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A Happy Death

Author : Albert Camus
ISBN : 9780141914220
Genre : Fiction
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Is it possible to die a happy death? This is the central question of Camus's astonishing early novel, published posthumously and greeted as a major literary event. It tells the story of a young Algerian, Mersault, who defies society's rules by committing a murder and escaping punishment, then experimenting with different ways of life and finally dying a happy man. In many ways A Happy Death is a fascinating first sketch for The Outsider, but it can also be seen as a candid self-portrait, drawing on Camus's memories of his youth, travels and early relationships. It is infused with lyrical descriptions of the sun-drenched Algiers of his childhood - the place where, eventually, Mersault is able to find peace and die 'without anger, without hatred, without regret'.
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Happy Death

Author : Albert Camus
ISBN : 9780307827845
Genre : Fiction
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In his first novel, A Happy Death, written when he was in his early twenties and retrieved from his private papers following his death in I960, Albert Camus laid the foundation for The Stranger, focusing in both works on an Algerian clerk who kills a man in cold blood. But he also revealed himself to an extent that he never would in his later fiction. For if A Happy Death is the study of a rule-bound being shattering the fetters of his existence, it is also a remarkably candid portrait of its author as a young man. As the novel follows the protagonist, Patrice Mersault, to his victim's house -- and then, fleeing, in a journey that takes him through stages of exile, hedonism, privation, and death -it gives us a glimpse into the imagination of one of the great writers of the twentieth century. For here is the young Camus himself, in love with the sea and sun, enraptured by women yet disdainful of romantic love, and already formulating the philosophy of action and moral responsibility that would make him central to the thought of our time. Translated from the French by Richard Howard
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A Happy Death

Author : Albert Camus
ISBN : 9780679764007
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 35.79 MB
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The French author reveals his feelings of alienation in this novel about a young man's search for the key to facing death without fear
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Mrs Hunter S Happy Death

Author : John Fanestil
ISBN : 0307423735
Genre : Self-Help
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What is the secret of people who die contented and fulfilled? What makes it possible for them to attain such spiritual heights as they approach their physical demise? What enables them to make death a completion of life, rather than a tragic end? And what can they teach us about life and death, love and loss, grief and spiritual growth? The way we die, like the way we live, makes a difference—in our lives and the lives of others. From time to time during his work as a pastor, John Fanestil has witnessed someone dying with remarkable and uplifting grace. Fanestil was moved yet puzzled by the spirit of happiness and holiness he observed. Contemporary literature on dying, filled with talk of anger, acceptance, and forgiveness, provided little to explain it. But the chance discovery of articles about the ritual of the “happy death” in religious magazines from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought Fanestil the answers he sought. Mrs. Hunter’s Happy Death blends the captivating historical accounts Fanestil uncovered with his own pastoral experiences to reveal the secrets that enable people to transcend pain and suffering and embrace death as a completion of life, not as a tragic end. A fascinating introduction to a historic approach to death and its contemporary incarnations, Mrs. Hunter’s Happy Death also offers specific lessons on living and dying, from the “exercise of prayer” to the “labor of love” to “bearing testimony.” With the spread of in-home medical and hospice care, death is once again being embraced as a natural part of life, infused with profound emotional and spiritual dimensions. The inspiring stories in Mrs. Hunter’s Happy Death beautifully demonstrate that the way we die, like the way we live, makes a supreme difference—in our lives and in the lives of others. From the Hardcover edition.
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The Happy Birthday Of Death

Author : Gregory Corso
ISBN : 0811200272
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80.21 MB
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It is true that he has been one of the inner circle of the 'Beats' from the first, but many admirers of his poetry feel that it belongs quite as much to other and older traditions in world literature. One of these is the revival of pure poetry whenever an "original"--be it Rimbaud or Whitman--has broken with current verse conventions to give free rein to the magic of language. Another is that ancient pre-occupation of poets--the sense of the immediacy of death. Like Villon or Dylan Thomas, Corso lives close to the mystery of death. It is, perhaps, his central theme, on which variations ranging from the terrible to the comic are sounded. But Corso is seldom macabre. A bursting vitality always carries him back to the sensations of the living, though always it is the reality behind the obvious which has caught his eye. "How I love to probe life," Corso has written, "That's what poetry is to me, a wondrous prober... It's not the metre or measure of a line, a breath; not 'law' music; but the assembly of great eye sounds placed into an inspired measured idea."
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Passport To A Happy Death

Author : Diana Ingram
ISBN : 9780595294527
Genre : Family & Relationships
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It has often been said that the two things in life you can't avoid are death and taxes. While the IRS puts out numerous publications and there are CPAs and lawyers around every corner ready to dish out advice for the taxpayer, the best lawyer in the world can't get you out of dying. Death is the one trip we all take, with no tour guide or travel agent to hold our hand. Diana Ingram has written a much needed and uncommonly positive book to help us deal with death, both our own and those closest to us. Her work as a grief counselor and hospice volunteer has given Ingram a unique view of our last journey, all of which, along with extensive research, she has brought to this guide. Covering all aspects of death from the practical to the personal, Passport includes information on legal preparations, funeral services, Hospice care and religion. Ingram has even included a workbook to help you through what can be a daunting process. Passport to a Happy Death makes you think, prepare, and even laugh. Moreover it will help give peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. This is an altogether unique and useful read.
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Caligula And Three Other Plays

Author : Albert Camus
ISBN : 9780307827777
Genre : Drama
File Size : 32.61 MB
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Also includes The Misunderstanding, State of Siege, and The Just Assassins. Translated by Stuart Gilbert.
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Resistance Rebellion And Death

Author : Albert Camus
ISBN : 9780307827852
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.88 MB
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In the speech he gave upon accepting the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957, Albert Camus said that a writer "cannot serve today those who make history; he must serve those who are subject to it." And in these twenty-three political essays, he demonstrates his commitment to history's victims, from the fallen maquis of the French Resistance to the casualties of the Cold War. Resistance, Rebellion and Death displays Camus' rigorous moral intelligence addressing issues that range from colonial warfare in Algeria to the social cancer of capital punishment. But this stirring book is above all a reflection on the problem of freedom, and, as such, belongs in the same tradition as the works that gave Camus his reputation as the conscience of our century: The Stranger, The Rebel, and The Myth of Sisyphus.
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Happy Death Day The Lives And Deaths Of Ugk S Smoke D An Underground King Original

Author : Smoke D
ISBN : 1545613575
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 85.48 MB
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From gold to platinum status in hip-hop and southern gangsta rap, Smoke D's music and lyrics are known throughout the world. As a two- time convicted felon and an original member of (UGK) Underground Kings of Port Arthur, Texas. Smoke's life truths are pen unapologetically while being validated and confirmed by others he met along his tumultuous journey and musical career. In 1994, after the release of the smash hit single "Front Back & Side to Side" Smoke was sentenced with two -20 year sentences in two different states for manslaughter and drug trafficking. Prison was a necessity for Smoke's transformation in order to emerge as a profoundly conscious man to mentorship and ministry. Smoke's story illustrates the dramatic cause and effect of a culture of unsettled anger and violence. Happy Death Day reveals his deepest and darkest days of destruction and his plight toward redemption and another chance. Prison became God's place to foster growth: the experiences I went through in prison brought me to a higher level of understanding purpose. Happy Death Day is a book that provides surprisingly spiritual ammunition to fight the unseen war that uses silent spiritual weapons. Happy Death Day is soul and mind nutrition for the reader and every hip-hop and southern gangsta rap lover. Happy Death Day looks at the motivation and reality behind Smoke's lyrics, music, and facts on incarceration. My life was at a violent point that I often thought of death. Now, I see God in this life with the time I have left. My soul's main objective and overall goal is to bring life and light to a dark world that's cool. Whether you have been living 15 days to 500 years, no man can think any higher than his conscious level say's Smoke D. In this world always give the best of yourself; because dying isn't hard but living is a full time job remembering this one thing, it's not what you take with you but what you leave behind. Happy Death Day reveals the intimate life and parts of Smoke D that needed to die in order to be renewed, restored, and beginning the process of his road toward redemption. It takes allot for people to bare their soul releasing the pain while sorting through to discover the gems. Unknown
Category: Biography & Autobiography