-Step Instructions to Supercharge Your Social Confidence The Science of Effective Communication is a fascinating, practical guide to making communication your true super power, packed with expert advice and easy-to-follow instructions on how to: Retrain your brain to develop powerful listening skills that will help you build better relationships with anyone and gain more value from your conversations. Make your voice more attractive to potential romantic partners. Mend broken relationships with family members, partners, and even work colleagues. Get your views heard by those in authority without being disrespectful. Thrive in any job interview and get that dream job. Your Complete Manual for Building Better Relationships With Everyone You Meet Bursting with actionable steps you can use IMMEDIATELY to transform the way you communicate, this compelling, highly effective book serves as your comprehensive guide to better communication, revealing exclusive tips to help you: Overcome 'Outsider Syndrome,' make friends, and flourish in any social situation Keep conversations flowing with anyone Make long-distance relationships not only work, but positively prosper Reap huge rewards from a digital detox And much, much more. Order The Science of Effective Communication today and get an exclusive free gift - the author's highly popular e-book on mindfulness. Hit the BUY NOW button above to unlock your natural charisma and finally succeed in any environment.
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Power Up Your Mind

Author : Bill Lucas
ISBN : 9781857884968
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 47.86 MB
Format : PDF
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Shows how everyone has the capacity to succeed and how most use only a small portion of their talents.
Category: Self-Help

Make It Stick

Author : Peter C. Brown
ISBN : 9780674729018
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Discusses the best methods of learning, describing how rereading and rote repetition are counterproductive and how such techniques as self-testing, spaced retrieval, and finding additional layers of information in new material can enhance learning.
Category: Education


Author : Alex Right
ISBN : 1522801855
Genre :
File Size : 67.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is required, without exception, by everyone who cares about their health and the productivity of the brain. Students need to develop the ability to handle vast amounts of information quickly, and easily move from the development of new subjects to their practical application, to develop knowledge of the most easy and effective way to achieve "excellent" in all their exams, to discover and nurture new talent. This book will help engineers and office workers to develop the ability to communicate with different people on any topic, gain self-confidence and determination to make important decisions, to achieve outstanding success in their work It will present information to entrepreneurs attracted by the ability to effectively manage their business, quickly and efficiently solve any problems, achieve success in any financial enterprises and to calculate any situation several moves ahead. The book will be indispensable for the pensioners who want to improve their health and discover the joy of a long happy life, to maintain an excellent intellectual and physical form throughout their life. As scientists have already long known, the activity of the brain - is the key to success and prosperity in any case, any activity, and any situations. This is the key to solving problems! This is not fiction. This is reality! With 5-10 minutes of exercise a day, you will develop truly phenomenal abilities that are inherent in every human being. Moreover, by having the right tools, you get the opportunity to train at any time and in any place convenient for you. Do not doubt that very soon you will witness a rapid positive change in your life, career and family relationships. This acquired knowledge will make your brain super-productive and help you better manage your life and will ensure the preservation of a clear mind and health for many years. Be among the lucky and successful people!

Better Memory Now

Author : Luis Echeverria
ISBN : 1544151926
Genre :
File Size : 53.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Why you Must Get the BETTER MEMORY NOW by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel: Memory Training Tips to Creatively Learn Anything Quickly, Improve Memory, and Ability to FocusBook to help you with your school studies, business, social, and personal life, RIGHT NOW! **Free Gift** Better Memory Now Video Series > You're guaranteed to see a dramatic memory improvement in your ability to memorize and remember all sorts of information including school material for students, business information for professionals, names and faces, memory competition material for memory athletes, and more if you follow the simple to learn 3 Step AE Mind Memory System! > Luis Angel went from having ADD and memory problems to competing in several International Memory Competitions and as part of Team USA in the World Memory Championship. He also coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a Gold Medal in the 2014 USA Memory Championship in one of the events! When you GET THIS BOOK TODAY, You will be learning from one of America's Top Memory Coaches how to apply the creative memory techniques that the top memory athletes use in order to use memorize any information quickly! Here are the Chapters in the book: SECTION I - THE AE MIND MEMORY SYSTEM Ch 1 - HI! My name is Luis Angel and My Memory Sucked! Ch 2 - Location Ch 3 - Visualize Ch 4 - Review SECTION II - POSITIVE MIND FOR SUCCESS Ch 5 - Mindset Ch 6 - Goals, Block Time, and Scheduling Ch 7 - Focus and Health SECTION III - MEMORY TRAINING Ch 8 - More Locations = More Storage Ch 9 - Names and Faces Ch 10 - Numbers: The Basics Ch 11 - Numbers: Double Digits Ch 12 - Everyday Memory -- Grocery Lists, Placed Keys, Parked Car, Street Names and Directions, Appointments and Important Dates Ch 13 - Accelerated Learning and Education -- Vocabulary Words, Reading and Comprehension, Give Speeches, Learn New Languages, Memorize Presidents, Memorize Table of Elements, and more... Section IV - MEMORY ATHLETES Ch 14 - Memory Competitions Ch 15 - Cards Ch 16 - Words Ch 17 - Numbers: Binary, New System, and Dates Ch 18 - Names and Faces: Competition In How to Win and Influence People, Dale Carnegie says, "Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language." I will walk you through actual examples with names and faces to help you with this all too important task of remembering the names of the people that you meet. As you will learn in this book, all of the top memory athletes will tell you that The Key to MEMORIZATION is VISUALIZATION! Your brain learns best when it can SEE the information that it wants to memorize and when it uses it's imagination to remember the given material. Who is this Book For: Business Professionals: Managers, Realtors, Attorneys, Doctors, Psychologist, Anyone in a leadership role and anyone that wants to see an increase in their sales business by making a memorable impact on your clients. Entertainment: Casting, TV Host, Actors, Directors, etc Education: Professors, Administrators, Principals, Students, etc Memory Athletes: Anyone who wants to compete in a memory competition If you want to Improve Your Memory and Ability to Focus in Any Capacity, Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!