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A Heart For The Work

Author : Claire L. Wendland
ISBN : 9780226893273
Genre : Medical
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Burnout is common among doctors in the West, so one might assume that a medical career in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, would place far greater strain on the idealism that drives many doctors. But, as A Heart for the Work makes clear, Malawian medical students learn to confront poverty creatively, experiencing fatigue and frustration but also joy and commitment on their way to becoming physicians. The first ethnography of medical training in the global South, Claire L. Wendland’s book is a moving and perceptive look at medicine in a world where the transnational movement of people and ideas creates both devastation and possibility. Wendland, a physician anthropologist, conducted extensive interviews and worked in wards, clinics, and operating theaters alongside the student doctors whose stories she relates. From the relative calm of Malawi’s College of Medicine to the turbulence of training at hospitals with gravely ill patients and dramatically inadequate supplies, staff, and technology, Wendland’s work reveals the way these young doctors engage the contradictions of their circumstances, shedding new light on debates about the effects of medical training, the impact of traditional healing, and the purposes of medicine.
Category: Medical

A Heart For Imbabura

Author : Charles W. Shepson
ISBN : 9781600669279
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 23.37 MB
Format : PDF
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A Heart For Imbabura: The Story of Evelyn Rychner is about persecution, romance, celebration—of the life and ministry of Evelyn Rychner, missionary to Ecuador, has it all. In spite of danger, hostility and indifference, God finally broke through in Imbabura Province."Slowly and deliberately Evelyn shoved the blazer into first gear and edged it forward, bodies against bumper; man against metal. Bloodshot eyes flashed hatred. Fists and clubs pummeled the vehicle. Evelyn tightened her grip on the steering wheel. With eyes locked on some point directly ahead, she pushed through the crowd and hurried on up the lonely road. A sigh of relief and a prayer of thanksgiving escaped her lips as she finally turned into the Mission compound. It had been a close call, and so near home, too. There had been too many close calls lately." Today, over 8000 Otavalan Indian believers in 20 churches lift up the Name of the Risen Christ in the Heart of Imbabura. They are living testimony to the faithfulness and commitment of some of God's choicest servants, among them Evelyn Rychner.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

A Heart For The City

Author : John Dr. Fuder
ISBN : 1575676648
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.33 MB
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Jesus is still the answer for urban ministries, for ministries to the downtrodden, poor, and distressed in our cities. A Heart for the City is a rich compendium of valuable information on city ministries written by people who are currently ministering in the city, including pastors, Christian school administrators, and directors of homeless missions. It includes many illustrations and case studies that will prove valuable to any who work in the city or who want to understand how to more effectively help in the city. There are 29 chapters, divided into the following seven parts: - Context and History - Biblical and Philosophical Foundations - Education and Training - Local Church Models - Ethnic Communities - Disenfranchised Subcultures - Children and Youth A Heart For the City is a unique treasure of encouragement for those serving in or those with a heart for the inner city. You will surely be blessed!
Category: Religion

A Heart For God

Author : Dr. J. C. O'Guin
ISBN : 9781329790612
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.42 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Jesus taught his followers to pray “Thy kingdom come”, which is prayed countless times all over the world every Sunday and more. What did Jesus mean by the phrase? Do we really know and understand what we are praying? A Heart for God dives into the phrase “Thy kingdom come”. The phrase contains within it a myriad of implications for living one’s life. The phrase contains within it a panoramic view of ideas informing and defining how Christians relate to God. And, “Thy Kingdom Come” in combination with the phrase “Thy will be done” acts as a pledge to God. It is this author’s hope you will move closer to God as you read A Heart for God.
Category: Religion

A Heart For Reformation

Author : C. Matthew McMahon
ISBN : 9781447556268
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book uses the historical context of Josiah and his reformation in Israel to aid the Christian in understanding the kind of heart that they have. What kind of heart do you have? This book explores the need for a Christian’s heart to beat after God’s Word and will. It is not a book solely about “Reformed Theology”, but rather, it teaches what it means to be a “reforming, covenanted Christian amidst God’s people and Word.” It asks the question “What is true, biblical reformation?” And it answers it in dealing with each compartment of the Christian life – church, home, work and the like.
Category: Religion

The Work Of Mercy

Author : Mark P. Shea
ISBN : 1616360097
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A fresh look at the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. If you’ve wondered what the corporal and spiritual works of mercy are--or you want to incorporate them more authentically into your interactions with others, this book is for you. Shea’s unique wit and wisdom permeate these pages, bringing the works of mercy alive in practical ways and dealing with the difficulties that arise when trying to apply them now. How, for instance, do we “ransom the captive” in our present day, much less think of it as a virtue and not as a capitulation to terrorists? In a civilization where the poor suffer from obesity, what do we do about the command to feed the hungry? What does it mean to forgive? This book tackles the works of mercy in a reverent way, with attention to the many puzzles and complications that arise for the faithful Catholic who tries to live out the works of mercy.
Category: Religion

A Heart For Every Fate

Author : George Gordon Byron Baron Byron
ISBN : 0674089529
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 83.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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George Gordon Byron was a superb letter-writer: almost all his letters, whatever the subject or whoever the recipient, are enlivened by his wit, his irony, his honesty, and the sharpness of his observation of people. They provide a vivid self-portrait of the man who, of all his contemporaries, seems to express attitudes and feelings most in tune with the twentieth century. In addition, they offer a mirror of his own time. This first collected edition of all Byronâe(tm)s known letters supersedes Protheroâe(tm)s incomplete edition at the turn of the century. It includes a considerable number of hitherto unpublished letters and the complete text of many that were bowdlerized by former editors for a variety of reasons. Protheroâe(tm)s edition included 1,198 letters. This edition has more than 3,000, over 80 percent of them transcribed entirely from the original manuscripts.Byronâe(tm)s brilliant epistolary saga approaches its end in this last full volume of his letters, from early October 1822 to his fateful departure for Greece in July 1823. During these months he was living in Genoa, with Teresa and her father and brother occupying an apartment in his house. Mary Shelley was staying with the Hunts in a house some distance away.Byron enlarged his circle of English acquaintances, but his liveliest correspondence was still with John Murray, Kinnaird, Hobhouse, and Moore. Of special interest are his frank letters, half flirtatious, to Lady Hardy, those to Trelawny and Mary Shelley, and a growing number to Leigh Hunt and his brother John (publisher of The Liberal and of Byronâe(tm)s poems after his break with Murray), discussing inter alia his thoughts about the continuation of Don Juan.There is irony in Byronâe(tm)s advice for a reconciliation between Webster and his wife Frances, whose matrimonial virtue Byron was proud to have spared in England. And there is pathos in his letters to his half-sister urging her and her children to join him in Italy, unaware that his missives to Augusta and her replies were scrutinized by Lady Byron. From April on, the letters are full of concern for support of the Greek forces and preparations for his departure.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Words Of Life May August 2012

Author : The Salvation Army
ISBN : 9781444703481
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The theme of WORDS OF LIFE for 2012 is faith. This edition looks at our 'Faith Journey'. Beginning with a series on prayer, we then have the Israelites moving into the Promised Land. Observing the rise of a united kingdom under King David, we see how human weakness can break even those close to God. After Ezra's story of reconstruction and regeneration, we consider the question of suffering in the compelling book of Job. Guest writer Major Sasmoko Hertjahjo (Indonesia) provides a beautiful Pentecost series. In the New Testament we explore God's story recorded by Matthew, along with the opening of John's Gospel; then, in Acts, see the good news spreading and the Church being started. In various psalms and proverbs, as well as hymns, we find that our faith journey is both corporate and personal.
Category: Religion

A Heart For Jesus

Author : Thomas D. Hall
ISBN : 9781412040600
Genre :
File Size : 51.54 MB
Format : PDF
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God has spoken to my heart and so inclined me to open the doors of my life and share my struggles and transformations as I have journeyed to develop A Heart for Jesus I am calling out to all who hunger to understand who they are in Christ and how we transform our lives as Christians. To all who are bound by the chains of repetitive sinful behavior even though you are saved. To all who are filled with guilt, shame and condemnation for their seeming inability to balance their lives. Finally, to all who are bound by the chains of addiction, and to all who are spiritually lost or unaware and hunger to find A Heart for Jesus. I want you to know that God's grace knows no boundaries! Walk with me as we seek peace and balance in our lives! Let my experience be your pain, let me spur you on to you calling. Together we will seek God while he can be found we will call upon him while he is near. My journey details how I came to know Christ, how we came to understand who we are in Christ and the process by which sanctification transforms us, from sinners to winners in Christ. We will discuss the importance of witnessing, our struggle to understand where God is in this chaotic world, and our call to balance our lives between who we say we are in Christ and how we actually live out each day. I intend to uncover for those who hunger spiritually, a true picture of our spiritual identity, how we go into training through Godly disciplines, who will tempt us, and five keys to victory in Christ. We will discuss spiritual gifts in detail; where they came from, why God gave them to us, and how we go about using them to create a Heart for Jesus. Through self examination and small group discussion we will understand why we still even though we are saved, how to stop sinning, how to pinpoint our character defects that allow Satan into our thought life and how we do battle with our sinful nature. Finally, we will determine what we value and how we exercise those values as we journey to develop a A Heart for Jesus.

A Heart For Any Fate

Author : Sally Russell
ISBN : 0865549575
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24.31 MB
Format : PDF
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Born in 1861, eldest in a while, middle-class Southern family that lost everything material in the American civil war, Richard Russell grew up consumed with ambition to make a name for himself. His dream was to found an outstanding family and to hold the three highest offices in Georgia: Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Governor, and United States senator. In striving for these ambitions, he married twice and ran for public office seventeen times. Although elected to lesser offices, he lost races for chief justice, governor, Congress, and the U.S. Senate. He was elected to the first Georgia Court of Appeals in 1906 and to the Supreme Court as chief justice in 1922. His first wife, Minnie Tyler, died in childbirth in 1886, leaving him bereft, but five years later he married again. With Ina Dillard he formed an exemplary marriage relationship that produced fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived to become responsible adults, credits to effective parenting. The eldest son, Richard Brevard Russell Jr., fulfilled the gubernatorial and senatorial dreams of his father, becoming governor of Georgia in 1931 and U.S. senator from Georgia in 1933, when he was thirty-five years old. He served thirty-seven years in the United States Senate and became Georgia's premier statesman of the twentieth century. Thanks to their father's emphasis on education and his willingness to pay for it, the Russell children studied law, medicine, the ministry and teaching and became respected professionals in their careers. The glory and difficulty of patriarchy come clear in this story of social and familial structures that both restricted and strengthened conscientious middle and upper-class white men of thepost-Civil War South.
Category: Biography & Autobiography