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Next Generation Supply Chains

Author : Wolfgang Kersten
ISBN : 9783844298796
Genre : Science
File Size : 59.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Next Generation Supply Chains: Trends and Opportunities.
Category: Science

Avian Ancestors

Author : Federico Agnolin
ISBN : 9789400756373
Genre : Science
File Size : 42.36 MB
Format : PDF
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Although consensus exists among researchers that birds evolved from coelurosaurian theropods, paleontologists still debate the identification of the group of coelurosaurians that most closely approaches the common ancestor of birds. The last 20 years witnessed the discovery of a wide array of avian-like theropods that has considerably amplified the anatomical disparity among deinonychosaurians, some of which resemble Archaeopteryx more than Deinonychus. Among these newly discovered theropods that show remarkable bird-like characteristics are the four-winged theropods Microraptor and Anchiornis, and the unenlagiids Unenlagia, Buitreraptor, and Rahonavis. A bizarre group of minute-sized coelurosaurs, the Scansoriopterygidae, also exhibits some avian similarities that lead some authors to interpret them as more closely related to birds than other dinosaurs. With the aim to explore the phylogenetic relationships of these coelurosaurians and birds, we merged recently published integrative databases, resulting in significant changes in the topological distribution of taxa within Paraves. We present evidence that Dromaeosauridae, Microraptoria, Unenlagiidae, and Anchiornis + Xiaotingia form successive sister taxa of Aves, and that the Scansoriopterygidae are basal coelurosaurians not closely related to birds. The implications in the evolutionary sequence of anatomical characters leading to birds, including the origin of flight, are also considered in light of this new phylogenetic hypothesis.
Category: Science

Operations Research Proceedings 2005

Author : Hans-Dietrich Haasis
ISBN : 9783540325390
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume contains a selection of 128 papers presented in lectures during the international scientific symposium "Operations Research 2005" (OR 2005) held at the University of Bremen, September 7-9, 2005. This international conference took place under the auspices of the German Operations Research Society (GOR). The symposium had about 600 participants from countries all over the world. It attracted academics and practitioners working in various fields of Operations Research and provided them with the most recent advances in Operations Research as well as related areas in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science including the special interest streams Logistics and New Maritime Businesses. The program consisted of 3 plenary and 15 semi-plenary talks and about 400 contributed presentations selected by the program committee to be presented in 20 sections.
Category: Business & Economics

Noise And Vibration Mitigation For Rail Transportation Systems

Author : Tatsuo Maeda
ISBN : 9784431539278
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 69.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This volume contains the contributions to the 10th International Workshop on Railway Noise, held October 18–22, 2010, in Nagahama, Japan, organized by the Railway Technical Research Institute (RTRI), Japan. With 11 sessions and 3 poster sessions, the workshop featured presentations by international leaders in the field of railway noise and vibration. All subjects relating to 1. prospects, legal regulation, and perception; 2. wheel and rail noise; 3. structure-borne noise and squeal noise; 4. ground-borne vibration; 5. aerodynamic noise and micro-pressure waves from tunnel portals; 6. interior noise and sound barriers; and 7. prediction, measurements, and monitoring are addressed here. This book is a useful “state-of-the-art” reference for scientists and engineers involved in solving environmental problems of railways.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Better German

Author : Christian Otto
ISBN : 1842850784
Genre : Education
File Size : 50.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Many people learn German for years at school, only to reach a plateau beyond which they never emerge. This book is an effective short-cut to fluency in German. It helps the intermediate reader reach fluency by showing them the right way to use problem words & addresses the subtleties of the language.
Category: Education

Hypervolume Based Search For Multiobjective Optimization Theory And Methods

Author : Johannes M. Bader
ISBN : 9781450579131
Genre : Computers
File Size : 64.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Most problems encountered in practice involve the optimization of multiple criteria. Usually, some of them are conflicting such that no single solution is simultaneously optimal with respect to all criteria, but instead many incomparable compromise solutions exist. In recent years, evidence has accumulated showing that Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) are effective means of finding good approximate solutions to such problems. One of the crucial parts of EAs consists of repeatedly selecting suitable solutions. In this process, the two key issues are as follows: first, a solution that is better than another solution in all objectives should be preferred over the latter. Second, the diversity of solutions should be supported, whereby often user preference dictates what constitutes a good diversity. The hypervolume offers one possibility to achieve the two aspects; for this reason, it has been gaining increasing importance in recent years. The present thesis investigates three central topics of the hypervolume that are still unsolved: 1: Although more and more EAs use the hypervolume as selection criterion, the resulting distribution of points favored by the hypervolume has scarcely been investigated so far. Many studies only speculate about this question, and in parts contradict one another. 2: The computational load of the hypervolume calculation sharply increases the more criteria are considered. This hindered so far the application of the hypervolume to problems with more than about five criteria. 3: Often a crucial aspect is to maximize the robustness of solutions, which is characterized by how far the properties of a solution can degenerate when implemented in practice. So far, no attempt has been made to consider robustness of solutions within hypervolume-based search.
Category: Computers

Moses Mendelssohn S Metaphysics And Aesthetics

Author : Reinier Munk
ISBN : 9400724519
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents an extended dialogue in essay form between specialists in the work of Moses Mendelssohn, and experts in important trends in related late-seventeenth and eighteenth century thought. The first group of contributors explores themes in Mendelssohn’s metaphysics and aesthetics, presenting both their internal argumentative coherence and their historical context. The second outlines the context of Mendelssohn’s views on specific topics, and describes his contribution to the discussion of them. The essays are organized in four sections. The first pairs two essays on Mendelssohn’s theory of language and writing. The second section offers three essays addressing a number of topics in Mathematics and philosophy in Mendelssohn. A group of eight essays follows, dealing with Metaphysics in a historical context. The fourth section presents five essays discussing Mendelssohn’s Aesthetics in a historical context. Moses Mendelssohn’s Metaphysics and Aesthetics arises from a conference held in Amsterdam in 2009, which gathered numerous authorities to address the central theme. Taken together, these eighteen essays present a sophisticated portrait of Mendelssohn, packed with detail and rich in complexity.
Category: Philosophy

The Reception Of Copernicus Heliocentric Theory

Author : J. Dobrzycki
ISBN : 9789401576147
Genre : Science
File Size : 23.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1965 the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science founded the Nicolas Copernicus Committee whose main task was to explore the means by th which different nations could co-operate in celebrating the 5 centenary of the great scholar's birth. The committee initiated the publication of a collection of studies dealing with the effect that Copernicus' theory has had on scientific developments in centres of learning all over the world. An Editorial Board, consisting of J. Dobrzycki (Warsaw), J. R. Ravetz (Leeds), H. Sandblad (Goteborg) and B. Sticker (Hamburg), was nominated. We found that our initiative aroused a lively interest among Copernicus scholars; the present volume, with 11 articles by authors from nine American, Asian and European countries, contains the result of their research. It appears in the series 'Studia Coper nicana' by agreement with the Polish Academy of Science, and we hope to publish a number of other contributions in a subsequent volume. We are happy to say that our efforts have been fruitful and that this volume presents not only several in-depth studies, but also a more general survey of the rules governing the evolution of science, rules set within the framework of Copernicus' theory as it developed among various nations and in various scientific institutions over the centuries. It has been shown once again that, 500 years after his birth, the work of Copernicus remains a source of scientific interest and continues to stimulate fresh study and research.
Category: Science

Bernhard Riemann 1826 1866

Author : Detlef Laugwitz
ISBN : 9780817647773
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 66.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The name of Bernard Riemann is well known to mathematicians and physicists around the world. His name is indelibly stamped on the literature of mathematics and physics. This remarkable work, rich in insight and scholarship, is addressed to mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers interested in mathematics. It seeks to draw those readers closer to the underlying ideas of Riemann’s work and to the development of them in their historical context. This illuminating English-language version of the original German edition will be an important contribution to the literature of the history of mathematics.
Category: Mathematics

Deutsch Na Klar

Author : Robert Di Donato
ISBN : 007284552X
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 68.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 365
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Deutsch: Na klar! is an exciting, versatile and colorful program for introductory German courses. Deutsch: Na klar! motivates students and stimulates interest in the culture and language through its unique approach to authentic materials that illustrate vocabulary in context, communicative functions of grammatical structures and cultural points. The wide variety of activities and exercises, the easy-to-follow chapter structure and the wonderful array of multimedia supplements make Deutsch: Na klar! a favorite among a wide range of students and instructors.
Category: Foreign Language Study