A Guide To Ancient Maya Ruins

Author : C. Bruce Hunter
ISBN : 0806119926
Genre : History
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Illustrated descriptions, explanations, and appraisals of accessible Mayan ceremonial centers in Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras, setting each of the twenty-four sites in its historical, cultural, and architectural context
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Animals And Plants Of The Ancient Maya

Author : Victoria Schlesinger
ISBN : 0292777604
Genre : Nature
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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A growing interest in all things Maya brings an increasing number of visitors to prehistoric Maya ruins and contemporary Maya communities in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, western Honduras, the Yucatán Peninsula, and the southern areas of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico. For these visitors and indeed everyone with an interest in the Maya, this field guide highlights nearly 100 species of plants and animals that were significant to the ancient Maya and that continue to inhabit the Maya region today. Drawing from the disciplines of biology, ecology, and anthropology, Victoria Schlesinger describes each plant or animal's habitat and natural history, identifying characteristics (also shown in a black-and-white drawing), and cultural significance to the ancient and contemporary Maya. An introductory section explains how to use the book and offers a concise overview of the history, lifeways, and cosmology of the ancient Maya. The concluding section describes the collapse of ancient Maya society and briefly traces the history of the Maya region from colonial times to the present.
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Altun Ha

Author :
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173017230531
Genre : Altun Ha Site (Belize)
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Category: Altun Ha Site (Belize)

The Ancient Maya And Their City Of Tulum

Author : Bonnie Bley
ISBN : 9781462063208
Genre : History
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Discover the ancient Maya civilization and one of their most popular toured ancient ruined cities of Tulum, Mexico in this detailed guidebook. Th e Ancient Maya and Th eir City of Tulum: Uncovering the Mysteries of An Ancient Civilization and Th eir City of Grandeur, is an easy to read comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets and mysteries of the ancient Maya civilization. It answers the questions that so many people ask about one of the most interesting and amazing civilizations that existed in this world and explores in depth the biggest Maya mystery of all; Th e Maya Doomsday December 21, 2012 Prophesy. It embarks upon the secrets and mysteries surrounding their calendars, their beliefs, the way in which they lived, what happened to them, and their ancient cities in this complete comprehendible guide with photographs and illustrations.
Category: History

Dreaming The Maya Fifth Sun

Author : Leonide Martin
ISBN : 9781613390610
Genre : Fiction
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Can dreams be portals to different realities? Could they link the world of ancient Mayas to current times? Two women-a Maya priestess and modern spiritual seeker-are drawn together across centuries by Jana's recurrent dream. Risking everything she holds dear and putting her marriage in jeopardy, Jana is compelled to journey to jungle-shrouded Maya ruins where she encounters mysterious forces linking her to Maya priestess Yalucha, who was mandated centuries before to hide her people's mystical knowledge from the Conquistadors, to be revealed at a critical time. Jana's reluctant husband Robert is swept along into unsettling experiences with his own Maya roots. What secret bond weaves their lives together with the ancient Maya through events during the height of Tikal, Uxmal and Chichen Itza? In the countdown to the Maya calendar ending in 2012, Jana is called to re-enact a ritual at Chichen Itza to revive hidden knowledge. Could her choice to fulfill this ancient Maya prophecy make a difference for the world? Jana must rediscover her own Maya powers to contend with dark shamanic forces bent on preventing her mission-and activates forces that can heal or destroy her deepest love.
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Author : Deborah Kops
ISBN : 9780761340478
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Mysterious ancient ruins, hidden deep in the jungle of southern Mexico… In May 1840, explorers John Stephens and Frederick Catherwood road their mules along a steep, muddy jungle path. They were hoping to find the ruins of an ancient, deserted site in Mexico they knew only from visitors’ accounts. Through the trees, they spied the remains of a crumbling stone palace. Palenque! In the weeks they spent there, the men discovered intricately designed buildings and mysterious glyphs, or symbols. Who built this city? What did the glyphs mean? The questions remained largely unanswered until the 1950s, when Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier began his work at Palenque. By this time, he knew the ruins were those of the ancient Maya, who lived across Mexico and Central America more than one thousand years ago. After exhaustive work, Ruz and his crew made an amazing discovery—a tomb buried deep inside a pyramid. Through intensive study of Mayan glyphs, they learned the tomb was that of the great Mayan king Pakal, who died in 683 A.D. Since then, archaeologists have discovered much more about Mayan pyramids, writing, and architecture. Read this intriguing volume to learn about Palenque and about the mysteries that still remain.
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The Travel Book

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105005159855
Genre : Reference
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...the authors give frequent evaluations of the books they cover, an invaluable guide to acquisition librarians...a read-through of this volume is rewarding ... --BOOKENDS The broad range of types of travel guides included is commendable...remains a viable choice as a source for selecting travel materials. --ARBA
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