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26th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering

Author :
ISBN : 9780444634443
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering contains the papers presented at the 26th European Society of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) Event held at Portorož Slovenia, from June 12th to June 15th, 2016. Themes discussed at the conference include Process-product Synthesis, Design and Integration, Modelling, Numerical analysis, Simulation and Optimization, Process Operations and Control and Education in CAPE/PSE. Presents findings and discussions from the 26th European Society of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE) Event
Category: Technology & Engineering

Process Systems Engineering For Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Author : Ravendra Singh
ISBN : 9780444639660
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Process Systems Engineering for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: From Product Design to Enterprise-Wide Decisions, Volume 41, covers the following process systems engineering methods and tools for the modernization of the pharmaceutical industry: computer-aided pharmaceutical product design and pharmaceutical production processes design/synthesis; modeling and simulation of the pharmaceutical processing unit operation, integrated flowsheets and applications for design, analysis, risk assessment, sensitivity analysis, optimization, design space identification and control system design; optimal operation, control and monitoring of pharmaceutical production processes; enterprise-wide optimization and supply chain management for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Currently, pharmaceutical companies are going through a paradigm shift, from traditional manufacturing mode to modernized mode, built on cutting edge technology and computer-aided methods and tools. Such shifts can benefit tremendously from the application of methods and tools of process systems engineering. Introduces Process System Engineering (PSE) methods and tools for discovering, developing and deploying greener, safer, cost-effective and efficient pharmaceutical production processes Includes a wide spectrum of case studies where different PSE tools and methods are used to improve various pharmaceutical production processes with distinct final products Examines the future benefits and challenges for applying PSE methods and tools to pharmaceutical manufacturing
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Handbook Of Process Integration Pi

Author : Jiří J Klemeš
ISBN : 9780857097255
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Since its first development in the 1970s, Process Integration (PI) has become an important methodology in achieving more energy efficient processes. This pioneering handbook brings together the leading scientists and researchers currently contributing to PI development, pooling their expertise and specialist knowledge to provide readers with a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the latest PI research and applications. After an introduction to the principles of PI, the book reviews a wide range of process design and integration topics ranging from heat and utility systems to water, recycling, waste and hydrogen systems. The book considers Heat Integration, Mass Integration and Extended PI as well as a series of applications and case studies. Chapters address not just operating and capital costs but also equipment design and operability issues, through to buildings and supply chains. With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, Handbook of Process Integration (PI) is a standard reference work for managers and researchers in all energy-intensive industries, as well as academics with an interest in them, including those designing and managing oil refineries, petrochemical and power plants, as well as paper/pulp, steel, waste, food and drink processors. This pioneering handbook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the latest process integration research and applications Reviews a wide range of process design and integration topics ranging from heat and utility systems to water, recycling, waste and hydrogen systems Chapters also address equipment design and operability issues, through to buildings and supply chains
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Process Integration And Intensification

Author : Jirí Jaromír Klemeš
ISBN : 9783110306859
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Process Integration and Intensification (PII) is one of the most timely topics in chemical and process engineering leading to energy efficient, substantially smaller, cleaner, safer and optimized processes. The book covers optimization fundamentals and industrial applications. It is an authoritative overview meant to help graduate students as well as professionals to effectively apply PII in plant design and operation.
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Stochastic Global Optimization

Author : Gade Pandu Rangaiah
ISBN : 9789814299213
Genre : Mathematics
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Optimization has played a key role in the design, planning and operation of chemical and related processes, for several decades. Global optimization has been receiving considerable attention in the past two decades. Of the two types of techniques for global optimization, stochastic global optimization is applicable to any type of problems having non-differentiable functions, discrete variables and/or continuous variables. It, thus, shows significant promise and potential for process optimization. So far, there are no books focusing on stochastic global optimization and its applications in chemical engineering. Stochastic Global Optimization - a monograph with contributions by leading researchers in the area - bridges the gap in this subject, with the aim of highlighting and popularizing stochastic global optimization techniques for chemical engineering applications. The book, with 19 chapters in all, is broadly categorized into two sections that extensively cover the techniques and the chemical engineering applications.
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Complexity Explained

Author : Péter Érdi
ISBN : 9783540357780
Genre : Mathematics
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This book explains why complex systems research is important in understanding the structure, function and dynamics of complex natural and social phenomena. It illuminates how complex collective behavior emerges from the parts of a system, due to the interaction between the system and its environment. Readers will learn the basic concepts and methods of complex system research. The book is not highly technical mathematically, but teaches and uses the basic mathematical notions of dynamical system theory, making the book useful for students of science majors and graduate courses.
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Food Waste Recovery

Author : Charis Michel Galanakis
ISBN : 9780128004197
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Food Waste Recovery: Processing Technologies and Industrial Techniques acts as a guide to recover valuable components of food by-products and recycle them inside the food chain, in an economic and sustainable way. The book investigates all the relevant recovery issues and compares different techniques to help you advance your research and develop new applications. Strong coverage of the different technologies is included, while keeping a balance between the characteristics of current conventional and emerging technologies. This is an essential reference for research outcomes. Presents a holistic methodology (the so-called "5-Stages Universal Recovery Process") and a general approach (the so-called "Universal Recovery Strategy") to ensure optimized management of the available technologies and recapture of different high added-value compounds from any waste source Includes characteristics, safety and cost issues of conventional and emerging technologies, the benefits of their application in industry, and commercialized applications of real market products Demonstrates all aspects of the recovery process such as preservation of the substrate, yield optimization, preservation of functionality of the target compounds during processing, and more
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The Complete Marquis De Sade

Author : marquis de Sade
ISBN : 0870679406
Genre : Fiction
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Rare two-volume translation of Marquis de Sade's titillating and shocking writing. Adorned with gripping cover art and translated by renowned scholar Paul J. Gillette, this dramatic collection includes Justine, Juliette, 120 Days of Sodom and Philosophy in the Bedroom. No other edition captures so purely the drama of de Sade's forays into human sexuality. This author, who has now become as famous as his writing was considered shocking was a forbear of many theories and philosophies, all of which can be found within the pages of The Complete Marquis de Sade.
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