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Examples Explanations For Criminal Law

Author : Richard G. Singer
ISBN : 9781454899938
Genre : Law
File Size : 49.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A favorite classroom prep tool of successful students that is often recommended by professors, the Examples & Explanations (E&E) series provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures. Each E&E offers hypothetical questions complemented by detailed explanations that allow you to test your knowledge of the topics in your courses and compare your own analysis. Here’s why you need an E&E to help you study throughout the semester:
Category: Law

Snippets From The Trenches

Author : Freda Wagman
ISBN : 9781489708328
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 26.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The AIDS crisis is far from over, but advances in medical care have lifted the death sentence the disease once held. This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for those who died in the wake of the epidemic and for people like author Freda Wagman who gave her all to help others, while at the same time coming to grips with her own impending loss. In Snippets from the Trenches, Wagman—a mother of a son diagnosed with AIDS—shares her journey in the trenches during the darkest hours of the AIDS epidemic in Houston, Texas. She made the ultimate sacrifice in losing her only child to the disease. But in an effort to understand her son’s illness and since 1,500 miles separated them, she embarked on a path of selfless service to help others who were often shunned by their own families. Beginning with a history of the evolution of AIDS, Snippets from the Trenches then tells a personal story of some of the people who suffered from and were lost to AIDS, as well as the angels who were there for them in their time of need. At its central, most painful layer, Wagman’s story is about the loss of Gary, her son, whose diagnosis was the catalyst for her involvement with the AIDS community. Despite her years of volunteering, nothing prepares her for the loss of her son to the same disease she has watched take so many others.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Applied Agrometeorology

Author : Kees Stigter
ISBN : 9783540746980
Genre : Science
File Size : 51.74 MB
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Farmers Agricultural policymakers Environmentalists
Category: Science

Sir Gawain And The Green Knight A New Verse Translation

Author : Simon Armitage
ISBN : 9780393334159
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 80.47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A poetic translation of the classic Arthurian story is an edition in alliterative language and rhyme of the epic confrontation between a young Round Table hero and a green-clad stranger who compels him to meet his destiny at the Green Chapel. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.
Category: Literary Criticism

Peter The Great

Author : Derek Wilson
ISBN : 9781429964678
Genre : History
File Size : 50.24 MB
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There has never been a more remarkable national leader in modern history than Peter the Great (1672–1725). He was a giant in every way. In physical stature, willpower, enthusiasm, energy, libertinism, and refusal to accept old conventions, he stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries. He grew up in an atmosphere of fear, suspicion, and court rivalries that often assumed violent forms. He only gained power, at the age of seventeen, by ousting his half sister, Sophia, and shutting her up in a nunnery. As a product of the system, Peter was, of necessity, ruthless and tyrannical, personally carrying out the execution of defeated rebels and even effecting the death of his own son. But there his identification with Russia's past ends. For what has earned Peter his place in history is his tearing his country, kicking and screaming, from its traditional, oriental customs and beliefs and integrating it into the life of Europe. He removed the privileges of the medieval aristocracy, brought the church under state control, and rejected the old Russian calendar in favor of the dating system used in Europe. He even ordered his courtiers and officials to shave their traditional beards and adopt Western dress codes. He avidly studied the latest scientific and technological advances and employed them to build a modern army and to create from scratch a Russian navy. These tools he used to devastating effect by destroying the Swedish Empire and making Russia (with its brand-new capital, St. Petersburg) master of the Baltic. European leaders did not know what to make of this eccentric, unsophisticated tsar who loathed pomp and ceremony, served as a junior officer in his own armed forces, and indulged in rowdy, boorish behavior. Yet, by the end of his remarkable reign, this man, who had made a servant girl his own wife and empress, had married members of his family into the royal houses of Europe. Thanks to Peter the Great, Russia was profoundly changed. So was Europe. Derek Wilson tells his extraordinary story with a verve and atmospheric detail that emphasizes vividly the impact this one man made not only in Russia, but in the wider world. Peter the Great created a new Europe in which, for good or ill, Russia was to play a crucial part. His contemporaries were obliged to come to terms with him. And today, it is perhaps even more important for us to understand the historical context and the pivotal role Peter played in the creation of a whole new order.
Category: History

What S Happening To Our Girls

Author : Maggie Hamilton
ISBN : 9780857965721
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 52.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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WHY ARE GIRLS as young as five years old concerned about their looks and addicted to shopping? WHY ARE YOUNG TEENAGE GIRLS having sex and binge-drinking, responding to chat-room predators, and bullying their peers via email and text messages? WHY ARE DEPRESSION, cutting and eating disorders on the rise, and why, with so much choice when it comes to careers, do so many just want to marry young and have babies? Over two years Maggie Hamilton interviewed girls, teachers, school counsellors, psychologists, and law enforcement and medical personnel to get an insider's view on what girls are experiencing at present, from birth to the teenage years. Informed, revealing, compassionate and at times shocking, What's Happening to Our Girls? is a book for parents and all those who want to better understand and support girls. 'I found myself so engrossed that for two days running I nearly missed my tram stop . . . A definite must-read for parents with daughters, for teachers and for other people dealing with girls, In fact, everyone should read this book.' AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHER 'A crucial tool for greater understanding.' SUNDAY MAIL
Category: Family & Relationships

Uncovering The Body

Author : Ed Levine
ISBN : 9780595358212
Genre : Art
File Size : 90.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Uncovering the Body provides a new perspective on how to experience and think about art and the artistic process. It uses the bodily experience as the source and mode of engaging and experiencing work. Our older ways of thinking about art imply the dualities of mind and body, reason and feeling. Author Ed Levine includes chapters on the following subject matter to explain his innovative philosophy: Bodily thoughts and the intelligent flesh Art and ornithology: artist as migratory bird The artistic process Looking into time Western culture is marked by dualities of mind and body, and of body and spirit, which have found their way into our thinking and understanding of art and the artistic process. Thinking and experiencing through and by means of the body can dissolve these dichotomies and provide an alternative way of engaging and finding meaning in works of art. Uncovering the Body provides an alternative to the postmodern interpretation of art. It offers a point of view that moves beyond the limitations that postmodern thinking imposes on our understanding of art and its methods. By reengaging our bodies, we can establish a new relationship between art and ourselves.
Category: Art

Eu Trade Barrier Regulation

Author : Robert Macdonald Maclean
ISBN : 0421919205
Genre : Competition, Unfair
File Size : 45.91 MB
Format : PDF
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The Trade Barrier Regulation (TBR) is Europe's way of removing obstacles to trade, ensuring the countries abide by the rules of international trade, and providing procedures for resolving international trade disputes. Its procedures interface directly with World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and, therefore, affect all countries, which are subject to WTO rules and agreements. This second edition provides detailed analysis of all aspects of the TBR's influence on manufacturing industry, trade-in services, technical barriers, intellectual property rights and trade investments. It offers a practical perspective on the substantive and procedural provisions of the Regulation and an examination of key decisions arising from it.The features are: provides a complete guide to the EU Trade Barrier Regulation (TBR); examines substantive law, procedures and policy issues; analyses the TBR's influence on individual commercial sectors;
Category: Competition, Unfair