A General History Of The Pyrates

Author : Daniel Defoe
ISBN : 0486131947
Genre : History
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Considered the major source of information about piracy in the early 18th century, this fascinating history by the author of Robinson Crusoe profiles the deeds of Edward (Blackbeard) Teach, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, others.
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Author : Daniel Defoe
ISBN : 9783957571144
Genre : History
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Jeder kennt die Welt der Piraten als abenteuerliches Universum aus Holzbein, Säbelkampf und Totenkopfflagge. Doch nur wenige wissen, dass viele Seeräuber ihre Beute teilten, demokratische Versammlungen abhielten und Frauen und entlaufene Sklaven aufnahmen. Die fortschrittlichen Gemeinschaften der Freibeuter spiegeln sich auch in Daniel Defoes 1728 erschienenem Bericht über die Piratenrepublik Libertalia wider, die hier zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch erscheint. Defoe schildert die Geschichte des abenteuerlustigen Edelmanns Mission und des desillusionierten Priesters Caraccioli, die auf Madagaskar eine auf Toleranz, gerechter Verteilung von Besitz und radikaler Demokratie beruhende Piratenbruderschaft gründen, um Sklaven aus der Gefangenschaft zu befreien. Während die Republik in Defoes Geschichte schließlich niedergeschlagen wird, lebt Libertalia als herrschaftsfreie Utopie bis heute weiter. Ergänzt um historische Piratensatzungen und Reiseberichte erläutert ein ausführlicher Kommentar die politischen Ideen der Piraten.
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Pirate Women

Author : Laura Duncombe
ISBN : 9781613736043
Genre : Social Science
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In the first-ever comprehensive survey of the world's female buccaneers, Pirate Women: The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas tells of the women, both real and legendary, who through the ages sailed alongside—and sometimes in command of—their male counterparts. These women came from all walks of life but had one thing in common: a desire for freedom. History has largely ignored these female swashbucklers, until now. Here are their stories, from ancient Norse warriors like Awilda, Stikla, and Rusla; to Sayyida al-Hurra of the Barbary corsairs; from Grace O'Malley, who terrorized shipping operations around the British Isles during the reign of Queen Elizabeth; to Cheng I Sao, who commanded a fleet of 400 ships off China in the early 19th century.Author Laura Sook Duncombe also looks beyond the stories to the storytellers and mythmakers. What biases and agendas motivated them? What did they leave out? Pirate Women explores why and how these stories are told and passed down and how history changes depending on who is recording it. It's the largest overview of women pirates in one volume and chock-full of swashbuckling adventures. In this book, pirate women are pulled from the shadows into the spotlight that they deserve.
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Eine Kurze Geschichte Von Fast Allem

Author : Bill Bryson
ISBN : 9783641079246
Genre : Social Science
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Wie groß ist eigentlich das Universum? Was wiegt unsere Erde? Und wie ist das überhaupt möglich – die Erde zu wiegen? In seinem großen Buch nimmt uns Bestsellerautor Bill Bryson mit auf eine atemberaubende Reise durch Raum und Zeit: Er erklärt uns den Himmel und die Erde, die Sterne und die Meere, und nicht zuletzt die Entstehungsgeschichte des Menschen. »Eine kurze Geschichte von fast allem« ist ein ebenso fundierter und lehrreicher wie unterhaltsamer und amüsanter Ausflug in die Naturwissenschaften, mit dem Bill Bryson das scheinbar Unmögliche vollbracht hat: das Wissen von der Welt in dreißig Kapitel zu packen, die auch für den normalen Leser ohne Vorkenntnisse verständlich sind. Das ideale Buch für alle, die unser Universum und unsere Geschichte endlich verstehen möchten – und dabei auch noch Spaß haben wollen!
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The Ship Model Builder S Assistant

Author : Charles G. Davis
ISBN : 9780486156200
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
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Invaluable guide offers detailed descriptions, drawings of masting, rigging, and major fittings of American clippers and packets. Also includes wealth of details on deck furniture. 279 line drawings.
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Pirates Of New Spain 1575 1742

Author : Peter Gerhard
ISBN : 0486426114
Genre : History
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Captivating, well-documented study focuses on piracy among Spain's Pacific coast colonies, ranging from Panama to points north. Gerhard traces the exploits of the Elizabethan pirates — most notably, Sir Francis Drake and the crew of the Golden Hind —Dutch raiders, mercenary buccaneers like Captain Morgan, and the incursions of English smugglers.
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The Pirates Own Book

Author : Charles Ellms
ISBN : 0486276074
Genre : Travel
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Rare volume recounts lives and cold-blooded exploits of Black Beard, Jean Lafitte, Robert Kidd, Anne Bonney, and other maritime marauders. 77 atmospheric wood engravings.
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Narratives Of The Wreck Of The Whale Ship Essex

Author : Owen Chase
ISBN : 9780486808796
Genre : Transportation
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In 1819, the American whaler Essex was sailing deep into the great equatorial hunting grounds of the Pacific when it was destroyed by a maddened sperm whale. By all reports, the 85-foot whale deliberately rammed the ship twice and sank it. The incident, which occurred in the same year that Herman Melville was born, became a primary source of inspiration for Moby-Dick. Indeed, much of the detail and color in the final chapter of Melville's work is drawn directly from these three eyewitness accounts. The book also served as the basis for the 2015 movie In the Heart of the Sea, directed by Ron Howard and starring Chris Hemsworth. The harrowing events are described in detail by the first mate, Owen Chase, and corroborated in all essentials by both the captain, George Pollard, and the second mate, Thomas Chappel. Although the ship sank quickly after the attack, the horror lingered for months, and ended in cannibalism as the survivors drifted helplessly in small boats across thousands of miles of open sea. These three narratives are reprinted from a rare limited edition. An introduction traces the incorporation of the real-life incident into Melville's fictional re-creation, and twelve beautiful wood engravings add a further note of drama.
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A Brief History Of Pirates And Buccaneers

Author : Tom Bowling
ISBN : 9781472107701
Genre : History
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From Stevenson's Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, the romantic image of pirates in popular culture has long been with us. But pirates are not all as charming as Johnny Depp. In ancient times Thracians, Cilicians and Illyrians terrorised traders in the Mediterranean, while the Barbary pirates of North Africa instilled fear wherever they went from the Holy Lands to the coast of Ireland. It was not until the age of Discovery, when ships began to cross the Atlantic carrying unimaginable riches from the New World that the traditional image of the buccaneering pirate was created. In England, heroes such as Sir Francis Drake were feted for their exploits against the Spanish fleet in which piracy was little more than state-sponsored terrorism. Tom Bowling's lively history explores many of the myths and true stories about the notorious outlaws of the oceans: including Captain Kidd, Blackbeard as well as Mary Read and other famous female pirates.
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