The Fall of Jbm

The Fall of Jbm

Written by: Carson Rodney

  • Publisher: Tmg Firm
  • Publish Date: 2018-02-06
  • ISBN-10: 0998799327
  • ebook-the-fall-of-jbm.pdf

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Book Summary

When Rodney 'Frog' Carson entered the United States Federal Witness Protection Program as the key witness who helped bring down Philadelphia's drug dealing syndicate JBM (Junior Black Mafia), he thought he'd finally escaped the hell that once controlled his life. He soon learned it would take more than a change of identity to free him of the demons that lived deep inside. As a kid, Frog was known for dribbling a basketball down the streets of Southwest Philadelphia with a newspaper under his arm. He would use both the basketball and newspaper to hustle jobs and earn loose change to help make his single mother's life easier. When he was fifteen, he learned firsthand how desperate his mother was to help them overcome a life of poverty when he answered the door to find a man soliciting her services. Unfortunately, Frog's home life never improved as his mother endured several mental breakdowns along the way. From that point, he was driven more than ever to escape the abject poverty that surrounded them by splitting his time between being a star basketball player and working several jobs. Much like many children in his circumstances, Frog saw basketball as his way out. That is until, his coaches, just as his bosses before them, manipulated him into selling drugs for them. His dreams of playing basketball in the NBA were finally crushed when he refused the sexual advances of his high school coach and as a result was benched. He quit playing basketball altogether around the same time that his best friend Leroy 'Bucky' Davis had given up a promising career in boxing. In search of a better life, it wasn't long before Frog and Bucky were arrested for robbery. Trying to hold on to their dreams of playing professional sports as a way out; they decided to join the military. Frog enlisted in the Navy; however, Bucky backed out of joining the Army and built a drug dealing business instead. As fate would have it, the ship to which Frog had been assigned was docked for overhaul at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Once there, he and Bucky moved into a townhouse thus creating the opportunity for them to sell drugs together. Barely twenty-one years old, and in an effort to expand their operation, he and Bucky later made the fateful decision to join JBM to take over the city's drug trade. While hundreds of kilos of cocaine were being sold each month, dead bodies began to pile up, and those on the other side of the law noticed. Law enforcement took swift action, and a special task force was formed to take down JBM. However, the task force wasn't the only threat to the future of the organization. Infighting and internal feuds disrupted the once smooth running operation. Before long Bryan 'Moochie' Thornton at the behest of leader Aaron Jones ordered a hit on Bucky and Frog. Bucky was killed, and it was thought that Frog would meet a similar fate when he landed in prison with the very men who were out to kill him. Fueled by the hurt and pain of losing his best friend to those he once considered family, Frog sought revenge for Bucky's murder. With retribution on his mind and the odds stacked against him, Frog soon realized that he could not kill an army of men with a lone handgun. Therefore, he made the critical decision to use his brain as his weapon of choice to avenge the murder of his best friend and escape imminent death by entering the Witness Protection Program. As the government's key witness, he ultimately took down the hundred million dollar drug empire that betrayed him.

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